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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 30 End Recap

In March of that year, Xi’an had rained uncharacteristically for several days. Zhou Shengchen took He Shan out for dinner. Suddenly received a call from nurse Xiaocheng, and learned that Shiyi had done it manually. Zhou Shengchen hurried back in the rain. Home, when I saw Shi Yi was still unconscious, Yi Yi did not make any progress during the doctor’s examination, Xiaocheng admitted that he was wrong, Zhou Shengchen’s hopeful heart was completely cold.

Zhou Shengchen just wanted to go to work early in the morning. Xiaocheng told him the great news. Shi Yi finally woke up. Zhou Shengchen hurried into the bedroom. Seeing Shi Yi really opened his eyes, Zhou Shengchen tears in his eyes with excitement. Explaining that this was their home in Xi’an, Zhou Shengchen could not take Shiyi to ride a horse to see the beautiful scenery like Xiao Nanchen, he promised to take Shiyi to every place here.

Although Shiyi was sober and still very weak, she had a long dream in which Zhou Shengchen was her master. She stuck to Zhou Shengchen every day, reading poems and paintings with Zhou Shengchen. Later, the prince wanted to marry Shiyi. Shi Yi did not agree, and the prince actually wanted to remove Zhou Shengchen’s beauty bones, and Zhou Shengchen left her. Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi’s hand tightly, vowing not to be separated from her forever, and Shiyi was moved to tears.

Zhou Shengchen made noodles by himself, but when he wanted to eat spicy food, he asked Zhou Shengchen to put a small spoonful of chili sauce. Zhou Shengchen refused to agree, and deliberately sat aside to eat. She was hungry. Feed her on her birthday, so it’s time to feast on her.

There was a heavy snowfall in the sky, and it was time to go outside to watch the snow. Xiaocheng worried that she would catch a cold and advised her not to stand for too long. Zhou Shengchen brought Shiyi to the ancient city wall, and Shiyi immediately thought of a poem. Zhou Shengchen said it without thinking. The security recognized Zhou Shengchen and asked them to enjoy the snow scene. Zhou Shengchen hugged Shiyi tightly and vowed to love her forever and Shiyi to be with him. Embracing affectionately, also showed him love.

Shiyi’s students won the Huaxing Award, and Shiyi was invited back to Shanghai to attend the awards ceremony. Zhou Shengchen promised to wait for her in the underground garage. Meilin hurriedly came to Shiyi, and revealed that Shiyi was married and gave birth to a child, and Shiyi laughed. Meilin and Shiyi came to the guest table, and the award-winning students came to the stage to receive the award, publicly thanking Shiyi for his help and encouragement. Several big bosses accompanied Zhou Shengchen to watch the awards ceremony, and they were also arranged in the best position. Shi Yi was very surprised and quietly sent a message to question Zhou Shengchen.

Zhou Shengchen returned the message to take Shiyi home, so that Shiyi waited for him to go to the garage to get things. The boss struggled to keep Zhou Shengchen, and Zhou Shengchen invited him to the wedding on May 11. Zhou Shengchen went to the garage to get a pair of flat shoes, and personally replaced Shiyi. Meilin blocked several bosses’ invitations for Shiyi and urged Shiyi to leave as soon as possible. Shi Yi casually talked about online rumors, Zhou Shengchen made it clear that he did not want children for the time being, Shi Yi was very dissatisfied.

Shi Yi went home and drank milk and clamored to eat oily noodles. Zhou Shengchen just wanted to make it for her, but Shi Yi suddenly didn’t want to eat it, so she wanted to trick Zhou Shengchen out of the study, forcing him to make clear the reason for not wanting a child. Zhou Shengchen Worried about danger when Shiyi had children, but Shiyi liked children very much, and Zhou Shengchen had to make concessions.

Zhou Shengchen went to the Internet to search for pregnant women’s diet and health care, as well as the structure and principles of baby bottles before dawn. Shi Yi came to send Hong Xiaoyu wedding invitations. Hong Xiaoyu Zhou Shengchen wrote hundreds of invitations and praised him. The wedding of Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen is just around the corner. The Zhou family’s old house is decorated with lights and festoons. Shi Yi brings Meilin and Hong Xiaoyu to the Zhou family’s old house to attend the wedding.

