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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 9 Recap

Yin Sichen was a little jealous when Gu Xixi called Mo Zixin for help, but he refused to admit it and asked Gu Xixi to come out to read to himself. Without reading a few words, Yin Sichen asked Gu Xixi, in her eyes Gu Xixi thought about what he was like, and said that Yin Sichen was a big durian. Gu Xixi explained that durian is the king of fruits and is worth a lot of money, but it’s too stinky. It’s a thorn, but people who like durian will like the smell of durian very much. Yin Sichen asked Gu Xixi if he likes durian or not. Gu Xixi said that she likes to eat, but she can’t afford it. Gu Xixi doesn’t want to talk more. This topic, hurry up and continue reading.

When he woke up the next morning, Yin Sichen found that Gu Xixi was missing, and asked Aunt Song. Aunt Song said that Gu Xixi had gone for a run. Yin Sichen also asked Aunt Song to buy durian back. Gu Xixi did not go for a run. Instead, she disguised herself and went to find Mo Zixin to ask about the planning case. Mo Zixin recently moved to the vicinity of Yin Sichen’s house.

Gu Xixi ran into him as soon as he came out of Mo Zixin’s house. After Yin Sichen came out to look for her, she quickly put on her sunglasses and sneaked back home. After Yin Sichen went back, she deliberately said that she had encountered a female lunatic outside and asked Gu Xixi to take care of herself.

After Yin Sichen arrived at the company, Fei Ang came to the office and told Yin Sichen that the cooperation intention of Luen Thai Group was a bit ambiguous. After hearing that Wenye Group was also contacting Luen Thai Group, Yin Sichen was suddenly a little excited and said that he could not do anything. Let Mo Zixin talk about cooperation. Yin Sichen calmed down quickly after the impulse. He shouldn’t have almost made a wrong decision to target Mo Zixin for Gu Xixi. He asked Fei Ang to reduce the offer by another 3%. , As the price of a waste of time by Luen Thai, if you don’t want to cooperate, then don’t cooperate.

Gu Xixi knew that Yin Sichen had something to say. She asked Lin Xiaoya worriedly about this. Lin Xiaoya said that Yin Sichen was jealous. Let Gu Xixi exude her feminine charm, go to coax Yin Sichen and say something. Good words would be fine. Gu Xixi was worried that he would be fired to pick up money, so he still followed Lin Xiaoya’s advice.

Gu Xixi deliberately dressed up, greeted Yin Sichen from work in the living room, and even softly said to Yin Sichen, acted like a baby at Yin Sichen, and asked Yin Sichen to forgive him for his mistakes. Regarding the matter, Yin Sichen mistakenly thought that Gu Xixi fell in love with him, and rationally told him that this was not possible, so he indifferently asked Gu Xixi to keep a distance from him.

Shang Ke was up and down because Mu Ruona ignored herself. He approached Yin Sichen for help, but Yin Sichen had no good way. He asked how to make a woman who likes herself get rid of her thoughts. Shang Ke said that It’s good to show affection with other women in front of the woman. Just in the evening, Yin Sichen and Ran Xiwei are going to have an interview. After the interview, Ran Xiwei took out a few bags and said it was a gift for grandma and Gu Xixi, and asked Yin Sichen. How have you been with Gu Xixi recently? Yin Sichen said it’s not bad.

As he gets along with Gu Xixi, he understands Gu Xixi more and more and gets different surprises every day. Ran Xiwei feels a little uncomfortable after hearing this. Said Yin Sichen liked Gu Xixi very much, Yin Sichen did not answer, but changed the subject and invited Ran Xiwei to sit at home and personally give the present to her grandmother.

Shang Ke deliberately complimented another colleague in front of Mu Ruona, and still watched Mu Ruona work in the company. When Mu Ruona came downstairs, he concealed himself embarrassingly and made a look of hard work, and Mu Ruona However, he handed him a document, saying that he must see the end, and then left. Shang Ke opened the document and looked at it. It was Mu Ruona who asked him to meet at eight o’clock, and Shang Ke was extremely happy.

After Yin Sichen and Ran Xiwei went back, Ran Xiwei deliberately told Gu Xixi that she and Yin Sichen had confessed, but Gu Xixi did not have much reaction, just oh, Yin Sichen and Ran Xiwei were a little puzzled, Yin Si Chen asked Gu Xixi where he kept the mask at home. Gu Xixi didn’t know. Ran Xiwei took out a mask to Yin Sichen, and told Gu Xixi that Yin Sichen was allergic to pollen, so she used to put one in her bag.

Mask, after Ran Xiwei left, Yin Sichen said that Gu Xixi put on help, other women confessed to him, Gu Xixi’s reaction was too flat, Gu Xixi quickly explained that this was his trust in him and contempt for other women , But Yin Sichen said that Gu Xixi was going to be jealous anyway, so Gu Xixi drew a pig’s head on the mask, saying that it was her exclusive mask, and then Yin Sichen dealt with it. But Gu Xixi is actually a bit jealous, but he did destroy the relationship between Ran Xiwei and Yin Sichen. If it weren’t for him, the two might have been married.

With the help of Mo Zixin, Gu Xixi finally revised the plan, and added a special thanks to Mo Zixin at the end, but Yin Sichen had already written a plan for Gu Xixi. He had thought I handed it to Gu Xixi, but saw that Gu Xixi thanked Mo Zixin at the end of his plan. Yin Sichen was a little jealous. He deliberately said that he wanted to see Gu Xixi’s plan and took advantage of it while taking a shower. Gu Xixi threw his iPad into the water and gave his plan to Gu Xixi, but Gu Xixi suddenly remembered that the iPad had cloud backup, and said that his store still uses his own plan.

Lin Xiaoya suddenly called and said that Mo Zixin knew about Gu Xixi’s fake marriage. Gu Xixi rushed to ask. Lin Xiaoya said that she had a drink with Mo Zixin last night and accidentally told about the agreement, but she didn’t. Remembering whether he told Mo Zixin about the fake marriage, Gu Xixi eagerly went to Mo Zixin to confirm.

Mo Zixin said that Lin Xiaoya had talked about the agreement between her and Yin Sichen, and Gu Xixi wanted to continue to ask. Suddenly Yin Sichen interrupted their conversation and asked if the two of them were familiar. Gu Xixi dared not say what was leaked in the agreement, so he said that they had made an appointment to watch Man Zhan, and Yin Sichen asked Mo Zi. Should Xin tell himself before meeting Gu Xixi next time, Mo Zixin retorted that Gu Xixi is a free person and should have his own schedule.

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