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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 3 Recap

Ran Xiwei told Yin Sichen that she planned to set up her own self-media studio this time, and didn’t plan to leave. She also asked what was going on with Gu Xixi just now. Yin Sichen said that it was just a little trouble and had been resolved.

Gu Xixi found Alex and said that he had been in love with Yin Sichen for many years. Yin Sichen proposed to her at the reception, but she was not ready, but after seeing Erics’ wedding dress, she suddenly changed her mind. She is full of expectations for marriage. She wants to buy a wedding dress by Erics and intends to give Yin Sichen a surprise.

Erics said that she can’t sell her wedding dress privately now, but she can make the wedding dress by hand at that time. Gu Xixi was very happy to sell it to her. After returning, he sent a message to the buyer, asking him to call the balance payment. Yin Sichen got the agency of Mai Linmi, and thought that Gu Xixi was a liar, and proposed that he had to see the proof of purchase to make the payment, but he had to pay. In order to get the wedding dress, Lin Xiaoya helped advance 50,000 yuan.

Mo Zixin came to Gu Xixi’s drawing class as scheduled. In the first sketching class, Mo Zixin didn’t want to go to the class, but just stared at Gu Xixi blankly. Gu Xixi asked Mo Zixin to see the line of light and dark on his face. , But Mo Zixin praised her eyes as beautiful, and Gu Xixi was a little embarrassed.

At the press conference of Mai Linmi’s entry into Wanmao, Yin Sichen asked Fei Ang to deal with the “liar” purchasing agent. Eric also asked why Gu Xixi hadn’t come. Yin Sichen lied that Gu Xixi had stomach problems. At the press conference, the reporter asked about Alex’s sample wedding dress. Eric said that he had sold it to Yin Sichen’s fiancé Gu Xixi, and the audience was in an uproar, but Yin Sichen had no choice. Can only admit this matter down.

Gu Xixi didn’t know anything about it. The family had just celebrated grandma Gu’s birthday, and when Gu Xixi was about to pay with his card, the restaurant manager said that three sets of sterling silver tableware were missing in the box, and he would lose two thousand at the price. Yuan, Gu Xixi knew that some relatives must be greedy for money and had stolen the tableware. She gave her family a lot of face after courtesy, but no one was willing to hand over the tableware. Gu Xixi directly called the police and asked the police to deal with it.

Zi Xin came suddenly, and the two sang and said that if the police found out who stole the tableware, they would be sentenced to at least a few years. The relative who stole the tableware quickly took out the tableware. In order to ease the atmosphere, Mo Zixin said that he would Wrap it up and give it to grandma as a gift. Gu Xixi didn’t want to. While arguing, Yin Sichen came to him and wanted to take Gu Xixi away. Faced with Yin Sichen’s question, Gu Xixi knew what had happened. After a while, Mo Zixin also saw the news on the news, and asked his assistant to contact Eric’s people, hoping to get his other brand’s favorite agency rights.

Yin Sichen asked Gu Xixi about his guilt. During the quarrel, Lin Xiaoya called Gu Xixi and said that the buyer had returned the order, and the delivery address was at the Wanmao headquarters. The deposit was lost, Gu Xi When Xi asked, he knew that the buyer was Yin Sichen. At this time, Fei Ang came in and told Yin Sichen that Wenye Group also had the intention of cooperating with Zhong Ai, and Erics was very interested in Gu Xixi and they wanted to be in Eri. Before Kes made a decision, he seized the opportunity.

Yin Sichen rolled his eyes and said that if Gu Xixi should continue to play his fiancee, he would compensate Gu Xixi for his loss. Gu Xixi agreed. After all, he stabbed such a big basket. She also has the responsibility. She said that she only needs to pay the deposit, and the remuneration is not necessary. Yin Sichen asked her assistant to send Gu Xixi a copy of her own information, so that Gu Xixi can learn it, not in front of Erics. Bare his feet.

Mu Ruona invited Shang Ke to participate in the department team building. Shang Ke remembered that Yin Sichen had told herself before that she could try to be cold and Mu Ruona, so she deliberately said that she would not go, and also said that she would have dinner with her school girl, Mu Ruo Na didn’t care at all, and left after learning that Shang Ke was not going.

Mo Zixin went to see Erics early the next morning and showed him his plan. He also suggested that he could cooperate in a design exhibition. Although Erics is interested, he still prefers Gu Xixi. Temperament.

Yin Sichen arranged for Gu Xixi to wear a wedding dress designed by Erics to shoot the cover of the magazine, and invited Erics over to supervise the production. During the shooting, Yin Sichen was involuntarily attracted by Gu Xixi, Eric Si couldn’t help but sigh that Gu Xixi is beautiful, saying that Yin Sichen was lucky.

Erics said that he was worried that Yin Sichen’s businessman thinking would affect his brand temperament, and Gu Xixi fits his own brand very well. For his temperament, he said that he wanted to give Yin Sichen the power of agency, and he also asked Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi to take a photo. The two talked smoothly. Yin Sichen offered to invite Gu Xixi to dinner. Gu Xixi reluctantly refused to take Yin Sichen’s car and walked exhausted in the manor. In the end, Yin Sichen pulled Gu Xixi up. The car.

After the meal, Yin Sichen took out a check, Gu Xixi didn’t want it, but Yin Sichen felt that Gu Xixi wanted to get more. He felt that Gu Xixi was someone who could do everything for money. Gu Xixi was so angry that he splashed a glass of water on Yin Sichen’s face.

This scene was filmed by the paparazzi in the dark, and Fei Ang asked him why he acted so harshly. Yin Sichen said he would not do it, he was afraid Gu Xixi really likes herself. After returning to the company, Erics sent a message stating that it would take three months for Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi to get married before the agency will automatically take effect. For the agency, Yin Sichen could only find Gu Xixi and proposed to her to get married.

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