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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 1 Recap

“A Female Disciple Came from the Imperial College” tells the story of the daughter of the Da Sima family, Sang Qi, who entered the Imperial College and became the first female disciple due to a purse-making contract.

When all the best master doctors of the dynasty gathered in the Imperial College, after hearing the resignation of the predecessor Jijiu, a young and promising executive took the post of management temporarily, changing the superficial style of advocating Cifu, emphasizing the classics and the righteousness, and the current affairs. Sang Qi decided to go to the Imperial College to find out in person. Passing through the luxurious Bianjing city, Sang Qi, dressed in red attire, rode a horse to the Imperial College. A humorous experience awaited her.

Young, handsome and successful sons are naturally favored by many aristocratic elders, and as the first son of Dayan, Yan Yunzhi is naturally sought after by many women. On this day, with heavy rain, Yan Yunzhi’s carriage was deliberately disturbed and lost control. However, Yan Yunzhi has become accustomed to it. This is the third time this month. Although the groom knew that Miss Song was not easy to provoke, he still obeyed Yan Yunzhi’s order and tightened his horse to speed up.

Seeing the carriage galloping, the female companion on the side had already ran away, leaving Miss Song standing still at a loss. At the critical moment, Sang Qi flew down from the eaves like a heavenly soldier, and took Miss Song away from the danger zone, and then grabbed the rein in the groom’s hand to control the carriage. The chaotic situation was instantly controlled by Sang Qi, but she didn’t expect that Miss Song not only didn’t have the slightest gratitude, but also blamed Sang Qi for ruining her good deeds. When Sang Qi learned that the other party was Song Jiayin, the jewel in the palm of Song Taifu, he refused to accept it and retorted it word by word.

The handsome young man in the carriage didn’t want to mix up these trivial matters, but after hearing the woman outside claiming that he was Sang Qi, he couldn’t hold back, and walked out under the umbrella. Yan Yunzhi’s general Sang Qi looked up and down, his eyes full of surprises. Sang Qi saw that Yan Yunzhi was just looking at him silently, thinking that he could not speak, and shook his head regretfully and left, without noticing Yan Yunzhi’s fiery eyes behind him.

Guozijian is the highest institution of the Song Dynasty. It has always recruited only male disciples from the ages of fourteen to nineteen who were born in noble families. When he heard that Sang Qi was going to the Imperial College, his childhood sweetheart Zhuo Wenyuan felt incredible. Sang Qi is bound to win, because this is her brother’s last wish, and she must do it. As he was talking, Song Jiayin and Xiao Si’s noise came from outside the door, and Sang Qi went out to check if he couldn’t stand it.

Even though she learned that Sang Qi was the only daughter of Grand Sima Sang, Song Jiayin was still reluctant, and even spoke harshly to Sang Qi. Sang Qi was so angry and funny, and Zhuo Wenyuan cursed Song Jiayin in the dialect of his hometown. Song Jiayin was silly, thinking that the other party was complimenting herself, so she decided to make a bet with Sang Qi and asked Sang Qi to let Yan Yunzhi accept his purse. Sang Qi thought it was simple enough, so he readily responded. But afterwards, I heard Zhuo Wenyuan said that although Yan Yunzhi was the son of the prime minister’s house, he had only learned people, and his appearance was outstanding, but he often rejected beauties thousands of miles away. While chatting, Yan Yunzhi walked over, Sang Qi’s eyes were quick, and he stuffed his purse into Yan Yun’s arms. Unexpectedly, Yan Yunzhi decisively threw his purse to Xiao Er in the shop, and did not give Sang Qi a chance.

Gong Sang asked the official to let Sang Qi enter the Imperial College. The incident caused dissatisfaction among the doctors of the Imperial College, and asked Sangqi to try more, so that she could retire. When Sang Qi heard of this incident, he was also guilty, and hurriedly consulted Zhuo Wenyuan to discuss countermeasures. Zhuo Wenyuan conducted emergency training on Sang Qi, and Sang Qi was able to enter the Imperial College as expected.

On the day when school started, Yan Yan was very unhappy when he heard that a female disciple had arrived at the Imperial College. Other disciples also uttered arrogant words, believing that Sang Qi’s woman came to the Imperial College to choose her husband and son. Zhuo Wenyuan was very helpless, shook his head and left this place of right and wrong. In order to complete the gambling agreement with Song Jiayin, Sang Qi actually gave Yan Yunzhi a purse in front of everyone, trying to force Yan Yunzhi to accept it by apprenticeship. Unexpectedly, Yan Yunzhi tore up his purse in public and did not recognize this apprenticeship. After that, Sang Qi tried every means to get Yan Yunzhi to accept his purse, but all ended in failure.

Yan Yunzhi arranged for Sang Qi to take care of her in the yellow class. We must know that the entire Imperial College is divided into classes of “Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang”, this yellow class is naturally inferior. The arrival of a female disciple in the class was incredible enough, but what made the yellow class disciples even more unexpected was that Zhuo Wenyuan went to the yellow class privately from the day class. Yan Yunzhi called him to the front and asked why. After a few prevarications, Zhuo Wenyuan reminded Yan Yunzhi not to deliberately make things difficult for her. It was not easy for her to come to the Imperial College with a female stream. Yan Yunzhi couldn’t help but remember his past promise to Sang Qi’s brother Sang Yu, and promised to take good care of Sang Qi.

Sang Qi went to Yan Yunzhi again, but he didn’t expect to see him experimenting with Bai Ling as soon as he arrived at the door, and she was so scared that she rushed in. Yan Yunzhi was taken aback and fell heavily from a height. Sang Qi told Zhuo Wenyuan about the incident, but he didn’t expect the incident to spread throughout the Imperial College, and even aroused short-sighted rumors about Si Ye Yan Yunzhi. The rumors came back to Yan Yunzhi’s ears, making him almost furious.

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