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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 33 Recap

After Cheng Le and Sheng Jingchu went back, they stayed in Jiangtang to keep her warm. After calling Cheng, I felt very happy that their Sheng Jingchu went back again. Sheng Jingchu also planted many flowers for Cheng Le, which was Cheng Le’s favorite, and she took care of her meticulously even when Cheng was away. I also promised that I won’t have any secrets in He Cheng in the future, but after calling Cheng, he can’t ignore him, otherwise he won’t be able to take over in his heart, because he only has Cheng in his heart. ,

And Cheng Le also told Sheng Jingchu that she did the same. At this moment, Sheng Jingchu’s eyes were better, and the color could be seen in the area where Cheng was absent. This made both of them very happy. So the next day Sheng Jingchu went to tell the doctor in his heart that Sheng Jingchu did a comprehensive test and the results were so true. Make everyone very happy. Xiaolan knew Cheng and forgave Sheng Jingchu, so she called the brothers over and reprimanded them. She shouldn’t give Sheng Jingchu a mess, but her attention can save the journey, and Sheng Jingchu’s mental illness is also healed.

The master and Sheng Jingchu felt that his chess skills were very different. Sheng Jingchu told the master that he was already well. Xie Lao asked Sheng Jingchu to understand the principle of willingness, and there will be great progress in the future. Xie Lao left Sheng Jingchu’s homework. As it is finished, Sheng Jing can go back to the Kyushu Dojo at the beginning, and he will rely on him in the future.

The brothers were all celebrating Sheng Jingchu’s recovery from his illness, but Yao Ke felt uncomfortable. He didn’t expect that he would be lost and regained. Xie Lao received a call from the organizing committee that Xiaolan’s previous competition could not be upgraded to five stages. This is called Xiaolan’s grievance. Xie Changan felt that it was time to write to the organizing committee, so he went to negotiate with them. But Xiaolan was still very wronged.

She felt that she was tired of Cao Xihe. People retired for her. She also participated in the second round of the competition and won. Now she was told that she could not be upgraded, so she went to Xie Xie. Changan didn’t want to ask him to fight alone, but after going to the organizing committee, Xie Changan told her that she had done her best, which made Xiaolan sad, and a few people went to KTV to sing. It’s just that Xiaolan’s singing makes people unbearable and want to escape, but Xiaolan insists that they stay with her, which makes everyone feel as uncomfortable as going to the execution ground.

Yao Ke went home in a depressed mood and told his younger brother Yao Pu. Now he is self-defeating. Not only did he not rectify Sheng Jingchu, but he reconciled with Cheng and recovered. But they didn’t give up and tried to harm Sheng Jingchu. The purpose does not rest.

In order to relieve Xiaolan, the brothers bought a punch bag to vent her anger, and used the punch bag as a five-step Go to smash it. As long as the hurdle in their hearts passed, it was a victory. After Sheng Jingchu’s eyes recovered, he took the driver’s license and drove the Ferrari he won for a drive.

Yao Ke wants to participate in the team competition with his senior brothers. Although he is very reluctant, he has to go to Kyushu on the surface.

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