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Polls show that 65% of Taiwanese are willing to take to the battlefield to defend Taiwan

With the deterioration of cross-strait relations and Beijing’s increasingly severe suppression of Taiwan, Taiwanese have a stronger sense of self-identification; the number of Taiwanese who consider themselves Taiwanese continues to increase, while the number of Taiwanese who consider themselves Chinese continues to wither.

A new poll released by the Taiwan Constitutional Foundation on Tuesday (August 10) showed that 89.9% of Taiwanese consider themselves “Taiwanese”, while less than 5% of Taiwanese consider themselves Chinese. Chairman of the Constitution-making Foundation, Taiwan independence leader Gu Kuanmin said at a press conference announcing the poll results that he hopes that Taiwan will become a normal country, which does not refer to the “Republic of China” but the “Republic of Taiwan”; he also advocates Taiwan Participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics under the name of “Taiwan”.

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have been separated and ruled separately, without being subordinate to each other. But Beijing has always regarded Taiwan as part of its territorial sovereignty and has vowed to reunify mainland China and Taiwan, even with the use of force.

For this reason, Beijing has long pushed the “One China” policy internationally, which not only prevents countries that have established diplomatic relations with Beijing from having any official relations and exchanges with Taiwan, but also does not allow Taiwan to use the “Republic of China” in the economic, cultural and sports fields. or the name of “Taiwan”.

In the just-concluded Tokyo Olympics, although Taiwanese athletes achieved the best results in history, the country they participated in was neither “Republic of China” nor “Taiwan”, but Taiwan and the International Olympic Committee under pressure from China “Chinese Taipei” reached by compromise. This not only bothers the global media and audiences, but also makes Taiwanese audiences feel unfair.

According to a poll conducted by the Constitution-making Foundation, 65.1% of the people still refer to the “Chinese Taipei Team” as the “Taiwan Team” when watching the Olympic Games, and only 25.7% of the Taiwanese call the “Chinese Team”; % of the people regret not being able to use the national name, national flag, and national anthem of the Republic of China in the Olympic Games; and in the cross-strait athletes competition, more than 90% of the audience will cheer for the Taiwan team.

On the issue of national identity that is particularly striking, this poll shows that 67.9% of the people consider themselves “Taiwanese”, and only 1.8% of the people consider themselves “Chinese”; People who are Chinese account for 27.8%; and if there is only one choice between “Taiwanese” and “Chinese”, then 89.9% of the respondents believe that they are Taiwanese and that they are Chinese people. Only 4.6% of the subjects were tuned. When asked about the direction of the relationship between Taiwan and China, 38.9% of the people favored independence; 50.1% of the people favored maintaining the status quo; and 4.7% favored reunification.

Faced with rising tensions across the Taiwan Strait, the poll showed that 36% of respondents said they would definitely go to war to defend Taiwan, 28.3% said they might go to war to defend Taiwan, and 16.2% said they would go to war to defend Taiwan. Respondents said they would never go to war to defend Taiwan, while 7.4 percent had no opinion.

On the issue of constitution-making, nearly 80% of the respondents support re-enacting a new constitution that is in line with Taiwan’s status quo, so that Taiwan can become a normal country, and nearly 80% of the respondents support changing the name of Taiwan’s overseas institutions to “” Taiwan”.

On diplomatic issues, 75.6% of the respondents have a favorable opinion of the United States, 83.9% of the people have a favorable opinion of Japan, only 16.4% of the people have a favorable opinion of China, and 70.2% of the people have a favorable opinion of China. Among the respondents, nearly 90% support Taiwan’s establishment of formal diplomatic relations with the United States and Japan.

Song Cheng-en, deputy executive director of the Taiwan Constitution-making Foundation, said that the performance of Taiwanese athletes at the Tokyo Olympics has clearly helped to condense Taiwan’s consciousness of the subject, and Taiwanese people’s support for the normalization of the country has also reached a new high after the Tokyo Olympics. He emphasized that 65% of the respondents were willing to go to war to defend Taiwan.

Lin Yizheng, another deputy CEO of the foundation, said that on the issue of Taiwanese identity, in 1990, only 13% of the public identified themselves as Taiwanese. After 30 years of democratization, they identified themselves as Taiwanese last year. The proportion has soared to 83%, and the proportion who consider themselves Taiwanese is now closer to 90%.

The subjects of this poll by the Taiwan Constitution-making Foundation came from 20 counties and cities in Taiwan, all of whom were ordinary people over the age of 18. A total of 1,071 valid samples were completed, with a sampling error of plus or minus 3%.

The Election Research Center of National Chengchi University in Taiwan also released a poll on a similar topic last month. The results also found that the proportion of people who consider themselves to be Taiwanese is as high as 63.3%, and the proportion of people who consider themselves to be both Taiwanese and Chinese is 31.4%. %, while only 2.7% think they are Chinese. The poll also shows that 25.8% of Taiwanese people are “independent”, with slightly more than 5% supporting independence as soon as possible; 28.2% maintaining the status quo before making decisions, and 27.5% maintaining the status quo forever; % of the people prefer reunification, while only 1.5% support reunification as soon as possible.

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