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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 25 Recap

When Jiang Yicheng saw Lu Jingwen touching Lu Li, he became angry. He said he was going to eat, and the kind Lu Jingwen called Lu Li. When he arrived at the table, Jiang Yicheng was about to order food, but Lu Jingwen on the side remembered all Lu Li’s tastes. As soon as Lu Li sneezed, Lu Jingwen put on Lu Li’s coat. Compared with Jiang Yicheng, who doesn’t understand the taste, the caring Lu Jingwen is simply a high-end player. Regarding the girls in every possible way, Jiang Yicheng is secretly vigorous, feeling the smell of gunpowder on both sides, Lu Li only dared to lower his head to eat, and he didn’t want to say more.

Gu Xiaoqi will officially meet with Tian Qi’s owner today. In order to be a blockbuster, Gu Xiaoqi wore a dress similar to a wedding dress. It was very eye-catching, but he almost recognized an uncle with glasses. Fortunately, the other party was looking for a blind date. Gu Xiaoqi was talented. With a sigh of relief. Gu Xiaoqi called on the phone and realized that Gu Mo was getting closer and closer with the ringing phone, and found that he had been placed by Gu Mo. Gu Xiaoqi was very angry and gathered up all the gifts from “Mr. Ye” at home. , Just about to throw it away, but hesitated again in my heart, is it because I fell in love with Gu Mo?

Lu Li found Lu Jingwen and Jiang Yicheng’s scorching eyes when he got off work. Fortunately, Yaoyao asked to learn programming, and Lu Li quickly grabbed the life-saving straw and went home. Jiang Yicheng and Lu Jingwen caught up. The two walked from the gym to the house. Jiang Yicheng still doubted Lu Jingwen’s thoughts on Lu Li. Why would the playboy Lu Jingwen look at Lu Li? Lu Jingwen sighed that Lu Li was a type he had never met before, and Lu Jingwen had taken his heart this time.

Jiang Yicheng wanted to see Lu Li, but when he learned that Lu Li was still downstairs, Jiang Yicheng knocked on the door frantically and made noises, waiting for complaints. Before Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng was arrested by the security guards. Lu Jingwenhe Lu Li went to pick it up personally. Jiang Yicheng’s gaze was locked tightly on Lu Li’s body. When the security guard asked what was the relationship between the two, Jiang Yicheng told the truth directly. Everyone at the scene was stunned.

Only Lu Li remained calm and calmly refuted the two of them. It doesn’t matter anymore, even though Jiang Yicheng said that he had found out that the person he was following was Li’s father and that it was Li Man who deleted Lu Li’s game, Lu Li did not look back in the end. Now Jiang Yicheng didn’t know what to say to save Lu Li. In order to escape Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li lied directly that he already had someone he liked. Lu Jingwen, who was watching the show, realized that Lu Li needed his own. To help, he quickly stepped forward and put his arms around Lu Li’s shoulders pretending to be affectionate, Jiang Yicheng silently watched the two leave.

The next day, Lu Li was still worried about deceiving Jiang Yicheng by pretending to be passionately in love, but did not expect Lu Jingwen to say that Jiang Yicheng had left overnight. In fact, Jiang Yicheng went back to deal with Xu Yuanzhi’s affairs of Chendong Company. He competed against the company to develop a game similar to “Xuan Zhong Ji”. Jiang Yicheng wanted to complete the work efficiently while ensuring the quality, so he began to work crazy overtime again. After processing the emergency documents overnight, Jiang Yicheng booked the earliest air ticket to Chongqing. Then first handed the matter to Chen Yiming.

Yaoyao brought her good friends to learn programming from Lu Li. Lu Li’s lectures were easy to understand. Yaoyao thought that he could help Lu Li promote the courses in the future. This was a good side job. Lu Li smiled and gave them away. After going out, Jiang Yicheng, who was waiting at the door, quickly got in. Jiang Yicheng, who had been through the whole night, was very tired at this time. He could only ask Lu Li to take him in first.

Lu Li finally softened his heart and just brought a glass of water. Jiang Yicheng was already asleep. . In the dream, he felt his hands approaching. Jiang Yicheng grabbed his hand and approached him, and kissed him, but he felt that his hands were not as soft as familiar. As expected, when Jiang Yicheng raised his head, he saw Lu Jingwen’s appearance, Lu Jingwen pendulum With an attitude toward their rivals, both sides really began to breathe for Lu Li.

When Gu Xiaoqi was broadcasting his little skirt live, he noticed that the pet cat MOMO made strange noises, and the barrage suggested that he might be pregnant. Gu Xiaoqi, who had never dealt with such incidents before, was very nervous. Gu Mo called quickly. , Speaking of personally picking up Gu Xiaoqi and Xiaoxiao to the hospital. The delivery was very successful. Gu Xiaoqi looked at the litter of milk cats and finally heaved a sigh of relief. Gu Mo, with strong eyesight, struck the iron while it was hot and asked Gu Xiaoqi for forgiveness. Only then did the two formally reconcile. Looking at the little milk cats behind the glass window, Gu Xiaoqi also unknowingly put his hand on Gu Mo.

In order to compete for Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng and Lu Jingwen started a naive competition. Even hot pot can be used as a competition link. As soon as the soup base boiled, Lu Li returned with a Coke and found that the two were already too spicy. Even if a person drinking water loses, Jiang Yicheng made a fake move and deceived Lu Jingwen. He was willing to bet to lose. Jiang Yicheng asked Lu Jingwen to let Lu Li be his assistant. This time there is nothing wrong with Lu Jingwen. Send Lu Li to connect with Jiang Yicheng’s company project.

Although Lu Li was dispatched to meet him, Lu Jingwen was always on guard against the kindness Jiang Yicheng dedicated to Lu Li. On the other side, Jiang Zitong began to doubt the purpose of Jiang Yicheng’s business trip. What else could he do for such a long business trip? Jiang Zitong was about to call Chen Yiming, and the two went to explore the true purpose of Jiang Yicheng’s business trip.

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