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The true face of Li Qingzhao in history

Li Qingzhao (1084 ~ 1155), named Yi’an lay scholar, was an outstanding female writer in the Southern Song Dynasty. She was famous for her poetry and poetic work, and enjoyed a high reputation in the history of Chinese literature. Such a sentimental, outstanding literary talent, and a comfortable life from a young age, a woman raised by scholarly parents, so that our future generations often have a preconceived way of thinking when talking about her-connecting her with a woman like Lin Daiyu stand up.

Therefore, Li Qingzhao has always been regarded as a beauty writer by the world, and few people think that she is an ugly poet. In fact, whether Li Qingzhao is a beautiful woman or an ugly woman, there is no record in historical data. The world has idealized and beautified her appearance based on imagination and guesswork.

Li Qingzhao’s weak and slender image is purely the influence of her name and the miserable poetry in the later period. First of all, let’s talk about the name. Every reader who reads the word “Qingzhao” will involuntarily think of the feeling of the deserted moonlight on the earth. “Name Qingzhao” makes people feel deserted and weak. As for Li Qingzhao’s “thin” mainly from her verses, such as: “Do you know? Do you know? It should be green, fat, red and thin”, “Long flowers and thin, thin perspiration and light clothes through”, “I can’t help but lose my soul, curtain scroll West wind, people are thinner than yellow flowers”, etc.

Here is her word because the word “slim” is used properly, which vividly combines people’s mood with the decline of the scenery, rather than saying that her body is “thin”. It is a pity that for thousands of years, writers and painters have conflated the word “slim” with the “slim” of the human form, thus giving people a thin image of Li Qingzhao. Some people infer from Li Qingzhao’s poetry, life experience and personality that the real Li Qingzhao is not only not thin, but a burly tall woman with a broad forehead, outgoing personality, and even a bit rude. Moreover, having said that, even if it is weak and delicate, it does not necessarily mean that it is beautiful.

Li Qingzhao’s words can also be used to analyze her personality characteristics. In the early stage of the girl and the first marriage, the works such as “Like a Dream”: “I often remember the sunset at the river pavilion, intoxicated without knowing the way back, returning to the boat late in the evening, and strayed into the depths of the lotus root flowers. Tan Gull Heron.” This phrase vividly outlines the appearance of Qingzhao after being drunk. This is not ordinary drunkenness but drunkenness, so drunk that there is no way to go home. Imagine a girl who was often drunk when she was a girl. Could she be that shy person?

What is even more frightening is that the boat she was on “strayed into the depths of the lotus root flowers.” From such vivid texts, it can be seen that in the Song Dynasty 1000 years ago, when the feudal ethics was quite strict, Li Qingzhao’s aggressive, bold and bold women were still rare; and from the “struggling for crossing, fighting for crossing”. Jin seems that Li Qingzhao’s strength should not be small, and her figure should be quite tall.

Li Qingzhao has been addicted to alcohol all his life, as it did when she was a girl, when she married Zhao Mingcheng when she was in a good life, and when the evening scene was falling apart, she never changed her mind. Take a look at Qingzhao’s words, as long as you mention wine, you can write about drunkenness everywhere. Here are only a few well-known songs to appreciate and analyze the people who have clear photos: Let me talk about the first song “Like a Dream”: Last night it rained and dredged the wind, and a deep sleep can’t help the rest of the wine. I tried the questionnaire, but Dao Haitang remained the same. Do you know? Do you know? It should be green, fat, red and thin.

It should be said that Li Qingzhao is living very well at this time, either in her boudoir or just married soon. “Deep sleep can’t help the rest of the wine” shows that the rice wine in the past can make people very drunk. It also shows that Li Qingzhao drank a lot. A woman can drink until she slept all night without waking up, but it’s really a booze! It seems that Li Qingzhao is not an “ignorant girl” as some people call it, but is really a hero and a strong physique.

The poem “Bodhisattva Man” is written to pour sorrow through wine, “forget that unless you are drunk. When you lie down in the water, it burns and the fragrance diminishes the wine.” At this time, it was after the Jinbing invasion and the Song Dynasty’s southern journey. In order to relieve the pain of missing his hometown and missing relatives, Li Qingzhao used wine to numb himself. This scene of drinking wine in the breeze and lifting a cup of sorrow makes people see the figure of a “chivalrous woman”, and Li Qingzhao’s “life is a hero, death is also a ghost. So far, thinking about Xiang Yu, he refuses to live in Jiangdong.” Japanese quatrains are considered by historians and writers to have a chivalrous style.

Therefore, from Li Qingzhao’s works, there is no evidence to prove that she is beautiful. On the contrary, it proves that she is strong and chivalrous, which is very different from the standard of beauty.

From the perspective of Li Qingzhao’s marriage, someone asked why Zhao Mingcheng has such a good relationship with her since Li Qingzhao is not beautiful? In fact, Zhao Mingcheng does not value Li Qingzhao’s beauty, but rather her talent. Zhao Mingcheng and Li Qingzhao love each other and live in harmony throughout their lives. They are mainly like-minded. At that time, Zhao Mingcheng often went out to inspect the famous gold and stone products. Li Qingzhao felt very lonely and wrote a poem called “Drunken Flower Yin·Double Ninth”. Li Qingzhao used the rusty autumn breeze and the film yellow flowers to fully express the yearning for her husband.

After Zhao Mingcheng received this poem, he was first moved by his affection and then by the artistic power of the poem. He vowed to write a poem that surpassed his wife. He thanked the guests behind closed doors and wrote fifty poems in three days. He mixed this poem by Li Qingzhao and asked friends to comment on it. However, friends said that these fifty poems had only three sentences as the best: People are thinner than Huanghua.” Zhao Zitan is not as good as this story. This story shows that their husband and wife’s love and interest are shared by them.

In addition, according to Li Qingzhao’s “Investment to the Hanlin Scholars Qi Chongliqi” and the Southern Song Dynasty’s “Synonyms of the Years Since Jianyan”, Li Qingzhao remarried Zhang Ruzhou after the death of her husband Zhao Mingcheng, and left in autumn and August. Zhang has long coveted her precious collection. When he found out that Li Qingzhao didn’t have much property in his family after the marriage, he was disappointed until he fists and fists. Zhang’s barbarism made Li Qingzhao intolerable. Later, it was discovered that Zhang also had crimes of private fraud, false reporting and defrauding official posts.

Li Qingzhao reported to Zhang Ruzhou and asked for a divorce. Therefore, it can be seen from her second failed marriage that Li Qingzhao has no advantage in appearance, and she is a pungent, bold and chivalrous woman in the backward feudal society. , Dare to challenge and fight against the world.

Therefore, some people think that later generations painted Li Qingzhao as a traditional image of slender waist, thin arms, bright eyes and white teeth, delicate, soft, miserable and tragic, which is inaccurate. Li Qingzhao should be a talented, tall and rough, strong and powerful woman. She is not a beauty with a small cherry mouth and a creamy skin. She should be a generation of chivalrous girls with a straight nose, wide forehead, and piercing eyes. In short, she looks mediocre, but very Atmosphere, very bold, this is the real Li Qingzhao in history.

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