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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 25 Recap

Zhou Shengchen went out to the police station to find Du Feng early in the morning. He had not returned home late at night and did not bring his mobile phone. Shi Yi was very anxious, so he had to call Hong Xiaoyu and asked her to find Du Feng to find out about Zhou Shengchen’s whereabouts. But Hong Xiaoyu Du Feng had already been blacked out, and Shi Yi hurriedly called the laboratory.

Zhou Shengchen bought a lot of food. He didn’t want to go home. He sat alone in the chair downstairs and felt sad. He couldn’t help but think of the scenes of Zhou Wenxing saving him money to buy a house. He had mixed feelings. Shi Yi hurried out to find Zhou Shengchen, and when he saw him in a chair in a distance, he called him home.

Shiyi asks Zhou Shengchen to go back to the room to rest, and she will cook. Zhou Shengchen was lying on the bed, tears couldn’t help streaming down, he bit his hands fiercely, not letting himself cry, so as not to worry about time. Shi Yi heard clearly outside, she quietly pushed the door in, and saw Zhou Shengchen sobbing under the quilt, she closed the curtains, and then left silently.

It was getting darker, Shi Yi went into the house and called Zhou Shengchen to get up to eat. She lied that she had eaten. She sat next to watch Zhou Shengchen eat. Zhou Shengchen served her a bowl of soup and asked two people to eat together. Shi Yi asked casually. Since Zhou Shengchen was willing to sleep with her, Zhou Shengchen spoke for a while. Shiyi knows that he loves to grab quilts in sleep, so he shares a quilt with Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen has become accustomed to Shiyi sleeping next to him to give him a sense of security. Shiyi takes the quilt away and continues to build a quilt with Zhou Shengchen.

Shiyi brought Hong Xiaoyu to the pet market and chose a pair of Xiangshou crabs to give to Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen liked it very much. Hong Xiaoyu immediately decided to order a crab doll as a wedding gift for Shiyi. When Du Feng came, IKEA looked at Hong Xiaoyu, and Shi Yi left under the pretext of going to the supermarket to give them a chance to get along alone. Du Feng tried his best to please Hong Xiaoyu, repeatedly explaining that he had to hide his identity, but Hong Xiaoyu did not buy it. Du Feng begged Hong Xiaoyu to forgive him, and desperately to make her happy, Hong Xiaoyu broke into laughter.

Du Feng came into the house to see Zhou Shengchen, and casually asked him about raising funds in his hometown in Zhenjiang. Zhou Shengchen didn’t want to talk about work at home, so he asked Mei Xing to find out the situation. Du Feng had to give up. Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen helped the Xiangshou Crab prepare a nest together, and Shi Yi asked him to go home together during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Zhou Shengchen fully agreed.

Zhou Shengren accompanied Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen to see his grandmother. Grandma tried her best to match Shiyi with Zhou Shengchen, and Shiyi fully agreed. During the meal, grandmother urged Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen to get to know each other well. The two of them had to introduce themselves and then add WeChat to each other. Zhou Shengchen admitted that the first time she saw Shiyi at the airport, she thought she was special and grandma was very happy.

That night, Zhou Shengren suddenly broke in, pretending to sleep with Zhou Shengchen for fear of the dark, Shi Yi hurriedly escaped. Zhou Shengchen gave Zhou Shengren three chapters and he was not allowed to disturb the lives of their husband and wife. Zhou Shengren wanted to confide in Zhou Shengchen’s distress. Zhou Shengchen made him cry happily, and Zhou Shengren was so sad that he couldn’t make a sound.

Shi Yi suddenly heard something outside and hurried out to see what was going on. When she saw her grandma standing in front of the window looking at the moon, she went to accompany her. Grandma regarded her as Zhou Wenxing and stumbled to reveal that Zhou Wenxing was not Zhou Shengwen’s biological daughter. Shi Yi was deeply surprised and learned the truth from Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen knew about it a long time ago. He didn’t explain the truth to Shi Yi beforehand, just because she didn’t want her to misunderstand too much about the family.

Zhou Shengchen came to the institute early in the morning and learned that the students in the next laboratory had a conflict with the account manager. The two parties had a quarrel. He Shan and Du Yu went to help quarrel, and the account manager used their lithium raw material technology to put into production. But he refused to give the money and clamored to break the contract.

Zhou Shengchen came to the account manager for the theory. The manager spoke badly at him. Zhou Shengchen was very angry and asked He Shan to take the customer’s information to look at it. He wanted Mei Xing to help in the lawsuit. Mei Xing felt that the lawsuit was too laborious for the people and money. Zhou Shengchen came up with it. A way to get the best of both worlds is to allow this company to settle in the New Energy Industrial Park.

The account manager took the initiative to ask Zhou Shengchen to apologize and promised to pay for the next laboratory tomorrow. The manager invited Zhou Shengchen to dinner to express his gratitude and wanted him to help introduce Mr. Mei Xing, but Zhou Shengchen flatly refused. The manager inquired that Zhou Shengchen’s wife should be a celebrity, he went and returned, and once again apologized to Zhou Shengchen, Zhou Shengchen ignored him.

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