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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 30 End Recap

When Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng came to Xu Yuanzhi’s company and saw Lei Zi’s figure, they suddenly realized that the thief was in front of them. Jiang Yicheng was more calm than expected, and sat calmly in front of Xu Yuanzhi. Xu Yuanzhi is a habitual criminal, always accustomed to stealing the results of others, but every time he neglects follow-up development, ruining one game after another. Now, Xu Yuanzhi is delusional to acquire Yicheng Technology. Before Jiang Yicheng spoke, Lu Li refused the contract in advance. Jiang Yicheng knew that Lu Li must understand him. Seeing Lu Li’s firm expression, Jiang Yicheng smiled heartily.

The next day, Lu Li saw Leizi as soon as he opened the door. Lu Li was still thinking about driving away Leizi. Unexpectedly, Jiang Yicheng would welcome Leizi in the door first. Lu Li was a little at a loss. The two smiled mysteriously. After Lu Li repeatedly asked, Lei Zi told the truth. At that time, Lei Zi was threatened by Xu Yuanzhi and did not choose to betray Jiang Yicheng. Incorporating some fake codes, the computer will be ordered to shut down regularly, and Chendong’s company has become a mess.

Jiang Yicheng will release the evidence that Chendong stole the game code of “Shenyu” in a timely manner. Xu Yuanzhi was immediately dismissed by Chendong and finally released. Up the station. Lu Li did not expect that Jiang Yicheng’s plan was so comprehensive, nor did he expect Jiang Yicheng to hide himself for so long, Jiang Yicheng apologized, and this coaxed Lu Li.

Chen Yiming hadn’t seen Jiang Zitong for a long time, so he deliberately asked Lu Li about Jiang Zitong’s traces. Seeing Chen Yiming’s fierce appearance, Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li didn’t expect that Jiang Zitong would have succeeded in taking Chen Yiming. In the past few days, Jiang Zitong has been busy with his own business. Jiang Zitong plans to open a buyer’s store and give full play to his expertise. Seeing Jiang Zitong’s tired but working hard, Chen Yiming feels a little distressed and just about to reveal himself. Sincerely, Jiang Zitong plunged into his career again, completely not thinking about other things.

Jiang Yicheng brought Lu Li to the paradise. Jiang Yicheng took out the prepared AR glasses, put on these glasses, and you can see a completely different world of cute pets. Here is the development beta of “Xuan Zhong Ji”. So the two were divided into two groups. Lu Li looked at the colorful world in front of him, and suddenly a row of English letters jumped out. This was Jiang Yicheng’s marriage proposal. After that, Jiang Yicheng held a koala-shaped rose and walked towards Lu Li step by step. After Lu Li designed the game, Jiang Yicheng sent his most sincere confession, and Lu Li finally nodded.

At this time, more than two people were watching, and the parents of both parties were also standing at the gate of the paradise, watching the beautiful moments of the young couple. Suddenly, Jiang Zitong received the positioning sent by Chen Yiming, and found that it was the store prepared by Chen Yiming. This perfect store not only fits the style of Jiang Zitong’s buyer’s shop, but also can be integrated with Chen Yiming’s coffee shop. Jiang Zitong visited and found that Chen Yiming had prepared a photo wall.

All the faces on the wall were Jiang Zitong’s faces. This was Chen Yiming’s prepared confession. Jiang Zitong was caught off guard. Looking at himself, Chen Yiming slowly Walking towards Jiang Zitong, Chen Yiming thought very clearly over the past few days, and finally accepted Jiang Zitong. After decades of persistence finally came true, Jiang Zitong was ecstatic, holding Chen Yiming and not letting go, he must first send a circle of friends to inform the world.

Lu Li saw Jiang Zitong’s circle of friends and was happy for the two people to cultivate a positive result. Walking out of the room, he found that Jiang Yicheng had already prepared a table of dishes and placed romantic roses. Jiang Yicheng has never forgotten what Lu Li said, the first meal of the wedding must be something good. Jiang Yicheng, who had never understood romance, also learned routines, and Lu Li was very pleased. When the two of them talked about the wedding, Jiang Yicheng wanted to make up for it, but Lu Li felt it was better to keep things simple. The spoiling wife, Jiang Yicheng, respected Lu Li’s decision. As long as a peaceful life and a sense of ritual in daily life were enough to satisfy Lu Li.

Li Man suddenly made an appointment with Lu Li. Knowing that Lu Li was pregnant, Li Man wanted to apologize for his mistakes. After Li Man’s father was released from prison, Li Man would take him abroad for treatment. This would be the last of the two. Meet once. After Lu Li said goodbye briefly, he walked out the door, and Jiang Yicheng personally came to pick him up. Li Man looked at the back of the two leaving with a lot of calmness in his heart.

Gu Xiaoqi and Gu Mo formally received the certificate. Huang Xun and the leaves are as glue as paint, and Chen Yiming and Jiang Zitong are also sweet and greasy. Jiang Zitong asked Chen Yiming when he really fell in love with him. It turned out that it was that time in Chongqing, after Jiang Zitong strongly kissed Chen Yiming, Chen Yiming really regarded Jiang Zitong as a girl. Jiang Zitong felt helpless and thankful. He knew that Chen Yiming had such a good strategy. It would be better for the overlord to bow down earlier.

Lu Li took Jiang Yicheng’s hand and walked home. The temperature from his palm reminded Lu Li that happiness was surrounding him. Life is like a game that cannot be archived. Only bravery and persistence are the secrets for customs clearance. Lu Li looked at Jiang Yicheng beside him, and it seemed that he had written the most perfect operation procedure…

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