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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 20 Recap

Qin Wan called Zhou Shengxing and warmed up a small pot of wine. Zhou Shengxing was very emotional. The last time they drank like this was six years ago. Qin Wan excused that her uncle was lonely and asked Zhou Shengxing to take Zhou Shengren to accompany her uncle on the weekend. Knowing her intentions, Zhou Shengchen was coming back for the Mid-Yuan Festival this weekend. Qin Wan was worried that he would become Zhou Shengchen’s stumbling block, so she deliberately found an excuse to push him away.

Zhou Shengxing took Zhou Shengren back to see his fourth uncle early in the morning. The fourth uncle asked Zhou Shengren about the situation of Zhou Shengchen’s fiancée, and Zhou Shengren answered truthfully. Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi back to the old house on time. Zhou Wenxing was very happy. He took Mei Xing to the lake to find them. Zhou Wenxing wanted to catch a dragonfly home to play. Mei Xing hurriedly stopped her, Shi Yi explained that dragonflies and grasshoppers are ghosts. It’s unlucky to bring back the incarnation of Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen doesn’t believe in these superstitions, but Mei Xing thinks that he should be in awe.

Shiyi put the crab’s tank cover up. Zhou Wenxing thought that crabs were afraid of the sun. Mei Xing said with a smile that the crabs would be cooked after being sun-dried for a long time. The whole family ate together, Jiaren Tong lied that Zhou Wenchuan had gone fishing, and Qin Wan didn’t ask much.

After the meal, Mei Xing told Zhou Wenxing about the ghost story that happened in the bamboo forest, and then talked about the library building. Shi Yi just came over, Zhou Wenxing hurriedly stopped him, worried that Shi Yi would never go to the library, Zhou Wenxing accidentally revealed Mei Xing used the brand name to choose his wife, and Mei Xing immediately interrupted her, pulling Zhou Wenxing away in a hurry.

Zhou Shengchen didn’t return to the room until late, and when he saw Yi sleeping on the sofa, he took her to bed and went to sleep. Zhou Shengchen didn’t want to disturb Shiyi. He secretly turned off the alarm clock. Shiyi only got up late and missed the time for breakfast. Sui Sui personally made glutinous rice lotus root and sent it to her. Shiyi liked it very much.

Today is Midyear Festival. Grandma wanted to go home. Qin Wan readily agreed. She didn’t want her mother to find that Zhou Wenxing’s condition was getting worse. Zhou Shengchen drove her grandma to remind Zhou Shengchen to come back early. Grandma found that something was wrong with Qin Wan today and suspected something was wrong at home, so Zhou Shengchen made an excuse to cover it up.

Qin Wan asked Mei Xing’s father to find a heart expert for Zhou Wenxing’s consultation. The professor found that Zhou Wenxing’s heart function was irretrievable. Only a heart transplant could save her. Zhou Shengchen and Mei Xing were very sad, and they prayed together. Zhou Wenxing was fine.

It’s getting dark, Shiyi accompanies Zhou Wenxing by boat to put water lanterns in the creek. Zhou Wenxing prays for the happiness and well-being of everyone in the family. She knows that she doesn’t have much time. If she dies, don’t ask for the time and see Zhou Shengchen every year. She, as long as she is thinking of her in her heart, it is time to not allow her to think arrogantly. Zhou Wenxing suddenly coughed, Shi Yi found her hands cold, and hurriedly took off her clothes and put them on her, persuading her to go home early. Be careful to fall into the river. The boatman can’t swim. Zhou Wenxing jumped down to save people.

When Zhou Shengchen and Mei Xing learned that Shi Yi had fallen into the water, they hurried over to save people. Shi Yi remained unconscious. Zhou Wenxing had a high fever. Qin Wan did not allow the news to spread. The butler secretly told Mei Xing the truth. Zhou Shengchen did not eat or drink, and stayed with Shiyi every step of the way.

Sui Sui delivered the meal early in the morning and took the food from last night. She asked Uncle Lin to persuade Zhou Shengchen. Uncle Lin was helpless. He bit the bullet and went in and persuaded him bitterly. Zhou Shengchen eats, he is not alone now, he should take care of his body for the time, Zhou Shengchen promised to eat later. Shi Yi woke up in a daze, Zhou Shengchen was ecstatic and asked Sui Sui to prepare a light meal.

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