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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 40 End Recap

Fortunately, Sheng Zhening showed up in time and not only accused Mr. Xue as a murderer on the spot, he even asked Mr. Xue’s driver Yang Da to testify. According to Yang Da, Mr. Sheng had already obtained evidence of Xue Qingshan’s illegal financing. He wanted him to surrender, but he was hated.

Because Xue Qingshan deliberately broke the brakes, Mr. Sheng died in a car accident in a seemingly “accidental” manner. Now that the human and physical evidence are all in hand, Xue Qingshan has no answer. Qin Hebo called and called the police. In the end, Xue Qingyun did evil and could not escape legal sanctions. The driver Yang Da surrendered himself as an accomplice and was also punished by corresponding laws.

After this incident, Sheng Zhening and Qin Hebo turned their enemies into friends and reconciled thoroughly. Xia Qian was shocked by this, and after her inquiry, she learned that Emily had come to Sheng Zhening to tell him truthfully that before the board of directors, Qin Hebo did not destroy Ning Meng’s wedding at all. It was done by Xue Qingyun.

Because of Emily’s words, Sheng Zhening took the initiative to find Qin Hebo and gradually let go of his inner grudge. Qin Hebo handed the current information to Sheng Zhening, so the two decided to settle the plan. One was in charge of going to Huayu to discuss financing, and the other continued to investigate in private until the shareholders convened a meeting, and they dismantled the conspiracy of Lihe Capital on the spot.

When Changsheng was on the right track, the Sheng family’s brothers and sisters took Xia Qian to pay homage to their parents, telling the news that the murderer was brought to justice. When leaving, Ning Meng actively mentioned He Zhijun, and with Xia Qian’s encouragement, the idea of ​​recombining with He Zhijun came up. Ning Meng apologized for the previous incident. Besides, setting aside all prejudices, she found that Xia Qian was a more kind and assertive woman.

After returning home to consider again and again, Ning Meng decided to stay in the country and took the initiative to go to the hospital to find He Zhijun. Unexpectedly, He Zhijun had signed up to treat the children suffering from mental illness in other provinces after the earthquake. Before leaving, Ning Meng left a letter to Ning Meng. For a two-year period, then give each other a chance.

Sheng Zhening re-prepared the wedding method and left it to Xia Qian to choose, but Xia Qian considered that Chang Sheng had just regained his vitality and should not be extravagant and wasteful, so he advised him to keep everything simple. At the same time, Qin Hebo also took the opportunity to ask what type of wedding Fu Shuangshuang likes. Fu Shuangshuang thought of traveling to get married, and her ideas coincided with Qin Hebo’s.

After Xia Qian took advantage of her own advantages, she quickly negotiated a low-cost wedding that satisfies her. On the eve of the wedding, Xia’s mother gave her daughter various instructions. An An and Mu Xiaoyan wore the same best man suits, and they looked at each other uncomfortably, vying for the position of the best man.

The wedding was held as scheduled according to Xia Qian’s wishes. Qin Hebo came to attend. Sheng Zhening decided to open a bar in the east of the city and specially invited Qin Hebo to take charge of management. Father Xia took Xia Qian to the main hall, and solemnly handed it to the groom Sheng Zhening. The two newlyweds put on rings for each other under the witness of relatives and friends.

Two years flew by in a blink of an eye. Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian’s daughters were about to have a 100-day banquet. Xia’s father sent a handmade guitar from another place, while Xia Ma and Hu Zhenshu were traveling in France. They couldn’t come back to participate because they remembered the wrong time. Qin Hebo helped Fu Shuangshuang prepare baby clothes, and at the same time considered that they should have a baby that belongs to them.

Not long after Ning Meng stayed in China, she ordered the cake shop, and the location was still opposite the He Zhijun Hospital. Originally, Ning Meng planned to make the cake and went out to attend the Hundred Days Banquet, but then suddenly received an order from “Little Mousse”, and immediately saw He Zhijun coming in from the door, and at Ning Meng’s invitation, Go to the banquet together.

Everyone gathered at the Changsheng Hotel and spent the day happily. Until the end of the 100-day banquet, the sky was completely gloomy. Due to the heavy rain outside, Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening ran to the nearby bus stop. When they saw the billboard behind them, they couldn’t help but smile at each other, just like the situation they met at the beginning of the year. Shi Sheng Zhening hugged Xia Qian, kissing affectionately.

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