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Beyond Prescriptions 灵丹妙药不及你 Episode 6 Recap

Lin Xiang reported to Pei Bingming on the street tour. Pei Bingming asked why the figure of Equanimity Tian had not been seen for several days. Lin Xiang told Equanimity that Yihua was taken in. Pei Yingying heard this. Pei Yingying brought her things to the house of Jian Tian to borrow. She lied that she broke Pei Bingming’s porcelain and poured the orchids that Pei Bingming had raised for seven years to death. Jian Tian couldn’t bear Pei Yingying’s return home and was punished by Pei Bingming and agreed to temporarily stay at her home. A few days.

Yihua brought Yun to the Cihua Medical Center for medical books. Luo Yingnian said that all the things in the Cihua Medical Center belonged to him. Yun Gui used a knife to force Luo Yingnian. Luo Yingnian agreed to let the two read books but could not bring them. Go, Yungui agreed. Yihua began to transcribe the contents of the medical book overnight, but Yungui only read the book.

Yihua complained that Yungui did not help him to transcribe, and Yungui directly recited the contents of the medical book. Yihua marveled that Yungui could be unforgettable, but he told herself that he had been writing for so long. Yungui pulled Yihua closer and said that he just thought Yihua’s handwriting was beautiful. Yungui hugged Yihua onto the bed, and the two of them faced each other, but Yungui just wanted Yihua to sleep and had no arrogance.

Yungui read the book for a night and found the Yaowang Codex. Yihua found that Yungui could understand the ancient texts of the Yaowang Codex. Yungui hid the Yaowang Codex in front of his chest and pretended to be sick and left. When he returned to Fangzhai, Yungui became very weak. Yihua could see that Yungui did not pretend to be sick when he was in the hospital. Yungui’s pulse condition is disordered. Yihua is going to give Yungui a soothing medicine. Yungui grabs Yihua’s hand and expresses that Yihua is his medicine. Yihua massages Yungui’s head and neck. Yungui hugs Yihua directly. The ambiguous atmosphere heated up, and Yihua, who had never had such an experience, hurriedly got up.

Pei Yingying, who had never seen Feast Day after living in the house, was very frustrated. Yungui convinced Pei Yingying to cooperate with him, and he was willing to help Pei Yingying gain Feast Day’s affection. Luo Yingnian wants to change the Cihua Medical Center into a restaurant. In order to win back the Medical Center, Yun Gui has to gamble with Luo Yingnian to taste the sauce. If he loses, he will leave Xiangyun County and never come back. I didn’t want to take it. Luo Yingnian, who was in the gambling game, agreed to let Gui leave, but he suggested that even if he loses, the medical clinic needs Yun Gui to redeem it.

The conceited Luo Yingnian tasted 28 kinds of sauces. Yun Gui said that there is another seasoning. Luo Yingnian thinks it is a divine comedy, but it is actually fermented cow dung. The Cihua Medical Hall was temporarily sealed, and Yun Gui promised that he would redeem the Medical Hall. A poor old man went to the hospital to see a doctor. Yun Gui, who was about to leave, helped her pulse and said a prescription. Luo Yingnian, who was on the side, discovered that the prescription came from the handwriting of the King of Medicine.

Luo Yingnian met with Yin Shizhao secretly. After a conversation, the two suspected that Yungui was Ye Xiang. Yin Shizhao asked Luo Yingnian to keep an eye on Yungui. Yin Shizhao even gave out the profit from selling medicines to Luo Yingnian. . Luo Yingnian took the money and bought an expensive guqin for Qin Yuening. When the two were warming up, Lingxi suddenly appeared and lamented the preciousness of the guqin.

Yihua asked Yungui how he understood the ancient texts on the Yaowang handbook, but Yungui couldn’t understand it. He took the opportunity to confess that he could think of Yihua when he read those words. Yihua fell asleep while reading, Yungui hugged Yihua and let her sleep in his arms.

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