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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 24 Recap

Jiang Yicheng thought of Lu Li’s tears that day. Jiang Yicheng asked Lu Li to apologize to Li Man on the spot. Lu Li’s eyes were red and swollen. It was really distressing. Li Man didn’t expect that Jiang Yicheng took the initiative to ask him out this time, delusional that Jiang Yicheng wanted to forgive himself. Jiang Yicheng coldly placed the data disk in front of Li Man.

In front of all the evidence, Li Man turned to tell everything, including at the hotel that day. Li Man knew that Lu Li had come to investigate the names of the two people, the one who left it on purpose. Lip print. Under all the slander and blame, Jiang Yicheng gradually saw the person in front of him, the person who used all unbearable means to achieve his goal. Jiang Yicheng didn’t even think about saying any more, but left a cold sentence, Li Man had already changed.

The senior director of the company had long been displeased with Lu Li. Today, he deliberately provoke Lu Li, saying that he wanted Lu Li to find out the report file that was deleted by mistake. In fact, it was nothing but embarrassing for Lu Li. The surrounding colleagues gradually surrounded him. Several people who were close to Director Gao sneered at Lu Li. Lu Li was not dull.

Director Gao stepped on his own site with this foot. Lu Li asked other colleagues for the report source file. , It took 5 minutes to restore the report using VBA programming, but 2 people did half a month’s work. Those colleagues who had originally mocked Lu Li as coming in through the back door quickly did not dare to speak again, and Director Gao, who pretended to be arrogant, couldn’t say anything. He could only count as shooting himself in the foot by lifting a rock.

Lu Li and Gu Xiaoqi made a video call. Lu Li sent Gu Xiaoqi many special products. When Gu Xiaoqi was unpacking the courier, he found a human clay sculpture. It was sent by the owner of the cat’s son-in-law Tian Qi. Gu Xiaoqi It was so hit. Lu Li was a little worried that the simple Gu Xiaoqi would fall into online dating like this, and persuaded the two to meet each other as soon as possible and develop their relationship.

Jiang Yicheng stood outside the door for a long while carrying a full of specialty products. The next door sister Wang came to stop by. Jiang Yicheng had the opportunity to follow through the door. Jiang Yicheng presented the specialty products he had brought from Chongqing. When he heard of two in Chongqing The words, Lu’s father and Lu’s mother suddenly became vigilant. Jiang Yicheng noticed that the two of them looked wrong.

Yu Guang saw the Chongqing specialty in the corner and the familiar words on the cardboard box. Jiang Yicheng subconsciously asked whether Lu Li was also in Chongqing. Lu’s father and Lu’s mother jumped anxiously again, and retorted loudly. Jiang Yicheng naturally guessed the meaning in this tone, so he was happy in his heart, and quickly thanked the two elders, and pushed all the work on Chen Yiming to Chen Yiming, alone. Go to Chongqing.

When Chen Yiming received the call from Jiang Yicheng, there was a drunk Jiang Zitong beside him. Recently, the luck of the people around him was not going well, which made Jiang Zitong feel depressed and could only start to buy drunk. Chen Yiming dragged Jiang Zitong and wanted to send her home. Jiang Zitong was worried that he would be scolded by his parents when he returned home. When Jiang Zitong woke up, he found himself sleeping in Chen Yiming’s bed, the place he dreamed of.

Jiang Zitong deliberately wore Chen Yiming’s shirt and came to the kitchen pretending to be shy. Chen Yiming was making breakfast. Everything was so beautiful. Jiang Zitong hugged Chen Yiming’s waist and used his own beauty tricks. Chen Yiming smiled and reminded him. Only then did Jiang Zitong realize that he hadn’t taken off his makeup last night, and his face is now completely unrecognizable…

After Jiang Yicheng came to Chongqing, he advertised everywhere, hoping to find Lu Li. I heard that Jiang Yicheng came to Chongqing again and came to chase his wife. The heartthrob who was favored by countless beauties in college also has today. Lu Jingwen is going to host a banquet to entertain and laugh at him by the way. After Lu Jingwen hung up the phone, he turned to invite Lu Li, hoping that Lu Li could expand his social circle. Lu Li had already repeatedly rejected Lu Jingwen earlier, but this time he could only nod his head.

Lu Li came to the hotel and found the box. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Director Gao and Lu Jingwen. Lu Jingwen said that the banquet was to entertain Mr. Jiang from Yicheng Technology. As soon as he heard the familiar name, Lu Li subconsciously wanted to escape, but it was too late. Jiang Yicheng opened the door and saw Lu Li at a glance. Jiang Yicheng thought that time had stagnated at this moment, and all appearances appeared before him. Lu Li bowed his head and did not speak. Only when Lu Jingwen urged Lu Li to say hello. In front of everyone, Jiang Yicheng suppressed his emotions, but after sitting down, he couldn’t help but stare at Lu Li. Jiang Yicheng who came to toast was ignored. When Lu Jingwen toasted to Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng suddenly came out to drink for Lu Li. . Jiang Yicheng’s alcohol consumption is still the same.

When he is drunk, he will hold Lu Jingwen. Lu Li can only act as the driver. Jiang Yicheng, who is holding Lu Jingwen in the back seat, unconsciously shouts his wife not to leave, Lu Li listens and squeezes tightly. Turning the steering wheel, gritted his teeth in silence. After sending the two home, Lu Li thought that Jiang Yicheng would not feel uncomfortable after drinking for so long, so he soaked a glass of honey water, but in what name did he send such sweetness? Now that the relationship between the two is gone, Lu Li quietly held up the glass of honey water and drank it by himself.

The next day, Jiang Yicheng insisted on going to Lu Jingwen’s company for inspection. Because Lu Jingwen had something to go to the office, he threw Jiang Yicheng to Lu Li. Jiang Yicheng quickly left his official office and chased Lu Li to have a chat. Lu Li’s calm appearance made Jiang Yicheng very strange, but Jiang Yicheng still did not give up.

At this time, Lu Jingwen called Lu Li to repair the computer and let Gao The director went to entertain Jiang Yicheng. Jiang Yicheng asked Director Gao about the relationship between Lu Li and Lu Jingwen. He took the opportunity to talk badly about Lu Li. Jiang Yicheng frowned when he heard his brows and his wife’s heart rose, so he deliberately Ask Director Gao to buy ten Chongqing snacks for himself. Jiang Yicheng still wanted to find Lu Li, so he walked into Lu Jingwen’s office, and unexpectedly saw Lu Jingwen and Lu Li talking and laughing, Jiang Yicheng’s jealousy spread again…

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