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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 26 Recap

Cao Xihe likes Xiaolan too much and uses various methods to attract Xiaolan. Big brother Xie Changan thinks that Cao Xihe is very dedicated. Xiaolan should be moved. But in Xiaolan’s view, Cao Xihe is here. Playing a personal performance, it seemed that she had never touched her true feelings. She couldn’t see that Cao Xihe was serious about her.

Sheng Jingchu took Cheng to participate in a culinary competition. On the way, he met Yang Xiaoyu’s father and a group of people beating them. So Cheng called Cao Xihe. Just when Yang Xiaoyu’s father was about to destroy Sheng Jingchu’s arm, Cheng got in the way. Going ahead, his arm was severely injured by a wooden stick. Fortunately, Xie Changan rushed to the police with the police to capture those people. Sheng Jingchu felt sorry for Cheng, no matter whether there was a policeman or not, she would have to beat Yang Xiaoyu’s father to relieve her anger, but the painful injury caused her to go to the hospital and follow the police to the police station to make a transcript.

After getting the news, Cheng Yi hurried to see her sister in the hospital. The distressed Cheng Yi blamed Sheng Jingchu for not protecting Cheng, but he couldn’t tell Dad Cheng, fearing that his injury would relapse before he got well, so he had to lie that Cheng and Sheng Jingchu had been very late. Busy, can’t visit Dad Cheng.

Sheng Jingchu has been taking care of Cheng with meticulous care, and also deliberately learned the cooking skills to cook for her. Although both of them were injured, they were still very sweet. However, Dad still knew the news of Cheng’s injury. He also thought that Sheng Jingchu was a little angry for not protecting Cheng. Sheng Jingchu quickly admitted that he was injured. So Dad Cheng asked Cheng to go out and he wanted to have a good talk with Sheng Jingchu. Unexpectedly, after Cheng went out, Dad Cheng asked Sheng Jingchu to take good care of Cheng, and always be a nanny for Cheng, otherwise he would not spare him lightly.

Although Cheng Leo hurt her arm, she still wants to participate in the competition. Cheng Le loves cooking too much. That game is as important as Sheng Jingchu’s Jubanqi. I hope Sheng Jingchu can continue to support her. Sheng Jingchu felt that Cheng’s arm was still not flexible, so he had to work as an assistant for Cheng’s, so that Cheng would not be too strenuous.

Jiang Yuda went to the hospital to visit Cheng’s father and knocked Cheng Yi, so Chun Yao asked Jiang Yuda not to waste time. It was impossible between them. The reason why Jiang Yuda was asked to stay in the restaurant was to hope that he could stay and study with Sheng Jingchu. Now that he didn’t even dare to go to apprenticeship, it proved that Jiang Yuda was still a child. With Cheng Yi’s support, Jiang Yuda plucked up the courage to find Sheng Jingchu, but Sheng Jingchu didn’t want anyone to be an apprentice. He could play chess, but he was not sure about being a master.

Sheng Jingchu told Mr. Xie about Jiang Yuda’s going to learn chess, so Mr. Xie blamed Mr. Sheng Jingchu. If no one is willing to accept the apprentice Go, it will not be passed on, and he must open his heart to accept everything. Sheng Jingchu accepted Jiang Yuda as a disciple with the help of Xie Lao, which caused Jiang Yuda to cry with excitement. Sheng Jingchu asked Jiang Yuda not to disturb him recently. Some uncles taught him to play chess first. Now Sheng Jingchu has a very important thing to do, which is to prepare for the cooking competition that he has helped.

Sheng Jingchu went to find Dad Cheng to teach him cooking. When Dad Cheng heard that Jing Shuangcheng was willing to learn cooking for Cheng Lei, he must be happy. He taught Sheng Jingchu how to cook.

Xu Chi also knew about Cheng and signed up, but Cheng Yi felt that it was too inappropriate for Cheng to go to the competition before he was injured, so he went back and blamed his sister for not being self-willed. Work. But Cheng Lei told her sister that she had been doing what her sister and father liked before, and now finally she has a chance to do what she likes. I hope they will give her the opportunity to be herself. I also want to thank Sheng Jingchu for her support, otherwise she will spend her life. She didn’t dare to do what she wanted to do. My sister felt that she didn’t know her sister too much, and was willing to support Cheng to go to the competition.

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