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Appreciation of “One Cut Plum”

What is the creative background of Li Qingzhao’s poem “One Cut Plum, Red Lotus Root Fragrant Jade in Autumn”? Let’s take a look at the appreciation of the original text of Li Qingzhao’s representative work “One Cut Plum” and its translation!

Appreciation of the original text of Li Qingzhao’s poem “One Cut Plum, Red Lotus Root Fragrant Jade in Autumn”:

Red lotus root fragrant and residual jade in autumn. Loosen Luo Chang lightly and board the Lanzhou alone. Whoever sends the brocade book in the cloud, when the wild goose returns, the moon is full of the west building. The flowers flow by themselves. One kind of lovesickness, two sorrows. There is no way to get rid of this feeling, so I lower my brows, but my heart.

Translation of “One Cut Plum·Red Lotus Root Fragrant Jade in Autumn”:

The lotus is dead, the fragrance has disappeared, and the cold and slippery bamboo mat reveals a deep cool autumn. Gently took off the silk outer garment, and lay on the bed alone. Looking up at the distant sky, who will send the brocade book at the place where the Baiyun Shujuan is located? It was when the geese lined up in the word “people” and returned south. The moonlight is bright and immersed in people, spilling over this lonely pavilion to the west. Flowers, floating on their own feet, water, floating on their own feet. A kind of parting lovesickness affects the sorrow of two places. Ah, what can’t be ruled out is-this lovesickness, this sorrow, just disappeared from the frowning eyebrows, and faintly entangled in my heart.

Appreciation of Li Qingzhao’s representative work “One Cut Plum”: What are the characteristics of the work?

This is a poem to talk about lovesickness and don’t worry. This poem was titled “Don’t worry” in Huang Sheng’s “Hua’an Ci Selection”. It was written by Li Qingzhao to her husband, Zhao Mingcheng, who left home shortly after marriage. She told of the loneliness of living alone and eagerly missed her husband’s early days. The mood of returning. Yi Shizhen’s “Langhuan Ji” said: “Not long after Yi’an got married (marriage), Mingcheng would travel far away. Yi An couldn’t bear to say goodbye and looked for the “Yijianmei” poem from the Jinpa book to give it away.” The unique sensitivity of China-Israel women captures the fleeting real feelings, and expresses in plain language the abstract and unpredictable thoughts and feelings that are concrete, perceptible, understandable, and intriguing.

The first sentence of the poem “red lotus root fragrant and remaining jade in autumn” writes the autumn when the lotus is withered and the bamboo mat is soaked in coolness, which is ethereal. “Red lotus root”, namely pink lotus. “Jade 簟” is an exquisite bamboo mat. The meaning of this sentence is extremely rich. It not only points out the seasons of Xiao Shuqiuyi, but also exaggerates the atmosphere of the environment, which sets off the author’s loneliness and sorrow. On the surface, common things such as the remnants of lotus flowers and the coolness of bamboo mats are written, which in essence implies the artistic conception of youth passing away, beauty of beauty is easy to grow old, and “people go to the seats to be cold”.

Liang Shaoren’s “Essays on Two Kinds of Qiuyu Temple” praised this sentence, “Swallow plums and chew snow, but not eat the fireworks.” “Relieve Luo Chang lightly and go on the blue boat alone” is about his day boating on the water: the poet untied the Ling Luo skirt, changed into casual clothes, and went on a boat trip alone. “Lightly understand” and “Lonely”, vividly show her demeanor and behavior. “Light”, writing hand and foot movements are light and agile, expressing a young woman who is born afraid of disturbing others, is careful and somewhat shy.

Because it was “light”, no one knew, and even the maid didn’t let it follow. The word “du” is a response to the word “light” in the previous sentence, and points out the crux of the word “sorrow” in Xiayuan. “On the Lanzhou alone” is exactly what she wants to use white water rafting to alleviate her sorrows, not a leisurely pleasure. In the past, perhaps both were whitewater rafting, but now she is alone, and her husband, who is deeply in love and who is with her day and night, is waiting for a long time, so why not teach her to be full of sadness. “Who in the cloud will send a brocade book?” Thinking of her husband, she wanted to see through, it was really a “letter from family worth ten thousand gold.”

“When the wild goose is back, the moon is full of the West Tower” is an outward manifestation of her eagerness to think about her husband. The author draws on the legend of Hongyan Chuanshu, the picture is clear, the image is vivid, it renders a beautiful night scene with moonlight all over the building, but behind the joy, there are tears of lovesickness. “Moon Man West Tower” writes about a woman in a moonlit night, lean on a railing and looked over. The moon has slanted to the west, which shows that she has been standing on the front of the building for a long time, which shows that she has a deeper feeling for her husband and more worry.

Looking forward to the news, she raised her head and sighed, and she actually had a reverie of the goose foot returning to the book. No wonder she ignored Yelu’s soaking cold and stared blankly until the moon was over in the west building without realizing it. “Flowers flow by themselves”, saying that the falling flowers and flowing water in front of you can flow freely regardless of your mood. In fact, this sentence contains two meanings: “Flowers drift by themselves”, which means that her youth is empty and withered like a flower; “Water flows by itself” means that her husband has traveled far away, like a river flowing by itself.

As long as we play with it carefully, it is not difficult to find that Li Qingzhao is not only emotional for her beauty to get old, but also sad for her husband’s inability to share his youth with him and let it fade away in vain. This kind of complex and subtle feelings is exactly expressed in the two characters “self”. This is the reason why she lamented that “the flowers flow by themselves”, and it is also the concrete manifestation of their sincere love. Of course, everything it refers to in this world, such as parting, gives people a sense of helplessness. “One kind of lovesickness, two sorrows.”

From oneself to others, to miss each other, this is a lover’s telepathy, mutual affection and tenderness, she thought that her husband must also be troubled by parting. This unique concept embodies the frustration of Li Qingzhao and Zhao Mingcheng, who are in love with each other, but cannot meet each other. “There is no way to get rid of this feeling, I lower my brows, but my heart.” This lovesickness enveloped my heart, unable to dismiss, the frowning brows were only stretched, and the thoughts surged to my heart, and the sorrow in his heart was lingering. Go, don’t leave.

The two words “caixia” and “butshang” are used very well, turning the sincere feelings from the outside to the introversion. The rapid emotional changes broke the pretending calm mentality, and expressed the suffering of lovesickness in an extremely real image. The endless lovesickness and sadness, the loneliness and loneliness of staying alone are filled between the lines, touching deeply.

This is the same as Li Yu’s “Wuye Cry”, which “cuts constantly, the reason is still chaotic, it is sorrow, don’t have the ordinary taste in the heart”, it has the same wonder, it has become the eternal singularity. In short, “One Cut Plum” has a fresh style and delicate style, which gives the scenery emotions. The language of the scenery is the love language. The scenery reflects her mood and shows the characteristics of her image. The poet empathizes into the scene, borrows the scene to express his emotions, blends the scenes, and is intriguing.

What is the creative background of “One Cut Plum”?

The writing time of this poem is a question that must be distinguished first. According to the “Langhuan Ji” by Yi Shizhen in the Yuan Dynasty, the “Wai Zhuan” quoted: “It is not long before Yi’an is knotted, and Mingcheng will travel far away. Yi’an cannot bear farewell, looking for the words of the Jinpashu “Yijianmei” Give it as a gift.” Some word selections believe that this statement “is roughly in line with the content of the work.”

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