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Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 Episode 10 Recap

Su Mu suddenly followed the aircraft, and only found that the old man just now was Dr. Gao when he chased it over there. After Su Mu confessed his identity, he hoped to ask Dr. Gao for some questions, but Dr. Gao refused. Wang Yanyi and Li Di met. They were in trouble since the last time they had a fight, and they agreed to drink together next time. Tian Tian followed, she came to Dr. Gao to get the material, and Dr. Gao’s attitude towards her and Su Mu was completely different, and she was pleasant. When Dr. Gao asked Tian Tian’s address, Su Mu said the address of the mountain hut first.

Su Mu and Tian Tian made an appointment to go to his house at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, and then went back with Wang Yanyi. Wang Yanyi was anxious when he heard that he had found Dr. Gao but did not succeed. Tian Tian realized that she might like Su Mu, but she refused to admit it, but she often thought of Su Mu in her mind. Tian Tian got up early the next morning and started making breakfast. The parents thought that her daughter was finally sensible, but Tian Tian ran away with breakfast. The mountain hut was in a mess because of the heavy rain last night, the glass was all broken, and Su Mu’s company was still in a hurry, so Tian Tian was asked to go to the ice cream shop to make it.

Tian Tian has been mysterious recently, and Tian’s father and Tian’s mother also found it a little strange, but they couldn’t find the reason after thinking about it. Tian Tian sent Su Mu to the company, and went to the ice cream shop with breakfast a little depressed. Their current unclear relationship made her a little dazed. Are they really together like this? Tang Mumu felt it should be clear, and curiously asked her what the relationship with Su Mu is now, but Tian Tian couldn’t tell why, but after the relationship with Su Mu improved, Tian Tian did not seem so unlucky.

Tian Tian’s parents were surprised to see that she came to the store. Tian Tian hesitated and said that she was bringing them breakfast, and then ran away madly, and her parents were surprised again. Wang Yanyi and Dr. Gao were kicked out without a few words, but Su Mu left Dr. Gao with his address on the mountain, thinking that he would definitely go to Tian Tian tomorrow, so he decided to make a sketch first. Because time was a little tight, Keiko also came to help. Su Mu felt that she was in a bad mood and went to buy an ice cream. Tian Tian ran to the furniture store to buy a bunch of things, and finally paid a full 5,000 yuan.

When Su Mu walked into the ice cream shop, Tang Mumu gave him Tian Tian’s ice cream without waiting for him to speak. From start to finish, he didn’t give him a chance to speak. Tian Tian helped Su Mu reorganize the mountain hut, and soon it was neatly cleaned up by her. Huizi ate the ice cream bought by Su Mu. Tian Tian sent a message to ask him if the ice cream was different. Su Mu almost replied no. Tian Tian returned home anxiously, and her parents became even more worried when she saw this.

Su Mu and Keiko completed the design sketch, and went to eat Japanese food together when they were hungry. Father Tian went to care about Tian Tian, ​​and said with a heartfelt word that he couldn’t care about the conditions, but he must be nice to her and make her happy. He also asked not to sleep together too early when falling in love. Tian Tian was a little embarrassed. Tian Tian wants to know Su Mu, but she only knows that Su Mu likes to eat ice cream, has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and does not like to talk. Other than that, she knows almost nothing. Keiko has known Mia and Su Mu for a long time, and they have always liked Su Mu, but he didn’t notice it. Huizi ordered ice cream, but Su Mu didn’t eat it, he only ate Tian Tian’s. Keiko asked how he dealt with Dr. Gao, and Su Mu just smiled.

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