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Once We Get Married (2021) 只是结婚的关系

Once We Get Married (2021)
Other Title: Once We Get Married, 只是结婚的关系, Just Married Relationship , Zhi Shi Jie Hun De Guan Xi

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama
Li Yao Bo
Tencent Video
Release Date: 
Oct 8, 2021
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  • Uvin Wang as Gu Xi Xi
  • Wang Zi Qi as Yin Si Chen
  • Ian Yi as Mo Zi Xin
  • Zhong Li Li as Ran Xi Wei
  • Yang Yue as Mu Ruo Na
  • Li Jun Chen as Shang Ke


The TV series “Just Marriage” is jointly produced by Penguin Film and Television and Lexiang Pictures. It is directed by Li Yaobo and Chu Dejian, starring Wang Yuwen and Wang Ziqi, and urban love starring Yi Bochen, Zhong Lili, Yang Yue, Li Junchen, Chen Yixin, etc. drama. The play is adapted from the popular novel “Flash Marriage President’s Contract Wife” by Xiangwang. It tells a “evenly matched” urban fashion love story.

Fashion buyer Gu Xixi bought Alex’s high-end wedding dresses for his clients, mixed into a private reception, and got acquainted with Yin Sichen, the black-bellied boss who came to talk with Alex for business cooperation. The Oolong incident in the two people temporarily reached a win-win situation, but in order to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with Alex, Gu Xixi was forced to become a contracted couple with Yin Sichen.

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