Zhou Shengchen hurried back. He invited Shiyi and his friends to dinner. After the meal, Xiaoman’s two brothers sent a lot of dresses and asked Shiyi to select six wedding dresses. Zhou Shengchen sat aside and waited for her. Shi Yi chose one of them and put it on. She walked out like a fairy, Zhou Shengchen’s eyes lit up, and she was deeply attracted by her fresh and beautiful appearance. Then Shi Yi tried on another grand and elegant cheongsam. On her birthday, she repeatedly praised her for her beauty, and Shiyi chose different styles of dresses. Zhou Shengchen liked it very much.

On the eve of the wedding, Zhou Shengchen wanted to go to see Shiyi. Sui Sui stood by the door and refused to let in. Zhou Shengchen had to ask Mei Xing to help cover him. Mei Xing branched out Sui Sui to make tea. Zhou Shengchen wanted to take the opportunity to go in and was driven out by Sui Sui. , They are not allowed to meet on the eve of the wedding. Zhou Shengchen wanted to remind when he should remember to drink milk, Hong Xiaoyu opened the window, somehow he sent Zhou Shengchen away.

Meilin and Hong Xiaoyu spent the last single night with Shiyi. Shiyi was used to Zhou Shengchen sleeping next to her, and she never had nightmares anymore. Meilin asked her to choose between her child and Zhou Shengchen. Shi Yi decided to choose At the end of Zhou’s birthday, Mei Lin couldn’t help but laugh at the right time to let the child sleep in the crib. Mei Xing wanted to accompany Zhou Shengchen for a drink, and Zhou Shengchen would have to wait until the wedding tomorrow.

In the middle of the night, Shi Yi saw that Meilin and Hong Xiaoyu beside her were already asleep. She quietly got up and sent a message about meeting Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen sneaked out of the room while Mei Xing was asleep. Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen met by the lake. Shi Yi couldn’t decide which suit to wear. She was worried that Zhou Shengchen would not be able to cope tomorrow. She felt so tired. Zhou Shengchen advised her. Relax, pick her up and leave.

Shi Yi discovered that there were words on the lanterns in the corridor, and they were connected to the whole poem “Shanglin Fu”. This was just one of the things Zhou Shengchen carefully arranged, and Shi Yi was very moved. Zhou Shengchen asked Shi Yi to close his eyes. He came to the library with Shi Yi on his back. Shi Yi opened his eyes and saw the wall, only to realize that Zhou Shengchen came back from Xi’an to help her finish the poem “Shanglin Fu”, Shi Yi praised. Zhou Shengchen knows romance very well, and the two cuddled together, admiring the masterpiece they had completed together.

Early the next morning, Old Chen gave Uncle Lin a red vest that was exactly the same, which made him feel the joy of the wedding. Shi Yi slept on the table in the library until dawn. Zhou Shengchen brought her breakfast, and Shi Yi couldn’t help but praise him for being handsome. Zhou Shengchen should come back to change dresses when he accompanied him, Sui Sui jumped up and down anxiously.

The wedding officially began. Friends and family gathered together. Everyone pushed their cups and changed their cups. The conversation was full of enthusiasm. Uncle Lin stood up and said a few congratulatory words, letting everyone eat and drink well. Hong Xiaoyu made an idea to let the young man finish drinking and go to the bridal chamber. Sui Sui and Lin Fei stood guard at the door. Mei Xing saw this scene from a distance, and he left silently.

On the wedding night, Zhou Shengchen picked up the pole to stir up the fashionable red hijab and stroked the fashionable hair according to the custom. Finally, Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen drank a cup of wine. The two expressed their love for each other. Zhou Shengchen couldn’t help but want to kiss. Shi Yi, Shi Yi suddenly stopped him, and told him about his three-month pregnancy. Zhou Shengchen happily closed his mouth from ear to ear.

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