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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 29 Recap

Zhou Shengchen came to the hospital to see Shiyi. Aunt Shiyi stopped him and repeatedly stated Shiyi’s parents’ attitude and forced him to drive him away. Zhou Shengchen wanted to accompany Shiyi in the corridor, but her aunt resolutely refused. Give up.

Shi’s mother advised Zhou Shengchen to leave as soon as possible, so as not to affect Shiyi’s reputation. Zhou Shengchen insisted on staying with Shiyi in the hospital and explained that they had obtained a marriage certificate. Shi’s mother asked him to find a lawyer to prepare for a divorce. Zhou Shengchen was determined not to divorce Shiyi. Shi’s mother advised him to give up as soon as possible.

The director of surgery saw that Zhou Shengchen had a serious arm injury, and was worried that it would be dangerous for him to sit for a long time, so he asked the nurse on duty to keep an eye on him. Zhou Shengchen stayed all night, bought breakfast for Shi Yi’s parents early in the morning, and then struggled to go to work in the institute. He Shan and Du Yu greeted him with coldness. Zhou Shengchen explained that he cannot work overtime from now on, and it is appropriate to go to the hospital every day after get off work.

In the next week, Zhou Shengchen came to the hospital after work. He slept on a chair in the corridor at night. He hurried back to the institute to go to work early in the morning. Shi Yi remained unconscious. Hong Xiaoyu advised Shiyi’s parents not to blame Zhou Shengchen, and the mess in Zhou’s family has nothing to do with him.

Hong Xiaoyu advised Zhou Shengchen to heal his injuries and understand Shiyi’s parents’ feelings. Zhou Shengchen insisted on waiting for the day when it was time to wake up. Shi’s father discussed with his wife and wanted to have a good talk with Zhou Shengchen to see what his plans were. He couldn’t always be so stiff. Shi’s mother reluctantly agreed.

Shi’s father called Zhou Shengchen into the ward. When Zhou Shengchen saw Shiyi who was still in a coma, tears burst into his eyes and promised to stay by Shiyi’s side. Shi’s father wanted Zhou Shengchen and Shiyi to divorce. Zhou Shengchen decided not to do it and vowed to live this life. He would never be separated from Shiyi. Shi’s father was worried that Shiyi would never wake up again. Zhou Shengchen was willing to take care of Shiyi for the rest of his life. He wanted to find a hospital near Shiyi so that he could take care of him at any time. Zhou Shengchen also wanted to take Shiyi home. He believed that Shiyi could wake up, and at the same time, he was prepared that she would never wake up.

Shi Mu was moved by Zhou Shengchen’s remarks, but still did not agree with his decision. Zhou Shengchen vowed never to leave Shiyi. I believe Shiyi would like to see him the most when he woke up. Shimu saw that he was firm and reluctantly agreed to take turns. When it was time to accompany him, his father asked Zhou Shengchen to go back and sleep well, and then he came to the hospital to stay at the time, before Zhou Shengchen was willing to leave.

Zhou Shengchen rushed to the hospital as soon as he got off work. Shi’s father couldn’t afford to be ill due to days of fatigue. Shi’s mother had to take care of him and let Zhou Shengchen stay with Shiyi. Zhou Shengchen took Shi Yi’s hand tightly and told him all the details of his experience this week. The elders came to Qin Wanxing to inquire about the guilt and blamed Qin Wan for covering Zhou Wenchuan, which caused the brothers to mutilate. Qin Wan was willing to bear all the guilt, and wanted to wait for Shiyi to wake up, and then give her this home, and Qin Wan left Zhou. Family.

Father Mei and Mei Xing arrived afterwards, and the elders left separately. Mei Xing handled the family affairs on behalf of Zhou Shengchen. He came up with an agreement drawn up by Zhou Shengchen in Germany and gave Zhou Shengren full authority ten years later. Qin Wan has decided to leave Zhou’s house and she will not participate in this matter. Mei Xing and Zhou Shengxing were asked to discuss. Mei Xing hurriedly stopped her and conveyed Zhou Shengchen’s meaning. Zhou Shengchen asked Qin Wan to stay in Zhou’s house and preside over the overall situation at ease.

Today is Zhou Shengchen’s birthday. Zhou Shengchen specially changed Shiyi into the cloud clothes embroidered by Wang’s mother-in-law. He has already found a house in Xi’an, and with the consent of Shiyi’s parents, Zhou Shengchen wants to take Shiyi to Xi’an. Soon, Zhou Shengchen came to Xi’an’s home with Shiyi in a coma. When he was packing his luggage, he accidentally saw Shiyi’s notebook, which recorded the legend of beauty bones and the life of King Xiao Nanchen, as well as her and Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen finished reading all the experiences of acquaintance and love, and he was deeply moved.

Zhou Shengchen came to the ancient city wall unknowingly and sat there thinking about the poignant love story of Xiao Nanchen and the prince. The security guard thought he wanted to commit suicide, so he hurried over to ask. Zhou Shengchen didn’t want to commit suicide, but just came here to relax, the security guard. Only then feel relieved to leave. Zhou Shengchen immediately decided to go back to Zhenjiang to do something, and he immediately called Uncle Lin.

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