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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 19 Recap

In order to request Jiang’s father to delay the game, Jiang Yicheng can only be willing to be a caddie for Jiang’s father. It took Jiang’s father to torture for a long time, and then Jiang’s father was satisfied. Back at the company, Jiang Yicheng, who was exhausted and exhausted, told Lu Li about the postponement of the game time. Only when he saw Lu Li’s eyebrows smile, Jiang Yicheng felt more comfortable. Now, everyone in the program group helped Lu Li get out of the game. Li Man wanted to make an appointment with Jiang Yicheng for dinner by studying game projects.

Lu Li was stunned when he saw the two walking downstairs side by side, but he restrained himself from focusing on restoring the game code, but he hadn’t actually waited yet. When he walked downstairs to the company, Jiang Yicheng speeded up and finished talking about other matters, and prepared to go directly to the company to accompany Lu Li. Li Man was not slow. He realized Jiang Yicheng’s intentions for Lu Li, but he couldn’t help but ask Jiang Yicheng with a fluke. Regarding the abilities of the two of them, Jiang Yicheng maintained absolute objectivity, expressing his opinion that Lu Li’s comprehensive abilities are better than Li Man…

Tonight, everyone in the program group was working overtime to complete the task. Jiang Yicheng returned to the office. In order to wait for Lu Li to complete the task, Jiang Yicheng did everything that could kill time. When it was late at night, he went downstairs to check the completion. Circumstances, Lu Li and others couldn’t help but slept on the seat. Jiang Yicheng looked at Lu Li’s sleeping face and couldn’t bear to wake her up, so he moved quietly over the keyboard and tapped gently, passing by the old man. The ape happened to see that when he was about to speak, Jiang Yicheng gestured, and the old ape sat back in his seat silently.

When Lu Li woke up, it was early in the morning. He raised his eyes and saw that the task progress on the computer screen was more than half of the time. Lu Li couldn’t figure out his mind, but now he still has the task as the main task. With this divine help, Lu Li is really here. The task was completed before 8 o’clock, and the file was sent out at the last second. Jiang Yicheng waited for the opportunity to go downstairs, saying that it was a holiday for everyone, but in fact he still felt distressed that Lu Li had been busy all night.

In order to thank the friends for their help, a few people said they wanted Lu Li to treat him, but the old ape received a message, and then frowned tightly and refused Lu Li’s request for dinner, so the few people went to buy the ingredients. Before coming to the house for dinner, Lu Li wanted to temporarily conceal the fact that he and Jiang Yicheng were married, but before a few people started the pot, Jiang Yicheng in pajamas walked out of the room.

Now Huang Xun didn’t even have chopsticks. Dare to move and quickly find an excuse to escape. The dinner party was soaking up again. Jiang Yicheng worked overtime until 4 am yesterday for Lu Li. He didn’t expect to see this scene when he came back. I didn’t want to pursue it, and sat down to eat the hot pot. But when Lu Li thought of seeing Li Man and Jiang Yicheng walking together yesterday, dissatisfaction appeared in his heart. Aggrieved without saying anything, Jiang Yicheng felt that his emotions were a little inexplicable. My girlfriend Gu Xiaoqi called to greet him. When it came to this, Lu Li was still not convinced. Now that the project has been completed, Lu Li decided to find out who was behind the deletion of the file.

Gu Xiaoqi went to the pet shop to bring back his optimistic son-in-law. After chatting with the owner, he brought the cat back. Gu Xiaoqi will take care of him these days. For this stranger who has not yet met, Gu Xiaoqi and him chatted very speculatively on the Internet…

Lu Li went to the monitoring room, but found that the monitoring had been broken the day before yesterday, and there was no further information after finding the security. Lu Li found Auntie Cleaning. After asking the aunt, Auntie said that someone had passed the program group and waited for Lu Li to take it. After taking the photo and seeing his aunt nodding, Lu Li rushed to Jiang Yicheng’s office and accused Li Man in front of Jiang Yicheng. The articulate Li Man faced Lu Li who had insufficient evidence, and the outcome was quickly decided. Lu Li Man was speechless, and Jiang Yicheng asked Lu Li to apologize to Li Man.

At this time, as the leader of Li Man, Lu Li’s unprovoked accusations were really out of proportion, but Jiang Yicheng’s orders were like to Lu Li. It implies the tilt of the inner scales, which must mean that Jiang Yicheng chose Li Man. Lu Li wanted to get more angry, so he ran away again. Jiang Yicheng wanted to chase, but was stopped by Li Man. Naturally, what Li Man wanted was not a simple apology. Instead, he wanted Lu Li to admit his mistake in his naive behavior. Jiang Yicheng directly apologized to Li Man instead of Lu Li, then turned to chase Lu Li, and was so angry that Li Man dropped his contract on the spot.

This time Lu Li was really angry. From going to bed at night to waking up during the day, Jiang Yicheng tried countless times carefully without a response. Lu Li was still angry, but still wanted to concentrate on finding the black hand, but the black hand was not found, and there was a problem with the old ape. It turned out that the old ape who was forced by usury to use his position was convenient and bought diamonds for the players privately. When things broke out, the old ape was going to be on the industry blacklist.

It’s hard to say if your career is dysfunctional, what about the wife’s illness? Everyone in the program group pinned their hopes on Lu Li, hoping that Lu Li could be a lobbyist. As soon as Lu Li walked upstairs, Li Man’s eyes followed behind him, and when Lu Li said that he wanted to plead for the old ape, Li Man rushed in and was the first to object. The situation formed a deadlock. Jiang Yicheng let Lu Li go back to work. The Li Man in front of him made Jiang Yicheng very unfamiliar. According to reason, Li Man’s experience was very similar to that of the old ape, but Li Man’s incompatibility made Jiang Yicheng a little bit stunned. Tongue, how to solve it was Jiang Yicheng’s decision in the end. Li Man was choked by Jiang Yicheng’s determination and didn’t know what to say.

The top priority is to solve the medical expenses of the old ape’s wife. Everyone decided to collect five thousand each. The shy Lu Li first found Jiang Zitong to borrow money and exchanged goods. Lu Li also revealed to Jiang Zitong the date of Chen Yiming’s return. Jiang Zitong turned his head and told Jiang Yicheng about Lu Li’s loan. After learning that he was borrowing money for his colleagues, Jiang Yicheng transferred 10,000 yuan to Jiang Zitong without saying anything, so that Jiang Zitong secretly passed it on to Lu Li. At this time, everyone is seeing off the old ape. Seeing that the company’s generation of veterans will finally leave themselves, everyone will inevitably feel hurt, but they still do their best to pass the crowdfunding of hope.

Jiang Yicheng looked at Lu Li, who hadn’t paid any attention to him for the past few days, and he had a trick in his heart. He quickly pretended to cut his hand with a knife. Lu Li rushed to Jiang Yicheng’s room to look for gauze. Anxious Lu Li did not see the gauze, but looked up. Jiang Yicheng’s triumphant expression…

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