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Why are there no talents in the late Three Kingdoms period?

Friends who like the Three Kingdoms know that the early and late periods of the Three Kingdoms seem to be completely different eras. In the early period of the Three Kingdoms, there were so many heroes and heroes, countless names such as Lei Jing, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang and other peerless figures, Guan Yu, Zhou Yu, Xun Yu, Sun Ce and other temporary talents, created a vigorous history of the Three Kingdoms.

However, in the late period, after Qiufeng Wuzhangyuan, there seemed to be no talents suddenly, and the three families returned to the promotion in a hurry. Although there are talents such as Jiang Wei, Du Yu, Lu Kang, Yang Hu, Zhonghui, etc., they are always inferior to the previous period. Could it be that the talents withered in the later period of the Three Kingdoms, and one generation is not as good as one generation?

In fact, this is the inevitable result of the development of an era. Survive in troubled times, and stability in governance. The world is in chaos, and the heroes rise together. Survival is the top priority of any political power. The three families of Cao, Sun, and Liu have a large number of flawed geniuses, such as Guo Jia who is innocent, Fazheng who is good at killing, Pan Zhang who is greedy for money, and so on. It’s just that Lao Cao pulled his throat to pick out the unspoken rules.

Under this major premise, the clear rules and precepts piggybacking class have been beaten up, and many characters with defects in personality or family background have been able to get ahead.

Take Prime Minister Cao Cao as an example, his official career in the era of peace under the world. Even if the family background is deep, it is a typical second-generation official, but because of the sharp personality, it is always difficult to mix in officialdom. In the 20th year of the old Cao, he regarded Xiaolian as his man. Except for the northern lieutenant of Luoyang, the starting point was extremely high. However, he immediately caused a five-color stick incident and killed the popular eunuch Jian Shuo’s uncle. Because of his prominent family background, he would not be held accountable, but he was still caught. Kicked out of the capital, and acted as a downhill order. Relying on the military merits of the yellow turban, he was promoted to the prime minister of Jinan, and forbidden to commit sexual sacrifices. He offended the local forces.

Imagine that without the chaos of Dong Zhuo, with Cao Cao’s character, it would not be impossible to stay at home. It is simply an extravagant hope to be able to end in the name of Caohou, the former general of the Han Dynasty. Prime Minister? That is impossible! To catch up with Fan Ye, he is in a good mood and can live in a dormitory in the book of the Hou Han.

Look at Zhuge Liang, the world of Chengping counted on the monarch to visit the thatched cottage? Don’t be kidding, it’s pretty good to be able to send you three offers to a new person. Do you look down on the Zhao family? Do you think you don’t use the surname Zhao? It is estimated that Kong Ming could only hug his knees and scream, lonely and admired himself, and ended up as a hermit.

Even worse was Guan Yu, with the case on his back, and the history said he was desperately running to Zhuo County. If you meet the rule of the world, if you don’t open the door, you still want to take control of a party, Megatron China? It’s totally impossible.

As for the poor family Zhou Tai, the trilogy Wei Yan, and the famous Wu Xia Amen, if they were born thirty years later, they would all be totally useless. The talented but untravelled people like Guo Jia have long been sprayed into dregs by the serious and distinguished Chen Qunzhi and his like for political correctness.

In the later period of the Three Kingdoms, although there were still wars between the countries, the intensity was no longer the same as that in the earlier period. The countries within the countries tended to be stable, and the way of class ascending had also tended to be closed. Take a look at the characters with heads and faces in the later period. How many of them are not from the big gentry? At the end of the Han Dynasty, people like those who were born from a bad background, or were born with a decent background but had a unique personality, and were likely to cause trouble to the officialdom. If they were born in the late Three Kingdoms period, how many chances would they be able to get ahead?

The system is like a person. If there is a serious illness, the tiger and wolf medicine must be tolerated, but it is a headache and brain fever.

Ginseng? To get angry. Cordyceps? It’s too expensive, why don’t you eat that stuff?

During the Chengping period, he was born first, obeyed second, and talented third. However, for all talents, how many have no horns on their heads and no hair on their faces? Piggybacking may also have poor reincarnation skills, so even with the talents of Wolong and Phoenix, everyone can only be confused.

Of course, fierce competition in troubled times can also sharpen talents, but if you are governing the world, do not have a family background, or are independent, you do not even have the qualifications to sharpen, let alone other?

Therefore, in the troubled times, the top talents will go out one after another. When they are relatively ruling the world, they suddenly appear ordinary. This is not a genetic mutation of people in troubled times, and the opportunities are different.

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