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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 9 Recap

Because the research has been quiet, there has been a criticism conference above, and everyone is afraid to make a statement. Yu Min said that scientific research and theoretical research are about seeking truth from facts and not rushing forward. The superior asked sternly whether it was because of political issues. Yu Min snapped the table and said that science has only scientific issues! Today’s level is barely passed, and Yu Min is also anxious in front of Lao Hao. There are now three or four algorithms that are barely available. It is not enough to work day and night during the day and night. Suddenly, Yu Min had inspiration and hurriedly called everyone to assemble, saying that they would divide the troops into two groups according to the ancients’ art of war.

Yu Yuan is gradually growing up, but he is still brooding about eggs, and tells Sun Yuqin that he doesn’t want her father, because they can eat eggs when her father is not there. The atomic bomb blast was successful, and thousands of troops were transferred to help overcome the difficulties, but there was still no progress when there were more people. There was a song on the radio, and Yuan Jinhong hummed along. Yu Min, Lu Jie and others were addicted to research and had never listened to it. After all, they usually don’t even have time to eat.

Everyone hasn’t been out for a long time, not getting enough sleep and eating on time. Yu Min decided to take a three-day holiday, so he was only allowed to go out and not work. Everyone didn’t understand Yu Min’s meaning, but he was rushed back home, whether he was climbing mountains, watching movies, or bringing children, anyway, don’t continue working. Having said that, Yu Min stayed and looked at the algorithm on the blackboard in a daze, and Yuan Jinhong was driven away when he came back for an excuse. The leader heard that this matter was looking for Yu Min, and Yu Min did not go out to meet with an excuse.

Yu Min went home the next day. Yu Xin sat in the yard and cried. Sun Yuqin was sick and said that she had a headache and wanted to vomit. Sun Yuqin changed Yu’s pants, and the medicine was gone at home. Yu Min poured her a glass of water and hurried to the hospital to prescribe her medicine. Yu Min took his household registration book and went to the hospital for registration. The nurse asked him what symptoms he could not answer, and the medicine did not come back.

Sun Yuqin’s complexion was sallow, and she said that she would just lie down for a while, and she got up to cook for Yu Min, who had finally returned. Yuan Jinhong suddenly ran to say that he had calculated it, and was about to go back to the courtyard to calculate again, and Sun Yuqin asked Yu Min to go with peace of mind. Inspiration can’t come out of staying up all night. Before everyone could be happy, Yu Min suddenly fell ill.

Yu Min woke up again and was already in the hospital, and Sun Yuqin guarded him with a worried look. Before Sun Yuqin and Yu Min got married, Yu Xun introduced them to the meeting. Yu Xun said that he was a man who worked hard, but he couldn’t say exactly what he was. But Yu Min has a great advantage, as long as you have you in your heart, there will be no one else.

Sun Yuqin was still anxious to go back to work, and after bidding farewell to Yu Xu, she left, and happened to ran into Yu Min at the door. Once Yu Su introduced Yu Min to his object, he offended him once, so he was late this time, and Yu Su took a picture of Sun Yuqin and left. Up to now, Yu Min’s problem with his indulging in work has not changed. The doctor didn’t let him use his mind. Sun Yuqin didn’t bring him paper and pens. She didn’t ask for Yu Min’s wealth or to be at home every day, so she asked him to be well and healthy. Don’t go wrong.

Yu Min was still disobedient. After Sun Yuqin returned, Yu Min ran back to the courtyard to discuss with Lu Jie. At the end of September 1965, the superior sent Yu Min to lead a team to Shanghai to break through the key issues of hydrogen bomb research. Sun Yuqin helped him pack his luggage and asked a lot of questions, but Yu Min couldn’t tell.

Sun Yuqin was a little sad, she could not ask anything, but what should the children do, they always ask Dad what they are doing every time, Sun Yuqin doesn’t know how to say it. Other children asked what their father did, but they also said they didn’t know. Yu Min still didn’t say a word, and only sighed in response to Sun Yuqin. Sun Yuqin took her two children to Yu Min and left. When the neighbor Liu Jie saw this, she felt that he had a problem.

After Yu Min and Lu Jie arrived in Shanghai East China Institute of Computing Technology, they were borrowed by Lu Jie’s classmate Yao Lan when he was studying abroad. Sun Yuqin did not forget to send money to her home every month, but was asked what her lover’s job did. Sun Yuqin could only answer four words lightly, I don’t know. There are a lot of calculations, but there are not many people. Lu Jie suggested learning the division of labor of ants, and at the same time pushing forward the summary results.

Yu Min immediately understood what he meant, and stood up to plan for division of labor. Yao Lan wanted to ask Lu Jie to go to the movies, but he was too busy and had no time, so the two went for a walk together, thinking about the fun things about studying abroad. Yao Lan’s admiration for Lu Jie was beyond words, but Lu Jie planned to go back to sleep for a while and then boil it off. When he left, Yao Lan put a toffee in his hand. When he said it was too hard, taste it and it would be sweet.

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