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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 24 Recap

Zhou Shengchen came out of the ward in despair. Zhou Wenxing was dying and dying. Zhou Shengchen asked Mei Xing and Shi Yi to go in and talk to Zhou Wenxing. Zhou Wenxing left a recording for Shi Yi. She wants to leave the last time of her life to Mei Xing, hoping to find him soon in her next life.

Zhou Wenxing claimed to have ran between Mei’s house and the hospital since she was a child. She has no affection for Zhou’s family. Only Zhou Shengchen and Zhou Wenchuan treat her best. Zhou Wenxing admits that she and Zhou Wenchuan know a secret, so she can’t tell Shiyi again, so as not to To bring her bad luck, Zhou Wenxing deliberately let Zhou Shengren stay with Shiyi, so no one would dare to hurt Shiyi. She also revealed that the danger Shiyi encountered in Bremen was not accidental, but man-made. Zhou Wenxing admitted to Shiyi’s mistakes. This time I deliberately let Shiyi fall into the water, just to let Zhou Shengchen take Shiyi to leave this home, and not to participate in the right and wrong of the family. After listening to Zhou Wenxing’s recording, Shiyi realized that he had burst into tears.

Zhou Wenxing exhausted his last breath and told Mei Xing to take good care of herself. Mei Xing looked at Zhou Wenxing who was so angry that he was so sad that he couldn’t make a sound. Zhou Wenxing comforted him instead of being sad. Mei Xing promised to stay by her side forever. Zhou Wenxing He died peacefully in Mei Xing’s arms. Mei Xing was heartbroken and desperate to live. When Yi saw this scene through the window, he couldn’t help crying.

When Zhou Wenchuan learned of Zhou Wenxing’s death, he hurried to the hospital. Zhou Shengchen punched and kicked him. Xiao Man and Qin Wan hurried to stop him. Zhou Shengchen was furious. Xiao Man accidentally miscarried and hemorrhage. Qin Wan was so scared that he called for help. Zhou Wenchuan Hurriedly picked up Xiaoman to find a doctor. Zhou Shengxing came afterwards and saw Zhou Wenxing’s body lying on the cold bed. He cried bitterly.

Du Feng came to Zhou Shengchen to go to the police station for investigation. Hong Xiaoyu just came to Shiyi. She realized that Du Feng was a policeman. She rushed to talk to Du Feng and asked him to conceal his identity. Shi Yi hurriedly pulled Hong Xiaoyu away. Sitting on the threshold of Zhou’s old house in despair, Mei Xing couldn’t help thinking of the bits and pieces he and Zhou Wenxing had experienced since childhood, as well as Zhou Wenxing’s dying entrustment. He had mixed feelings in his heart.

Mei Xing suddenly heard a familiar voice calling him, and turned around to find Zhou Wenxing appeared in front of him. Mei Xing stretched out his hand to catch her, but Zhou Wenxing was nowhere to be seen before Mei Xing realized that he had hallucinations. Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi home to attend Zhou Wenxing’s funeral. The whole clan came to mourn Zhou Wenxing, and Zhou Shengchen personally placed Zhou Wenxing’s spiritual seat in the Zhou family’s ancestral hall. Mei Xing stood at the back of the team and bowed deeply to the ancestral hall three times. Qin Wan cried so hard that Shi Yi secretly prayed for Zhou Wenxing, hoping that her spirit in heaven would bless Zhou’s birthday. Shi Yi went out to see Zhou Shengren squatting under a tree and weeping alone, and kindly persuade him.

Zhou Shengchen didn’t eat, drink or sleep for several days, because he was so sad that his throat became hoarse. Shiyi felt very distressed and tried his best to relieve him, but he just couldn’t let it go. Zhou Shengchen came to send the transcript, and Du Feng persuaded him to mourn. Zhou Wenchuan was fined to reflect in the ancestral hall. He sat at the door and felt sad. Zhou Shengxing sent someone to call him to the ancestral hall. Regardless of how many Qinghongsuanbai kicked him, Zhou Wenchuan said that he and Zhou Wenxing were both Zhou Shengxing’s children and shouted Zhou Shengxing cried out his father, begging Zhou Sheng to behave in his plea. He didn’t want to be trapped in the ancestral hall for a lifetime like his four uncles.

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