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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 21 Recap

Qin Wan was chatting with Zhou’s elders. Zhou Shengchen rushed to find Zhou Wenchuan and wanted to go out to chat with him. When the elders saw this, they hurriedly left with Qin Wan.

Zhou Shengchen suspected that Zhou Wenchuan was secretly trying to frame him up. Zhou Wenchuan quibbleed him in every possible way. Zhou Shengchen slapped him severely in anger, and then left in anger. Qin Wan and Jiaren Tong came after hearing the news, Zhou Wenchuan wanted to find Zhou Shengchen to settle the accounts, Qin Wan desperately stopped him. Zhou Shengchen came to Mei Xing to find out that Zhou Wenxing was here to recover. Zhou Wenxing braced herself to apologize to Zhou Shengchen. It was all because of saving her that Shi Yi fell ill. Zhou Wenxing wanted to find Shi Yi to admit her mistake, but Zhou Shengchen couldn’t help her. , Had to take her to see Shiyi.

Zhou Wenxing apologized to Shi Yi again and again, Shi Yi didn’t blame her at all, Mei Xing persuaded Zhou Wenxing to leave. Lin Fei reported to Zhou Shengchen that his grandmother was sick. Zhou Shengchen rushed to visit him as soon as possible, and then stayed to take care of his grandmother all night. Qin Wan witnessed Zhou Shengchen’s busy schedule for this family for several days, and was grateful to him. Zhou Shengchen made it clear that Shiyi was also his relative, and hoped that Qin Wan would be kind to the times.

Sui Sui boiled white porridge for Shi Yi, Shi Yi did not want to drink it. Zhou Shengchen added a quarter spoon of sugar, and Shi Yi was willing to drink it. Zhou Shengchen gave her a safety button to learn more about the whole process of her falling into the water and Shi Yi knew Zhou Shengchen. If he didn’t get a good rest these days, let him lie down and sleep together. Zhou Shengchen quickly fell asleep due to overwork. It is time to look carefully at his handsome face, and his heart is full of compassion.

Zhou Shengchen slept until dark, and Shi Yi wanted to see her grandma tomorrow. Zhou Shengchen made her mentally prepared. Grandma might not know her anymore, and Shi Yi was sad. Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi to see his grandmother early in the morning. When he walked in, she met Qin Wan. Qin Wan’s attitude towards Shiyi changed drastically. Grandma was sometimes clear and sometimes confused. She mistakenly thought that Jiaren Tong was pregnant, and Qin Wan told Zhou Shengchen not to say that Jiaren Po Tong was not pregnant.

Zhou Shengchen pulled Shiyi in, and saw his grandmother holding Jiaren Tong’s hand and asking questions, Zhou Wenchuan stood by silently. Grandma didn’t recognize the time, so Zhou Shengchen introduced her to her. Grandma asked the four young people to get together. Zhou Shengchen hurriedly made excuses to refuse. Grandma explained in detail and interpreted the three precepts of gentlemen, and persuaded Zhou Shengchen and Zhou Wenchuan to stop. Both of them promised to get along with each other in a dispute over something outside of their bodies. Grandma wants to give Shiyi’s eighteenth son rosary, which is handed down by Shiyi’s ancestors, and Shiyi explained that it was given to her last time.

Early the next morning, Qin Wan sent someone to invite Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen to have tea together. The two of them were surprised, but they came to the appointment on time. Qin Wan asked Shiyi about the process of meeting and falling in love with Zhou Shengchen. Shiyi admitted that she liked Zhou Shengchen’s cute and simple character and Zhou Shengchen’s serious and responsible attitude towards work. Qin Wan pointed out that Shiyi was not suitable for this big family. Without the complicated interpersonal relationship, Qin Wan advised Shiyi to leave Zhou Shengchen and return to her simple and easy life.

Zhou Wenxing and Tong Jiaren hurried over, Qin Wan hurriedly changed the subject and lied that they were talking about a painting of the time. Zhou Wenxing asked Shi Yi to paint another lotus on the spot. Zhou Shengchen offered to restore the painting, and he painted it vividly. Zhou Wenxing likes it very much, but Qin Wan sees that the two paintings have different moods. Zhou Shengchen composes an impromptu poem.

Zhou Shengren was allowed to leave his hometown after a lot of setbacks. He came to see Qin Wan as soon as he got home. He thought it was a lotus that was suitable for painting. Qin Wan explained that it was painted by Zhou Shengchen, and she also saw persistence and resistance from Zhou Shengchen’s lotus. . Shi Yi finally learned how powerful Qin Wan was. She was discouraged from this family, and Zhou Shengchen promised to be her strong backing.

Shi Yi asked Sui Sui to prepare a medicated meal that nourished his body. Zhou Shengchen bit his head and drank it. Sui Sui kept going in and out of Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen’s room under the guise of delivering fruit. Lin Fei did not allow her to disturb the world of Zhou Shengchen and his wife. , Sui Sui repeatedly claimed that they would let the two of them go through the period of love as soon as possible and enter the state of an old husband and wife.

That night, Zhou Shengchen was sitting at the computer working, Shi Yi was walking around absentmindedly holding a book, and finally, Shi Yi pressed Zhou Shengchen on the sofa in an afflicted manner. Sui Sui suddenly broke in and called Zhou Shengchen. The two of them hurriedly separated. From Sui Sui’s mouth, Zhou Shengchen learned that Zhou Wenxing’s condition was getting worse. He and Shi Yi explained the situation, and then followed Sui Sui away.

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