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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 27 Recap

Xiaoman came to the ancestral hall to find Zhou Wenchuan, Zhou Wenchuan took her to eat pot noodles, Xiaoman excuses not to be hungry, Zhou Wenchuan asked her to prepare a passport, taking advantage of the Mid-Autumn Festival and grandmother’s birthday when the family is crowded to go abroad. Xiaoman made moon cakes for Zhou Wenchuan to taste, and Zhou Wenchuan saw that she had something to say.

Xiaoman admits that she and Zhou Wenchuan have always been in a very good relationship, but they still have their own family and friends. They can’t be too selfish. Xiaoman reluctantly broke up with Zhou Wenchuan. Zhou Wenchuan resolutely refused to agree, but Xiaoman has already left. Zhou Wenchuan was furious with anger. Grandma followed Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen to the Zhou family’s old house. Shiyi accompanied her grandmother to enjoy the moon. Grandma asked her to accompany the child to bed, and asked her child’s name casually. Thanks to Zhou Shengchen’s timely relief, she named the child Zhou Mushi.

That night, there was a sudden thunder and rain in the sky. Shiyi hurriedly called his mother, worried that the crabs would be raining outside the window, but it didn’t rain at all in Shanghai. His father was fanning Zhou Shengchen’s crabs so that Shiyi was relieved. . Zhou Shengchen wanted to have a baby with Shiyi, and Shiyi also had this intention. The two spent the night together in a lingering and troubled manner.

Zhou Wenchuan betrayed his relatives and left. He couldn’t sleep at night. He sat alone on the steps of the ancestral hall and felt sad. Sishugong persuaded him to go back and rest. Zhou Wenchuan still didn’t want to sleep. Qin Wan took out all the keys to the Zhou family’s ancestral home and asked Zhou Shengchen to pass it on to the time. He only asked Zhou Shengchen to treat Zhou Wenchuan well. Zhou Shengchen wanted to have a good talk with Qin Wan.

Shi Yi puts his grandma to sleep, and Zhou Shengchen is back, and Shi Yi asks him for a wall of the library as a wedding gift. Sui Sui came to deliver fruit to Shi Yi, and Zhou Shengchen asked her to inform Lin Fei to prepare pen and ink to the library. Shi Yi wrote “Shanglin Fu” stroke by stroke on that wall, and Zhou Shengchen read a book to accompany her.

Shi Yi wrote that her hands were sore and sweaty. Zhou Shengchen thought she had forgotten the word, so he reminded her of the next sentence. Shi Yi just wanted to sit down and rest. Many relatives came to Zhou’s house to attend the birthday banquet. Qin Wan asked Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi to go out to deal with it. Zhou Shengchen came to report to her. The police asked Mei Xing to understand Zhou Wenchuan’s illegal fundraising and smuggling. Zhou Shengchen asked Qin Wan to persuade Zhou Wen. Chuan went to surrender, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous, and Qin Wan promised to think about it.

Mei Xing’s father came to Zhou Shengxing. When Zhou Shengxing learned what Zhou Wenchuan had done, he gritted his teeth with anger, and the two of them waited for Qin Wan’s decision together. Qin Wan sat in front of the bed thinking hard all night, assistant Xiao Song came to give Qin Wan breakfast, she couldn’t eat, so Xiao Song accompanied Zhou Shengxing to the ancestral hall to pick Zhou Wenchuan back.

Zhou Wenchuan wanted to escape on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. He quietly sent someone to find Xiaoman, but was turned away. When he learned that vehicles with foreign license plates were not allowed to enter the town, he knew that he could not escape with his wings, so he had to give up his escape plan. Xiao Song was ordered to invite Zhou Wenchuan back to his old house to attend the birthday banquet. Zhou Wenchuan went out to see Zhou Shengxing. Zhou Shengxing wanted to stay in the ancestral hall to make atonement for him.

Zhou Wenchuan returned to the old house and met Xiaoman’s two older brothers at the door to accompany his grandmother to the birthday banquet. He inquired about Xiaoman’s situation with his grandmother, but his grandmother ignored him. Zhou Wenchuan came to see Qin Wan. Qin Wan asked him to kneel down and confess his guilt. Zhou Wenchuan confessed all the crimes. He explained the illegal fundraising and the murder of Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen in Germany. Zhou Wenchuan guessed that Qin Wan didn’t invite him back to the birthday banquet at all, but wanted him to go to jail. Qin Wan persuaded him to surrender. Mei Xing was willing to be his attorney, Zhou Wenchuan promised.

Shiyi accidentally saw Zhou Shengchen putting the invitation card on the bedside table. She opened it curiously. Zhou Shengchen wrote Li Bai’s poems such as “Floating life is like a dream, for joy and happiness”. Shiyi was very moved and decided to go to Xi’an to open a studio. She and Zhou Shengchen do not have to suffer from the separation of the two places. Shi Yi showed his love to Zhou Shengchen and said a lot of sweet words. Zhou Shengchen’s heart was warm.

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