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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 11 Recap

Yu Min felt extremely complicated after learning of Lao Hao’s death. He held back his tears, but couldn’t help but squatted down and cried out loud. After Yu Min returned to Beijing from Shanghai, he saw that the door was locked at home, so Sister Liu told him that his house had moved away. Yu Min searched for the address and went to the new home. Yu Xin was playing downstairs. When he saw him with a strange expression, he asked, “Uncle, who are you looking for?” Yu Yuan hurriedly said, this is our dad, and Yu Min’s expression is complicated.

Yu Min was also busy with calculations at home, and Yu Xinnai came over with a gruff and asked him to take himself to fly a kite. Yu Min was still busy exchanging terms with him, saying that after he was busy, he would make him a flying plane. Yu Min was busy all night and went to the unit early in the morning. Yu Xin looked at the unfinished wooden plane and asked Sun Yuqin when he would be back.

In December 1965, Qinghai. Yu Min led the team to the factory and was booed up to say a few words. Yu Min took off his hat and choked for a long time before speaking. The hydrogen bomb design has made a breakthrough in theory. This sentence was repeated three times, and the more I said it, the more excited it became. Yu Min said that he wanted to go to the workshop first. The fifth room is dangerous to be exposed to nuclear radiation, but Yu Min is not afraid of anything. After coming here, the work became more tense. Yu Min and Lu Jie’s dormitory was knocked on the door in the middle of the night, saying that something went wrong.

Master Fan worked overtime day and night and accidentally made a ditch on the shell of the hydrogen bomb. After careful inspection, Yu Min assured that this would not affect the explosion. Master Fan made some dumplings for Yu Min and asked him whether science is true. The biggest difference between Yu Min and the machine is that the machine does not make mistakes. Master Fan has always been confident in his craftsmanship. He confessed to Yu Min that the reason for the accident was not that he couldn’t stay up late, but because he stayed here for three and a half years and never returned home. The subject couldn’t wait to talk to others. gone.

New Year’s Day in 1966. The Ministry organized a party for the families of scientific researchers and asked them to talk about their grievances. Sun Yuqin brought Yu Yuan and Yu Xin, and heard Chen’s wife crying about the suffering at home, she was also sad and complicated, and she shed tears. She did the same. She took her two children alone and took them to the hospital alone when they were sick. The minister bowed deeply and apologized to everyone. Sun Yuqin, who had been silent for a long time, stood up. Every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite. Since their men are doing confidential work, they can’t fall down. She also greeted everyone in the future. Help each other in urgent matters, life is always going to go on.

The workers chased Yu Min to ask questions. Yu Min looked uncomfortable and supported him. Suddenly someone came over and said that Lu Jie had suddenly fainted in the No. 8 material workshop. Yu Min went to the hospital to see Lu Jie. The doctor asked them curiously what they were doing. Yu Min was silent. The doctor said that they mysteriously led to a lot of rumors, and some people said that they were studying submarines. Yu Min asked the doctor Lu Jie about the situation. The doctor said it was very serious, and it may only last for five years at most.

Lu Jie went to find Yao Lan, but she transferred. He took out the toffee given by Yao Lan and felt some sweetness. The curtain of Lu Jie’s ward was drawn, and Yu Min played chess with him outside the curtain. Lu Jie praised Yu Min for the first time. In fact, he knew his health well. He lost this battle. The family didn’t know his illness. Yu Min took out the IOU that Lu Jie had written before betting on Lu Jie. Now when it is time to fulfill his promise, Yu Min wants him to live well. One more thing, Yu Min asked Lu Jie to be his party introducer.

In 1966, Xinjiang. Yu Min led the team to Xinjiang, and the old horse in the army brought people to pick them up. Yu Min asked the three comrades who had just thrown up to take the trolley, and took the rest to take the cart. The weather is cold and the road is bumpy, and the journey is not easy.

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