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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 21 Recap

When Jiang Yicheng returned home, he only saw Chen Yiming sitting silently in the living room. Chen Yiming, who had always been gentle, was furious this time, accusing Jiang Yicheng of staying with Li Man and ignoring Lu Li. Chen Yiming already knew about the agreement to get married. Jiang Yicheng was very surprised. He didn’t expect Lu Li to tell Chen Yiming everything. He didn’t know if he was jealous or lost more. Chen Yiming advised Jiang Yicheng to pay more attention to Lu Li and stop vacillating. At this time, Jiang Yicheng was still a little wary of Chen Yiming, but some guilt for Lu Li was already in his heart. After Chen Yiming left, Jiang Yicheng came to the room lightly and sighed silently when he saw Lu Li sleeping soundly.

When he woke up early in the morning, Jiang Yicheng bought a lot of nutritional products, but this time Lu Li’s alienation seemed to be deeper, with a smile on his face but no sincerity, which made Jiang Yicheng feel a sense of distance. Rejecting Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li came to Gu Xiaoqi’s accommodation alone and held a wedding for the cats. After the wedding, Lu Li told the news that he was pregnant. Gu Xiaoqi was shocked, but better to give it to himself. Full support from girlfriends. After the scene in the hospital last night, Lu Li suddenly became clear, maybe there is no room for this relationship, and he shouldn’t be persistent. At this time, Lu Li had made a silent plan in his heart, and went to the gift shop with Gu Xiaoqi to buy a lot of gifts, and the next day they distributed them to everyone in the program group. When Jiang Yicheng came, Huang Xun had a few people.

Start showing off. Jiang Yicheng found that he had no gifts, but still insisted on his dignity. When he turned around and saw the gift box in Lu Li’s hand, he subconsciously reached for it. Unexpectedly, Lu Li silently took his hand back, only to mention that he was asking for leave. Jiang Yicheng had some doubts, but didn’t ask much, just agreed to Lu Li’s leave. Back at the office, Chen Yiming had already returned from the game design competition. Lu Li’s work really took the lead. Jiang Yicheng asked Chen Yiming not to talk too much, and he must tell Lu Li the good news himself.

When Jiang Yicheng returned home, he saw the gift box in Lu Li’s hand during the day. Tonight, Lu Li specially prepared Jiang Yicheng’s favorite fried shrimp. When the two were just married, Lu Li learned this dish specially. Forbearing his allergic reaction, he wanted to please Jiang Yicheng, and now looking back, Lu Li felt that these were invalid persistences. Jiang Yicheng didn’t understand Lu Li’s words and said to himself that he was the first place in the game design competition.

Lu Li calmly and surprisingly, just smiled and sighed that the hard work of his colleagues was not in vain. Jiang Yicheng frowned, but did not expect even more surprising news to be coming. When Lu Li calmly said that he was about to divorce, Jiang Yicheng was shocked and didn’t know how to react. It wasn’t until Lu Li walked out of the house with the gift box that Jiang Yicheng realized he wanted to chase him. He chased all the way downstairs, only to see the scene where Lu Li got in a black car and left. . Looking at the familiar license plate behind the car, Jiang Yicheng frowned again…

Lu Li specially asked Chen Yiming to give a gift to thank Chen Yiming for taking care of him for so long. From the beginning, Chen Yiming just wanted to take care of the fans. Later, he gradually discovered the advantages of Lu Li, so he showed more care. When talking about Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li stopped talking. At this time, Chen Yiming hadn’t realized Lu Li’s emotional abnormality. He just acted as a kind lobbyist, advising the two to talk well and repair the relationship.

When Lu Li returned home, Jiang Yicheng realized that the gift in Lu Li’s hand was gone, so he asked whether Lu Li divorced himself because of Chen Yiming. Lu Li thought that Jiang Yicheng was emotionally naive, but he didn’t expect Jiang Yicheng to be so slow and didn’t want to destroy the relationship between Jiang Yicheng and Chen Yiming. Lu Li denied Jiang Yicheng’s speculation and only explained it for his own reasons. Jiang Yicheng firmly opposed the divorce. But when Lu Li asked the reason, Jiang Yicheng hesitated and didn’t dare to reveal his love. He used the contract deadline to talk about his last chance and missed the last opportunity. Lu Li didn’t want to kill time for this relationship, so he coldly asked Jiang Yicheng to go with him tomorrow. Civil Affairs Bureau.

At first, Jiang Yicheng thought it was Lu Li’s anger, until the Administration Department called and said that Lu Li had completed the resignation procedures today, Jiang Yicheng rushed to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Everyone in the program group naturally sighed at the change in the relationship between the two. What happened to the two people? On the other side, Lu Li sits alone in the Civil Affairs Bureau waiting for Jiang Yicheng to appear.

The entanglement in his heart makes Lu Li keep looking towards the door. There used to be memories of the two married couple. Lu Li took out the wedding candy still in his pocket. Walking to the door silently, fate was so tricky, Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li once again passed by the Civil Affairs Bureau. Did not find the shadow of Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng completely lost contact with Lu Li, returned to the office and saw the divorce agreement and resignation letter on the table, Jiang Yicheng took out his mobile phone to get through to Lu’s mother, Lu’s voice sounded unknown Love, Jiang Yicheng decided not to say more.

In a private message to Gu Xiaoqi on Weibo, Gu Xiaoqi saw the news silently cursing Jiang Yicheng, and looked at Lu Li beside him heartily. At this time, Lu Li was extremely calm, and the future might be uncertain. Lu Li still insisted on giving birth to a child. Speaking of the future, Lu Li has already submitted his resume, ready to change to a new environment and live in Chongqing. Gu Xiaoqi was even more annoyed when he heard that Lu Li had even booked the air ticket, but now that Lu Li’s smile was covered in devastation, Gu Xiaoqi couldn’t make any more accusations.

Jiang Yicheng sat in the office alone, searching for any whereabouts related to Lu Li in his memories, remembering that once Lu Li was sent to Gu Xiaoqi’s residence, Jiang Yicheng suddenly woke up. Jiang Zitong was about to walk into Jiang Yicheng’s office, but saw Jiang Yicheng leaving with a serious face. Jiang Zitong originally only knew that Lu Li was resigning at the company. When he saw the divorce agreement on Jiang Yicheng’s desk, Jiang Zitong was even more panicked and flying.

I rushed downstairs to the company to catch Chen Yiming and hurriedly said the explosive news. It was not only Jiang Zitong, but Li Man in the office upstairs, and everyone in the program group sitting aside, almost everyone knew about Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li. The divorce matter. Unlike everyone’s worry, Li Man was naturally ecstatic. Although he didn’t know what his father did, Li Man just knew that his own opportunity had finally arrived.

When Jiang Yicheng arrived at Gu Xiaoqi’s residence, Lu Li had just walked away, and Jiang Yicheng was searching for Lu Li all over the house, but Gu Xiaoqi could only say swear words to Jiang Yicheng, if it hadn’t been for Lu Li to tell Gu Xiaoqi everything about Jiang Yicheng. Good thing, Gu Xiaoqi might be able to get started. After hearing these words, Jiang Yicheng was stunned. Before he could say anything, he had already been driven out by Gu Xiaoqi.

Sitting in an empty home, Jiang Yicheng saw every piece of furniture with Lu Li’s figure in his mind. While sitting in the taxi, Lu Li was full of memories of Jiang Yicheng. Maybe he still had concerns in his heart. Lu Li went to Jiang Yicheng’s door by car and wanted to take a photo as a souvenir, but Li Man’s photos flashed past the camera. Figure…

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