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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 13 Recap

After the guards left, Sang Qi asked Yan Yunzhi why he appeared in Song’s warehouse. Yan Yunzhi picked up the tea leaves at hand and put them in his mouth, claiming that he came to sober up the tea just because he was drunk. Sang Qi wanted to continue to ask, but who knew Zhuo Wenyuan had found him. Seeing Sang Qi and Yan Yun coming out of the room, Zhuo Wenyuan was puzzled, and a jealous feeling rose in his heart.

The students were very excited to learn that they would go to the tea garden to do farming tomorrow. As long as it is not in class, everyone is so excited. On the day of departure, Zhuo Wenyuan bought oil cakes for Sang Qi. But Sang Qi didn’t like it very much. Seeing Yan Yunzhi went out, she put down the oil cake and ran over excitedly.

This time the tea garden farming is not allowed to bring other items, and all need to hike up the mountain. The students complained again and again, but they had to follow suit. On the road, Yan Yan accidentally slipped and knocked down Sangqi. Sang Qi sprained her foot and was inconvenient to move, so Zhuo Wenyuan planned to carry her forward. Unexpectedly, as soon as he squatted down, Yan Yunzhi flashed over from the side, and instantly carried Sang Qi behind him.

When they arrived at the tea plantation, everyone drew lots to decide where to live. Because Sang Qi is a woman, Yan Yunzhi arranged a single room for him, and he lived with Zhuo Wenyuan. When Yan Yan was bored in idle time, he took Zhuo Wenyuan to find Sang Qi. Seeing her spacious and splendid room, Yan Yan couldn’t help but admire, and was very satisfied with the accommodation arrangements for the tea farming.

At night, when the two of them were lying on the bed, Zhuo Wenyuan couldn’t help but ask Yan Yunzhi, he did so much, isn’t it just wishful thinking? Yan Yunzhi’s closed eyes suddenly opened, as if thinking of something. He slowly got up and said that he was not afraid, and that everything he did could not ask for anything in return. Zhuo Wenyuan felt that Yan Yunzhi was obsessed with not realizing this, but wasn’t he also doing this. After some pulling, the two decided to play fairly.

Early in the morning, Song Luotian and Yan Yan had a big quarrel over the fruit plate in the room, and they even started their hands. Sang Qi hurriedly stepped forward to dissuade him, but it was of no avail. Yan Yunzhi arrived in time to stop the storm. After that, Yan Yunzhi went to the ground to weed with the students. Zhuo Wenyuan moved quickly and won everyone’s admiration again and again. Although everyone was miserable when they started, they were really excited when they started doing things, and they were never tired of it.

Sang Qi was overjoyed to see Lian Pian bringing cakes to visit her. But when I went to the pergola, I saw that the pastries were all Yan Yan’s favorite flavors, and none of them were my favorite, so I couldn’t help but sigh heavily. On the other side, Yan Yunzhi and Zhuo Wenyuan discussed the way of picking tea. The two faced each other, each word hidden their sharp edges. Zhuo Wenyuan deliberately blown away the tea leaves in Yan Yunzhi’s hands, but the tea leaves suddenly drifted into Yan Yun’s eyes. Zhuo Wenyuan blamed himself a little, and stepped forward to blow the dust in his eyes. But from the point of view of Sang Qi and others, it is indeed a state of Long Yang’s broken sleeves. Sang Qi was in a panic, and hurried away Lian Pian and Yan Yan.

Thinking that everyone worked hard, Yan Yunzhi asked everyone to participate in tea tasting in the afternoon. In order to extend the time spent with Lian Pian, Yan Yan suggested that Sang Qi act as a tea master and make tea for everyone. Zhuo Wenyuan and Yan Yunzhi were vying to ask Sang Qi to make their own tea. Seeing this, Yan Yan couldn’t help but look at the Xiuluo field in front of him with gossip. Zhuo Wenyuan and Yan Yunzhi were busy tit-for-tat, and didn’t worry about Sang Qi who was caught in the middle. Sang Qi was really a headache because of the quarrel between the two, and slammed them away.

Working as usual on this day, Song Luotian relied on that this was in his own tea garden, so he called many families to help with work, but he sat in the pavilion with his legs crossed and pointed. Yan Yan couldn’t see it, so he approached the theory, and the two of them were arguing and almost fighting. Sang Qi quickly stepped forward to discourage. But everyone did not notice, a mysterious man took advantage of the chaos and left the tea garden.

Back at the tea garden, Yan Yunzhi felt a little at a loss when he saw Su Jieyu also. Seeing Su Jieyu sitting next to Yan Yunzhi, Sang Qi couldn’t help but become jealous. Afterwards, Su Jieyu bluntly said that she came to help this time. She knew that Yan Yun’s work on the mountain was fake and the investigation was true. But Yan Yunzhi tried his best to refuse, he didn’t want to make a misunderstanding.

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