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Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 Episode 10 Recap

After getting up early the next morning, Mo Qingchen asked Lin Chi to practice his kicks. Lin Chi felt that if he had met Mo Qingchen earlier, he would not be bullied by others, and his sister would not be lost. Senior brother Du Ruo said that his sister could find clues at Dali Temple. Mo Qingchen felt that he did not want to have too much contact with those powerful and powerful. Lin Chi hoped that Mo Qingchen would try to contact people before he could have a chance to develop.

Mo Qingchen went to the emperor and wanted to go to Dali Temple to retrieve some files to help his friends find people. The emperor felt that Mo Qingchen had never asked about world affairs, and now it was rare to be able to worry about his friends, so he agreed to his request.

Mo Qingchen also went to Dali Temple while wearing night clothes at Lin Chi night to look for files, but Lin Chi did not find the existence of Mo Qingchen. After a while, Du Ruo also went. He knew that Lin Chi would definitely worry about being caught, so he went to find Lin Chi to take her away, and where Mo Qingchen found some files and found some clues, he went afterwards. I found the queen.

I want to learn about the genocide file that Qingye County used to treat him before. Many years have passed since his family suffered misfortunes and has not been credibly closed. When he was a child, Mo Qingchen seemed to have a poor memory because he couldn’t control his internal forces. , Wanted to get the memories of the queen, but the queen told Mo Qingchen not to talk nonsense, he had never done anything out of the ordinary.

Ji Dingyue knew that Mo Qingchen and Lin Chi were both going to visit Dali Temple, so he called Ling Yan over and told Ling Yan that she had found her sister Lin Chi. Ling Yan was very sad when she heard that her sister would have sex with him. The enemies who killed the whole family were together, so Ji Dingyue arranged for Ling Yan to do one thing. As long as Lin Chi can believe that she is his sister, it doesn’t matter whether Mo Qingchen suspects it or not, because Ling Yan is Lin Chi’s own sister, but the most important thing is to use Lin Chi to avenge their family.

Du Ruo also went to tell Lin Chi that her sister had found her, and she was now in the suburbs. Lin Chi and Mo Qingchen had to go to see her sister, so he felt relieved. When Du Ruo in the suburbs told Lin Chi that his adoptive parents had been killed, she might be in a weird mood and told Lin Chi to control her emotions. Ling Yan didn’t rush to recognize each other after seeing Lin Chi, it was all arranged by Ji Dingyue, fearing that too eager to recognize each other would make Lin Chi suspect.

Lin Chi told Ling Yan about their childhood, but Ling Yan believed that it was not enough to say that they were relatives based on some memories. Lin Chi told Ling Yan a lot of their deep memories, and also said that Ling Yan There was a birthmark on Yan’s body. Ling Yan was very moved, but because Ji Dingyue had promised that he would not recognize each other too soon, he turned around and went back, but tears were left in his eyes.

Ling Yan regretted the elder sister she had been looking for but could not recognize each other, but her elder sister was with her enemy, and now she can only take revenge on the prince’s arrangement. Mo Qingchen and Du Ruo felt that Ling Yan’s identity was confirmed and asked Lin Chi to go back first, but Lin Chi firmly believed that Ling Yan was her own sister, and had to go in and chat with her, the two had no choice but to agree to her request.

After Lin Chi went in, he told Ling Yan about his childhood. This made Ling Yan finally couldn’t help showing her sister’s birthmark, and the two of them held each other tightly and recognized each other’s affection.

Lin Chi took Ling Yan back to Wumo Mountain Villa, but Lin Chi wanted to take his luggage and live in Ling Yan’s room. Mo Qingchen felt uncomfortable when he saw it, but Lin Chi felt that he and his sister hadn’t seen each other for more than ten years. It’s time for a short stay. Lin Chi and Ling Yan said that because many parents had passed away, they should stay with their sister. Ling Yan felt that her sister didn’t know the cause of her parents’ death, but they didn’t tell her sister too much.

Ling Yan showed Mo Qingchen the relics of her parents and asked him if they were genuine. But when Mo Qingchen saw that those works were all first-class things, Ling Yan’s family must be very good before, and Lin Chi was afraid that the two might have misunderstood. He quickly put away the painting. But Mo Qingchen always felt that Ling Yan’s identity was suspicious, and was a little wary of her.

After that, Ling Yan went to Ji Dingyue and told him some of the things she had discovered, but her sister didn’t know that Mo Qingchen was an enemy, so Ji Dingyue asked Ling Yan to leave the relationship between Lin Chi and Mo Qingchen and watch Mo. What tricks did Qing Chen have after leaving Lin Chi.

Ling Yan went back to Lin Chi, but Mo Qingchen knew that she had gone out of the villa when she saw Ling Yan’s shoes. Ling Yan had to explain that she went out and bought a wind chime, but Lin Chi felt that Mo Qingchen was suspicious of her younger sister. unhappy. Mo Qingchen discussed with Du Ruo that Ling Yan might be the real sister, but feared that she might have another purpose when she approached Lin Chi, so she asked Du Ruo to help him go to Prince Jing’s Mansion.

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