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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 19 Recap

Zhuo Wenyuan finally spoke to Sang Qi to express his intentions, but Sang Qi had already belonged to him, but that person was not him. Before Sang Qi could answer, Zhuo Wenyuan continued on his own. In fact, he knew in his heart that Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi were happy, but it was his own business that he liked Sang Qi. With that, he tightened the bow in his hand and shot a running hare. Sang Qi turned his bow and arrow to one side and looked at the big tree road in front of him. Even if the hunter had no prey, he would not be able to hit anything.

The two have grown up now, and no matter how good their childhood bows and arrows are, they are not suitable for now. Sang Qi returned the bow and arrow in his hand to Zhuo Wenyuan, reminding him that he now belongs to him, and he doesn’t have to waste time on himself, otherwise he won’t even be able to do it with his friends. Zhuo Wenyuan didn’t understand these principles, but he didn’t want to face Sang Qi’s alienation. Zhuo Wenyuan threw the bow and arrow on the ground fiercely, as if he had made some determination.

When Sang Qi came back, Yan Yunzhi pretended to be angry and asked what Sang Qi and Zhuo Wenyuan had been talking about. Sang Qi felt funny, and suddenly moved his head close and kissed Yan Yunzhi. Yan Yunzhi smiled and said that he would go to Sang Mansion to propose marriage as soon as possible. At night, Sang Qi talked about himself and Yan Yunzhi to the portrait of his brother, and excitedly said how many children the two are planning to have, what is the name of the child and so on. Sang Qi’s face was full of sweetness, his eyes narrowed into crescents with a smile, but he couldn’t hide the expectation and yearning in his eyes. Little did he know that his father was quietly listening to him, making his heart hurt with anger.

I had long heard that Sang Yu and Yan Yun had a close relationship, but I didn’t expect that Yan Yunzhi and the Sang family were even closer. Gong Sang found Yan Yunzhi himself, and bluntly said that he did not agree with him and Sang Qi’s marriage. Gong Sang was grateful to Yan Yunzhi for helping her daughter to participate in the imperial examination smoothly, but she was only left with such a precious daughter, and she would never allow her to be aggrieved at all. He needed to find a family member who could protect her well. Yan Yunzhi was a little surprised, but he was also determined to marry Sang Qi.

After the imperial examination, Yan Yan also had the confidence to explain his feelings to his mother. But Mrs. Yan would be wrong, thinking that Yan Yan liked Sang Qi, and she hurriedly prepared a generous gift to Sang’s family to propose marriage. Here, Sang Gong also knew about Lian Pian and Yan Yan, and he was very happy. If the Yan family agreed, he would let Lian Pian into the genealogy. But when he thought of Yan Yunzhi’s resolute appearance just now, Sang Gong calmed his face and ordered the family not to allow anyone to enter the mansion.

Seeing Mrs. Yan’s visit, Lian Pian still remembered Sang Gong’s order and hurriedly invited Mrs. Yan into the mansion. Sang Gong was also very happy, but who knew that the daughter-in-law the other party was looking for was Sang Qi. Several people present were stunned, wondering why Mrs. Yan suddenly wanted to marry Sangqi for Yan Yan. Looking at the reactions of a few people, Mrs. Yan knew that her son liked Lian Pian, the smile on her face suddenly froze, and she scolded Yan Yan with a cold face.

Sang Gong was not very satisfied with the two families who came to propose marriage today. One rushed to propose a marriage and stuffed a post into his hand as soon as he entered the door; the other was Yan Xiang’s concubine, and Yan was somewhat indifferent to his own son, let alone his daughter-in-law. Regarding what Mrs. Yan said today, Lian Pian was very surprised, but she knew that Sang Gong and Miss were kind to her. On the other hand, Mrs. Yan still did not eliminate her anger, and ordered Yan Yan not to take a step out of the house.

Yan Yunzhi has always been lukewarm to Su Jieyu, and now he has publicly confessed to Sang Qi. Zhuo Wenyuan wonders why Su Jieyu still misses Yan Yunzhi. Su Jieyu remembered that when she was eight years old, her brother accompanied her to play hide-and-seek in the garden. She looked for it for a long time blindfolded. Anxiously, she moved faster under her feet, raised her hand and fumbled, and finally touched one person.

After removing the blindfold, he realized that the person facing him was Yan Yunzhi. At that time, Yan Yunzhi led her for a long time, and only raised his head by the eaves. When I asked about this later, I learned that Su Jieyu had just walked to a flower garden at that time, which was full of roses. If she accidentally fell, she would definitely get hurt all over her body. Zhuo Wenyuan still didn’t understand Su Jieyu’s sentiment, but it did not prevent him from making a deal with Su Jieyu.

Since the last time Yan Yunzhi was ambushed in the Jingzhou boundary and Master Wei was assassinated, Yan Saburo has been tracking him all the way. But when he arrived at Wei’s house, he found that it had been preemptively searched over there. Fortunately, he found a Nishizhao’s work on the reminder of nearby villagers. Following the vines, Yan Saburo found a stronghold in the outskirts of Nishizhao. The stronghold was piled up with those poisonous plants from Xizhao, and the air was choking to make people feel uncomfortable.

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