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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 10 Recap

Mo Zixin and Yin Sichen are tit-for-tat, Yin Sichen looks at Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi wittyly says that he is married and that he is not a free person. Yin Sichen is very satisfied with Gu Xixi’s answer and said Gu Xixi likes what comics, she accompanies her to read it, and deliberately behaves very intimately with Gu Xixi in front of Mo Zixin. But in fact, Mo Zixin had already learned about the fake marriage from Lin Xiaoya. He didn’t show it. He felt that since it was an agreement marriage, there must be an end, and he would never miss Gu Xixi again.

Yin Sichen was still thinking about how to teach Gu Xixi, but Fei Ang got the invitation letter from Erics. Erics was about to go to Milan to retreat to create. He wanted to invite Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi to him. This invitation letter saved Gu Xixi from staying in his private manor. Fei Ang reminded Yin Sichen that it is not time to have trouble with Gu Xixi. He also said that Yin Sichen had been gradually taken naively by Gu Xixi recently.

Shang Ke went to the restaurant for an appointment. Mu Ruona opened the door and said that she would be responsible for Shang Ke. Shang Ke talked about the conversation between her and her colleague Xiaoxin. Mu Ruona explained that she was talking about myopia surgery. Shang Ke breathed a sigh of relief and asked Mu Ruona how she planned to be responsible for herself. Mu Ruona took out a scoring system and said that it was too hasty for the two to establish a romantic relationship directly. The two started as an intern couple. If the score reaches 80 after six months, they will announce their relationship.

Yin Sichen told Gu Xixi about going to the Erics Manor for a short stay, and made a plan for Gu Xixi to learn various skills to cope with this trip to Milan. Gu Xixi saw Yin Si Chen’s plan was full. She protested, saying that it had exceeded the eight-hour work schedule. Yin Sichen said that she had breached the contract when she met Mo Zixin privately. If there is any flaw, it will be necessary to compensate the liquidated damages. In order not to lose money, Gu Xixi can only agree to study. This day when Yin Sichen was teaching Gu Xixi Italian, Ran Xiwei asked Yin Sichen to help her revise the plan. Gu Xixi was also asked by Mo Zixin to come out.

Mo Zixin said that Gu Xixi’s plan has passed the review of his company, and he can invest in Gu Xixi. As long as Gu Xixi can open the store and have his own business, he can be free. Gu Xixi has nothing for a while. Understand, Mo Zixin explained, saying that he learned that Gu Xixi and Yin Sichen had signed a pre-marital property notarization agreement, which made her financially embarrassed and she could not get support for branding. Gu Xixi just wanted to replace Yin. Si Chen explained a few words, and Yin Sichen and Ran Xiwei were just aside.

Yin Sichen was a little angry when he saw Gu Xixi and Mo Zixin again. He asked Ran Xiwei to change into a set of formal clothes and wait for him at the company. Stepping forward to interrupt the dialogue between Gu Xixi and Mo Zixin, Mo Zixin said that he already knew about the agreement between the two and said that he wanted to help Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi quickly explained that it was not the one Yin Sichen thought. According to the agreement, Yin Sichen rejected Mo Zixin’s kindness and said that his relationship with Gu Xixi was indestructible, and he took Gu Xixi away and said that he would take her to class.

Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi away and asked if Gu Xixi wanted to terminate the contract with him a long time ago. Gu Xixi explained that Lin Xiaoya had missed her words, but the lie had been settled, and the marriage agreement between the two was not revealed. Si Chen let Gu Xixi go, and took her to the company to let Ran Xiwei teach Gu Xixi some social etiquette. When she was practicing walking, Gu Xixi got a foot. She really couldn’t practice anymore, so she said that she would not practice anymore. Yin Sichen wanted to send Gu Xixi back, but Ran Xiwei said she wanted Yin Sichen to help herself see the plan and leave it. Yin Sichen.

Etiquette can’t be learned, Yin Sichen forced Gu Xixi to learn Italian again. Gu Xixi drew a pig’s head and asked Grandma Yin how to pronounce the word, but Grandma Yin deliberately teased Gu Xixi and taught Gu Xixi “I I love you very much” in Italian. When Yin Sichen came to check the results in the evening, Gu Xixi accidentally confessed to Yin Sichen. Yin Sichen was amused by Gu Xixi. Gu Xixi checked the words and found out that she was caught by Grandma Yin. Teased.

The next day Yin Sichen took Gu Xixi to a dance class. Gu Xixi was a first-time learner, and his movements were very uncoordinated. Yin Sichen took her to practice. Gu Xixi almost fell accidentally, and Yin Sichen hurriedly supported her. Gu Xixi looked at Yin Sichen, inexplicably excited. Suddenly Yin Sichen received a call to deal with things, so he asked Gu Xixi to continue practicing. Mo Zixin asked Gu Xixi to come out to watch the sunset after a while, and Gu Xixi went to the appointment after finishing the dance class.

The two chatted about the sunset, Mo Zixin said that he really wanted to be the sky, and when he met a cloud, it would illuminate her into the sky. Gu Xixi thought about it and said that he would definitely meet it. After returning home, Yin Sichen said that Ran Xiwei invited Gu Xixi to the studio for an interview. Gu Xixi didn’t want to go there at first, but thought that Ran Xiwei runs a fashion studio, so she can take the opportunity to promote her brand and expand her network. In order to express his gratitude, Gu Xixi planned to make a dress for Yin Sichen.

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