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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 27 Recap

Under everyone’s attention, Lu Li sensed Jiang Yicheng’s approach and couldn’t restrain his nervousness, so he voluntarily gave in and called the game to a halt. Seeing Lu Li’s departure, Jiang Yicheng took the initiative to keep up. The game loser was responsible for washing the dishes. Jiang Yicheng wanted Do it for you, Lu Li insisted on not allowing it.

When talking about Lu Li’s desire to start a class, Jiang Yicheng persuaded Lu Li to go to Xinhai to do this business. The conditions and prices were more favorable. Lu Li couldn’t listen to it and couldn’t help but retching. Jiang Yicheng mistakenly thought that Lu Li’s stomach was uncomfortable, so he forcibly removed Lu Li’s apron, and Lu Li stopped fighting.

In the evening, Lu Li received a text message from Jiang Yicheng. Jiang Yicheng made an appointment to meet in the small garden. Lu Li didn’t want to talk to him, but Jiang Yicheng didn’t seem to give up easily. Walking to the garden step by step, Jiang Yicheng turned his back to him and slowly turned around. At this moment, Jiang Yicheng looked extremely sincere, slowly speaking about his love for Lu Li, explaining that his love was not charity and guilt. Jiang Yicheng hugged Lu Li abruptly, and the tears of the two slowly flowed down.

Jiang Yicheng mentioned that he remembered the warm night of the two. Lu Li suddenly recovered. What Jiang Yicheng said that night felt Lu Li’s hand. Lifting up slowly, joy rose in Jiang Yicheng’s heart, but he didn’t expect Lu Li to push himself away in the next second. Lu Li said the words of rejection, with an unnatural expression on his face. Jiang Yicheng understood that maybe he was too impatient this time and could only hold back the pain of his true heart breaking into thousands of pieces, and squeezed out a smile of understanding.

Lu Li walked dejectedly, and met Lu Jingwen, who was rejected by Jiang Zitong. Lu Jingwen naturally knew that Jiang Yicheng was going to confess today. Judging from Lu Li’s expression, he knew that he had not succeeded. Lu Li worried that the love Jiang Yicheng said was nothing but a confession. Taking responsibility for that night, this is not true love, Lu Jingwen naturally did not understand Lu Li’s worries, but just persuaded Lu Li to do whatever he wanted. Jiang Yicheng happened to see the scene of the two talking and laughing, he paused in his heart, and then quietly left.

At the end of this trip, Chen Yiming and Jiang Zitong went back home. Lu Jingwen was about to send Lu Li home. Jiang Yicheng would definitely not let go of this opportunity, so he took the initiative to intervene between the two. go home together”.

Huang Xun and Ye Zi were together very suddenly. In order to help Gu Mo conceal, Huang Xun and Ye Zi could only fall in love. When the two of them took time to kiss me and me, they were bumped into by Gu Xiaoqi who came to visit suddenly, Ye Ye had to With a face embarrassed to tell the truth, he and Gu Mo are acting to deceive Gu Xiaoqi.

While sending Lu Li home, Jiang Yicheng met a parent who came to make trouble. Huihui, a student in Lu Li’s training class, took her new year’s money to buy a new computer. The parents misunderstood that she was cheated by Lu Li’s training class and sat aside. Jiang Yicheng defended Lu Li, but the parents still insisted that girls are not suitable for learning computers. At this time, Huihui rushed to persuade the parents to leave.

Huihui’s logical thinking is very suitable for learning programming, but her parents’ opposition makes Huihui a headache. Thinking of the daytime scene, Lu Li couldn’t help but send a WeChat message to his mother. His parents had a headache for this. Fortunately, with the support of Lu’s father, Lu Li could truly choose his hobby. At this time, Gu Xiaoqi called and scolded Lu Li for Gu Mo’s behavior. Lu Li directly exposed the fact that Gu Mo liked Gu Xiaoqi. According to observations over the past few days, Gu Xiaoqi must also like Gu Mo. After hearing this, Gu Xiaoqi was very entangled, and thought of finding someone to help.

The next day, Gu Xiaoqi appeared in front of Gu Mo with Huang Xun’s arms around, watching Gu Xiaoqi smile sweetly at Huang Xun, Gu Mo’s fists became tighter and tighter. Before Gu Mo broke out, the leaves patted the table first. Then, he threatened to break up with Huang Xun. Huang Xun was so scared that Huang Xun confessed all the facts. He and Gu Xiaoqi acted temporarily, so he rushed out to chase Ye Zi. Ye Zi’s outbreak is just an acting skill.

Gu Mo’s favorite Gu Xiaoqi has long been seen, and Ye Zi’s operation is also to promote the relationship between the two. Sure enough, with Ye Zi’s assist, Gu Mo finally couldn’t help but confessed. Gu Mo, who had always been ruthless, turned out to be irritable and shy. Gu Xiaoqi was waiting for Gu Xiao’s confession this time, so he gladly accepted it, docilely. The ground fell into Gu Mo’s arms. Unexpectedly, happiness came so suddenly. Gu Mo got his wish and embraced Gu Xiaoqi, feeling the happiness flooding out of his heart.

Jiang Yicheng came to the company to find out that Lu Li had gone to the hospital today. This time he went to the hospital for a review. Lu Jingwen was with Lu Li. Everything was normal for the baby. Lu Jingwen took the B-ultrasound photo in Lu Li’s hands. The two smiled. After discussing the baby’s situation, Jiang Yicheng who rushed to the hospital heard Lu Li talk about pregnancy and saw Lu Jingwen’s smile. Jiang Yicheng stunned and asked Lu Li for confirmation.

Lu Jingwen rushed to answer that it was him. Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng are both stunned at the same time. Lu Jingwen wants to test Jiang Yicheng’s sincerity in this way. If it is true love, Jiang Yicheng will not give up, but Lu Li is worried that Jiang Yicheng will take this matter seriously, but At this time, there was no other way. Looking at Jiang Yicheng’s desolate back, Lu Li had unspeakable difficulties in his heart.

Jiang Yicheng returned to Xinhai, Lu Li was a little lost, and Lu Jingwen still had hope for Jiang Yicheng’s persistence. But Jiang Yicheng bought a bunch of wine and went back to get drunk for a night. Those beautiful pictures of being with Lu Li flashed in his mind, and then thinking that Lu Li and Lu Jingwen now have a new life, Jiang Yicheng sat down at home dejectedly. , Father Jiang learned everything and found Jiang Yicheng…

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