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Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 Episode 8 Recap

Tian Tian said to herself that Su Mu would make this accident on the spot. It turned out that she missed Su Mu and he was not a scumbag. But Su Mu just said that he would come back to her for a while, and Tian Tian’s heart was swaying again. Mia and Su Mu took the stage together to announce the development of new products and announced their sibling relationship. Tang Mumu was immediately silly when he heard the news, and quickly pulled Tian Tian to say that her future was bright, and Tian Tian was still immersed in the kiss.

Tian Tian was eating ice cream next to her. Liu Tai, a greasy man, ran over to her and gradually attracted everyone’s attention. Su Mu hurriedly ran to protect Tian Tian behind him, but Liu Tai implicated Mia Su Mu and the others. , Threatening that they are just a company that makes broken aircraft. Su Mu, the overbearing president, announced the termination of the cooperation with Wanxin and drove Liu Tai out. Tian Tian was moved once again. The banquet is over, Tian Father and Tian Mother are going to have a drink, let Tang Mumu accompany Tian Tian home. After Mia and Su Mu bid farewell to Huizi, Mia left first. She was a little tired today so she didn’t have time to ask Su Mu Tiantian about it.

Su Mu called Tian Tian, ​​but she didn’t hear her phone when she dropped her phone in the car. Tang Mumu thought she was asleep when she saw her clothes in the back seat. She didn’t realize that Tian Tian was not in the car, so Su Mu hesitated. Go home with Wang Yanyi. Tian Tian returned to the parking lot and found that the car was gone and the phone was gone. Instead, Mia gave her a ride. Mi Ya Er Tian Tian was very embarrassed along the way and didn’t know how to speak. After sending Su Mu, Wang Yanyi went on a date with his girlfriend, but met Liu Tai’s group of people swearing because of tonight’s affairs. Wang Yanyi’s surface was calm, but he directly picked up a wine bottle and smashed it.

Tang Mumu drove the car to the house and found that Tian Tian was not in the car. Mia took her back in panic. Tian Tian turned her head and found that Su Mu was standing there, and the two of them were extremely ambiguous. Tian Tian quickly pulled Tang Mumu back home, and Su Mu and Mia also went back. Wang Yanyi singled out each other in the bar and got Li Di’s help. Mia didn’t know Tian Tian when she lived here before, but she didn’t expect that Su Mu would have met after a few days after living here. Tian Tian came back with the little crab picked up at the beach. Tang Mumu thought she had a good relationship with Mia. Who would have thought that the two of them didn’t say a word on the road. What’s more surprising is that Tian Tian and Su Mu didn’t even have a WeChat account.

Mia always thought that Su Mu was a big boy, but she didn’t expect that he suddenly came here today, Tian Tian was also baffled. Mia criticized Su Mu should not be so rash, and should pay attention to the occasion in the future, Su Muman casually agreed, took out his mobile phone and added Tian Tian’s WeChat. Tian Tian was very excited when she received a friend’s application.

Tang Mumu reminded her to be reserved, but Tian Tian couldn’t wait for a moment. After the friend’s application was approved, Su Mu didn’t say anything, and there was nothing in his circle of friends, Tian Tian was a little depressed. Seeing that Su Mu realized that her brother was really in love, Mia quickly got up and left. Su Mu’s studio is almost set up, and he will not go to the company to retreat in the future.

Tian Tian slid a hi-no-hi emoticon in her hand, and Su Mu was looking through her circle of friends and quickly returned to the past. Tang Mumu was stuffed with dog food and left quickly. Tian Tian hugged her mobile phone for joy, and sent another message asking him why he was doing that tonight. Su Mu did not answer asking her to go to the mountain. Tian Tian quickly endured her excitement and dressed up again to go out.

It just so happened that the parents came back, Tian Tian excused that she was going to the mountain to comfort her friend when she was broken in love. After climbing up the dark area around the mountain, Tian Tian thought he was lost and quickly sent a message to Su Mu. Su Mu suddenly appeared. Behind him was his new studio. Tian Tian would come here to make ice cream in the future. The house was built with Tian Tian’s idea. She felt that Su Mu must have plagiarized the idea and was embarrassed to say. When the ice cream was ready, Su Mu thanked her after eating with a satisfied expression.

It started to rain heavily, Tian Tian pushed the motorcycle in under the rain, Su Mu brought a towel and asked her to wipe it quickly, Tian Tian’s heart became sweeter and sweeter. Tian’s mother called to care about the situation, Tian Tian said that she was at a friend’s house, so they didn’t have to wait for themselves. Su Mu was busy, Tian Tian lay on the sofa repeatedly playing the voice he had just sent, and gradually fell asleep. Su Mu turned around and saw that she was sleeping soundly, so she helped put on a blanket and sat down beside her with a book.

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