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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 23 Recap

Qing also wanted to participate in the zoo investigation. Cui Jing announced that she was going to go abroad soon. Before leaving, if she couldn’t see the result of this incident, she would go uneasy, so she had to go too. Zhang Yian sees that everyone agrees and suggests to go together.

After a few days of shifting duty, Zoe still had no news. Yang Lanhang read the previous photo of Bai Lingling and Zoe and found that Zoe did not eat or move during the day. Instead, he was more active at night, but the zoo was not allowed to enter at 6 o’clock in the evening. .

Ivan took Guan Xiaoyu and squatted at Tang Shun’s door for a day. At night, I finally saw Tang Shun going out and entering the supermarket downstairs. The two followed suit and pretended to quarrel in front of Tang Shun: Ivan accused Guan Xiaoyu of spreading on Weibo. The monkey’s false information had violated the law and would have to go to jail. Tang Shun successfully took the bait.

After returning home, Guan Xiaoyu described her acting skills to Bai Lingling, which made Tang Shun believe that the crime of defamation was serious, but the crime was based on the victim’s private prosecution. Come and beg them for forgiveness.

Zheng Minghao finally turned on. Dong Chao called to ask him about Bai Lingling. Zheng Minghao said that Bai Lingling used Yang Lanhang’s mobile phone to call him and apologized. He would not regret it after he worked hard, but Bai Lingling had already made a choice, so he decided quit. Dong Chao told him that the matter between Yang Lanhang and Bai Lingling is now getting bigger and bigger like a snowball. Netizens found out that he had chased Bai Lingling yesterday, and they found the heart today. Now the comment area is full of curses. Zheng Minghao ran upstairs excitedly. , Roaring in the workplace that they actually bullied him and killed him.

After Zheng Minghao came back, he immediately mixed into the zoo and installed a night vision camera on Monkey Mountain, so he could see clearly at night. Bai Lingling was grateful for his help, Guan Xiaoyu sighed that Xueba was too powerful, and they were close to the truth immediately. Yang Lanhang learned that this software can be logged in on different devices and asked Bai Lingling to notify his colleagues to take turns to monitor, so that everyone does not have to go to the zoo.

On the way home, Yang Lanhang admitted that Zheng Minghao helped Bai Lingling feel a little uncomfortable. Bai Lingling was proud that his excellent senior brother also felt a sense of crisis. Yang Lanhang smiled and said that he always feels low self-esteem when he likes someone. Bai Lingling responded with a kiss. The two turned around and suddenly found Yin Fan not far away quietly following Cui Jing.

Cui Jing finally saw Yin Fan after entering a shopping mall. Yin Fan still only said two words “sorry” and didn’t answer anything else. Cui Jing said that she was going to the next bookstore to buy a reference book, and Yin Fan nodded and followed.

Qing also suggested that the night monitoring of the zoo should be scheduled. Zhang Yi’an told him that the competition on duty in the first two days was fierce, and it was not their turn. Sure enough, on one side, Yang Lanhang’s mother was not sleeping to watch the surveillance, and on the other side, Bai Lingling’s father was watching the computer without blinking. Ivan didn’t have a place to sleep, so he went to Guan Xiaoyu’s room and didn’t leave. After Guan Xiaoyu beat him up violently, he came to Bai Lingling’s room.

Uncle Bai noticed that a monkey had come out at night, so he quickly called his daughter. Bai Lingling saw that it was Zoe. She happily took her father’s arm and said thank you.

Zoe found it, and the truth of the matter became clear. Zheng Minghao was criticized for installing a camera in the zoo, and the laboratory also notified that it was unpacked. Zheng Minghao helped Bai Lingling to brush off the paint slogan in the corridor of Yang Lanhang’s house. He was delighted when he learned that Yang Lanhang had a sense of crisis, but when he saw them together, he felt quite relieved. Bai Lingling smiled and said that these words were the same as his father said.

Zheng Minghao told her that he had read the information before and knew that Bai Lingling was called Snow Ling before. At that time, he wanted to protect this girl quietly. Now he knows that what she wants is not protection, but reconciliation. Zheng Minghao officially told Bai Lingling that he didn’t like her anymore. Bai Lingling wished him an early date to catch a girl who was more beautiful than himself. Zheng Minghao laughed and said that the two would always be friends.

Professor Jiang expressed his condolences to Yang Lanhang on behalf of the school. Yang Lanhang said that the continuation of the experiment is more important than anything else. Ivan was angry that the matter has been clarified, but the abuse of Yang Lanhang on the Internet is even more severe, saying that he can bring the dead monkey back to life, covering the sky. Guan Xiaoyu feels that this matter is not over if he finds out the black hand behind the scenes. . Ivan had arranged the lawyer’s letter to be delivered to Tang Shun’s house in half an hour.

Yang Feifei accused Wang Tao of turning black and white. Wang Tao said that the current development of the incident has nothing to do with him, and it is completely spontaneous by netizens. Li Feifei is willing to take money to calm down, but Wang Tao said that money cannot solve the problem now. Li Feifei warned him that he was directing this incident alone, and Wang Tao emphasized that it was both of them.

The desolate Tang Shun found Yang Lanhang and Bai Lingling, saying that he had been expelled from the zoo, and begged them not to sue him. The female star Li Feifei instigated him to do this. Bai Lingling immediately found Li Feifei, and Li Feifei unconditionally gave her a recording of the conversation between herself and Wang Tao, saying that she had bet on her reputation and future. This was not for Yang Lanhang, nor for her personal design, but to defend the dignity and dignity of scientific research. Fairly, Bai Lingling laughed and said that Li Feifei’s film was nominated for the International Film Festival, and she would definitely vote for her.

The truth of the matter finally came to light, and the instigator Wang Tao was arrested. Zheng Minghao bought milk tea for everyone in the laboratory. He told everyone that Wang Tao was also miserable. The video caused him to be fired before he joined the company. Later, many companies did not want him. He entered a game company without a salary, but I couldn’t afford to rent a house and owed a lot of debts. Zhang Yian wondered how Zheng Minghao entered the laboratory. Bai Lingling smiled and said that Senior Brother Ouyang had just picked off the sign that Zheng Minghao was not allowed to enter. Cui Jing asked who made the video that caused Wang Tao to be fired, and Yang Lanhang admitted that he had made the report.

Bai Lingling curiously watched Yin Fan quietly follow Cui Jing. Yang Lanhang mysteriously told her to know what Yin Fan was thinking. Just let him wear this bracelet, and his mood swing bracelet will vibrate simultaneously. Bai Lingling looked at the bracelet very familiarly, and understood that Yang Lanhang had worked hard enough to make a video to chase him.

Yang Lanhang went to the locker room and changed Yin Fan’s bracelet while he changed his work clothes. When he entered the laboratory, Bai Lingling pretended to fall and pushed Cui Jing a hand. Yin Fan reached out to help, and Yang Lanhang’s bracelet vibrated. Bai Lingling sighed with brother Ouyang. It’s exactly the same, but one is in the light and the other is in the dark.

Bai Lingling finally learned that Yin Fan told Yang Lanhang about her affairs and photos. She was just curious that Yin Fan could keep her face unchanged when her heartbeat accelerated. The two were about to kiss when Yang Lanhang’s bracelet shook again. Yang Lanhang thought it would destroy the atmosphere and simply took it off.

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