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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 35 Recap

The leader of the Songguo video meeting wanted to hear Cheng Yi’s opinions on the interview with the Koreans about Sheng Jingchu of the Go game, but Cheng Yi thought about Jiang Yuda. When the leader asked Cheng Yi, he was absent-minded and didn’t know what others were saying. The leader felt that Cheng Yi did. He had no choice but to let him go. Even Cheng Yi didn’t want to listen to Xu Chi’s words and went directly to Jiang Yuda.

After arriving at the scene, Cheng Yi looked at Jiang Yuda’s posture as if he wanted to confess, thinking that if he confessed it would be acceptable, but he didn’t do that. He said that he was going to participate in the professional competition, at least which professional stage he wanted. Jiang Yuda gave Cheng Yi a gift and asked her to go home and open it. Unexpectedly, it was an ornament with a recording function. Jiang Yuda told Cheng Yi that he had always liked Cheng Yi, which was very happy for Cheng Yi.

Sheng Jingchu videotaped Cheng and wanted to see her, but Cheng felt that Sheng Jingchu should go to prepare for the game, and she also wanted to do her own business, and they couldn’t meet recently. The TV was full of news that Yao Ke won the championship and Sheng Jingchu was out early. Cheng’s father was afraid that Cheng would be in a bad mood and asked Cheng Yi to comfort him. Unexpectedly, Cheng knew that it was a performance of Sheng Jingchu’s happy ending and an improvement in his realm. The moment asked Cheng Yi not to worry too much.

Cheng Yi sent a message to Jiang Yuda and cared about his preparations for the tournament. For Cheng Yi, Jiang Yuda is now in his heart. Although they have not confessed to each other, they already have a feeling of love.

Xiaolan is a little worried about his relationship with Bisian from Korea. Cao Xianluo is out of the mountain. He is Xie Lao’s rival and Zhao Yanxun’s master. He is afraid that Cao Xihe will meet them, but Cao Xihe thinks that as long as Xiaolan is there It doesn’t matter. Unexpectedly, the result of the match was really Cao Xi and Zhao Yanxun, which made both of them very surprised.

Zhao Yanxun dragged his luggage and went to Shengjingchu’s home to eat and drink. This time he was still living at Shengjingchu’s house, but Sheng Jingchu was proud that Zhao Yanxun could leave after eating and drinking. He didn’t expect that he didn’t want to leave after eating. He still hugged him. Sheng Jingchu cried and made trouble but didn’t leave. Sheng Jingchu had no choice but to leave him. Yao Ke also saw that he was going to play against Xie Chang’an, thinking in his heart that the good days of Shengjingchu were coming to an end, and he would be able to win Shengjingchu in this game.

Cheng went to find Sheng Jingchu and wanted to go to the competition with her, but Sheng Jingchu asked Cheng to stay home and wait for the good news from him. This time he was going to play against Cao Xianluo, the master of the game, so there should not be any distractions.

The game officially began. After Zhao Yanxun saw Cao Xihe, he laughed at him for always losing to himself. Xiaolan encouraged Cao Xihe to win Zhao Yanxun and told him to stop being arrogant in the future.

Xie Changan is going to play against Yao Ke. The name is Rumei to help keep the phone. He didn’t expect that he was using the Nokia 10 years ago. This name is Rumei and I feel very touched that Xie Changan has kept their tokens of the year.

All the players started the game, but the attention was focused on Cao Xi and Zhao Yanxun. They were both 9th dan players. In the end, Cao Xihe won Zhao Yanxun and finally moved back to his face this time.

In the end, Xie Changan and Yao Ke have not finished the game, but this time Xie Changan played a super long way to win against Yao Ke. Unexpectedly, the three dan players could win the ninth dan players because of the advent of love.

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