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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 18 Recap

After the scientific examination, the students came out of the examination room one after another, but Sang Qi was not seen for a long time. Yan Yunzhi was worried, so he hurried in to check. Seeing Sang Qi lowered his head and moved forward slowly, Yan Yunzhi felt even more worried. Sang Qi said bluntly that he just felt a little strange. He tried desperately to review before the exam, but when the test papers were handed in, he felt that his whole body was emptied, and his heart was empty. Yes, Sang Qi’s scientific expedition ended in this way, but for both Sang Qi and Yan Yun, everything had just begun.

Although the scientific examination is over, everyone does not want to go home. Upon seeing this, Yan Yunzhi proposed a trip to celebrate the successful conclusion of the scientific examination. At Yan Yan’s suggestion, everyone hurried to Qingfeng Building. Qianjiu raises a glass to wish the students the title of Gold List, and specially toasted Zhuo Wenyuan with a glass of wine. Yan Yan couldn’t help but sigh, even the girl with a small wine knows that the title of the gold list depends on Zhuo Wenyuan. These remarks also made Sang Qi worried.

If he didn’t pass the exam, wouldn’t it be a drag on Yan Yunzhi’s future. Yan Yunzhi hurriedly interrupted Sang Qi’s words and spoke bluntly in front of everyone. It was enough that everyone tried their best. This scientific examination is an opportunity for students to test their learning achievements. To put it utilitarianly, it is a stepping stone for the students in their future careers. The officials are also testing Yan Yunzhi’s efforts for the Imperial College this time, but then again, if he really can’t stay this time, he won’t be able to separate from everyone here. Yan Yunzhi’s joke really shocked everyone, and after the reaction, they could only smile in relief.

Two graceful women sat on either side of Yan Yun’s side, and kept pouring wine at him. Yan Yunzhi was very uncomfortable, and hurriedly pushed away those tender wine glasses. Sang Qi watched from the side and didn’t mind at all, even a little happy. However, Yan Yunzhi couldn’t say goodbye, with an embarrassment on his face. Sang Qi hurried over to grab the glass from the girl’s hand and drank the wine with his eyes closed. Sang Qi stood behind Yan Yun, saying that if anyone else wants to toast to Yan Yunzhi, just come to him.

After drinking and eating, Yan Yunzhi personally sent Sang Qi back to the house. Sang Qi habitually explained to Yan Yunzhi that the Japanese Imperial College had goodbye, but after reacting, he was very lonely. Knowing Miss’s loss, Lian Pian asked her to take a walk with Yan Yunzhi. After the list is released, it will be the release of the brown ceremony, and then Sang Qi will officially graduate from the Imperial College. In fact, Sang Qi very much hopes that she can be on the list. She has become the first female disciple of the Imperial College, but she still wants to be the first female official in the Korean Central Committee.

When the day of the ranking came quietly, Yan Yan was very anxious, but Sang Qi did not show up for a long time. Sang Qi was so flustered that he really didn’t dare to go to the list in person, and could only express his thoughts at the portrait of his brother. But the list was there, and she just went away. But as soon as I went out, I heard that the list was full of people, and I couldn’t help but retreat. If you really didn’t make the list, wouldn’t it be a shame for so many people to look at it? Yan Yan couldn’t help it anymore, and hurriedly pulled him out.

Zhuo Wen is far from disappointing and won the top spot, and Yan Yan is also on the list. But after searching for a long time, I didn’t see Sang Qi’s name on the list. Not only was Sang Qi nervous, but Yan Yunzhi was also anxiously paced back and forth. Seeing Sang Qi’s dejected look, Yan Yunzhi comforted her heartily. Unexpectedly, Sang Qi suddenly raised his head and shouted, bluntly saying that he had been admitted to the top twenty-eight, and was given a scholarship background. Yan Yunzhi was ecstatic, he couldn’t help holding Sang Qi and dancing happily.

Sang Qi accidentally ran into Song Jiayin on the street, and the two choked as soon as they met. Zhuo Wenyuan couldn’t help rolling his eyes on the side, and retorted one by one for Sang Qi. Zhuo Wenyuan wanted to invite Sang Qi to dinner at Qingfeng Building, but he was rejected. Looking at Sang Qi’s back, Zhuo Wenyuan couldn’t help but think of the past. That time he was touched by a group of thieves and couldn’t get out. Fortunately, Sang Qi showed up in time and taught the thieves a lot. The time I had experienced together was beautiful but short, and Zhuo Wenyuan’s eyes could not help being filled with loneliness.

Regarding whether to recognize Sang Qi’s status as a scholar, Yan Yunzhi and Song Taifu fought hard, and finally the official decided to make an exception. The ceremony ended smoothly, and the students looked back at the Imperial College with deep emotion in their hearts. Sang Qi couldn’t help but recalled that he had just arrived in Bianjing for more than a year, and he had become accustomed to the life here, but now he was told that he didn’t need to report again, and he didn’t need to go to school every day.

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