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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 16 Recap

It was too late. Jiang Zitong asked why Lu Li didn’t check the posts. Hearing that Lu Li’s heart was full of trust in Jiang Yicheng, Jiang Zitong thought of seeing Li Man and Jiang Yicheng walking together in the afternoon, his face smiled. Unconsciously stiffened. When the door was finally unlocked late at night, Jiang Zitong hurriedly pulled over Jiang Yicheng Xingshi to question the crime. Lu Li was awakened by the two discussing voices and heard Jiang Yicheng explain everything about Li Man to Jiang Zitong, including the misunderstanding three years ago, Lu Li’s Thousands of thoughts flew in his heart, even if he heard how Jiang Yicheng assured Jiang Zitong that he would not cheat, Lu Li might not be as happy as usual.

When he woke up early in the morning, Jiang Yicheng laughed at Lu Li’s conspicuous dark circles. It was Jiang Yicheng who took Lu Li back to the room last night. This violated the two people’s co-living agreement. Lu Li cleverly asked Jiang Yicheng to accompany him to dinner at night. Unexpectedly, Lu Li’s request was so simple, Jiang Yicheng agreed with one bite. In this way, a good mood for the day was started, and Lu Li prepared some small items to distribute to everyone. At this time, the team leader Zhang Zhiyuan was already in distress. His wife was suffering from mid-stage gastric cancer. It was a time when money was urgently needed. The brothers around him couldn’t afford to pay for the emergency. In this dark time, Zhang Zhiyuan heard the word Bitcoin. , As if found the last straw.

Gu Mo quickly found Lu Li and used Lu Li’s cell phone to contact Gu Xiaoqi, but when he heard Gu Mo’s voice on the other side of the phone, he hung up the phone. Knowing the contradiction between the two, Lu Li immediately guessed that Gu Mo’s super-controlling desire must be out of his love for Gu Xiaoqi. Gu Mo, who has always been cold, bowed his head and admitted his heart. , But this is helpless, Gu Xiaoqi at this time has completely shut Gu Mo on his own blacklist.

Jiang Yicheng and Li Man formally regained their friendship, and Li Man also regained his status as EG representatives. He came to the company to talk about cooperation with Jiang Yicheng. Seeing Li Man walking into Jiang Yicheng’s office, Lu Li felt a little uneasy. After the contract was signed, Chen Yiming was a little worried that the appearance of Li Man would affect the relationship between Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li, but Jiang Yicheng firmly believed that his heart would not be shaken by the appearance of Li Man.

When Li Man was about to leave, he was stopped by Lu Li. The meeting between the two was a Hongmen banquet. In order to swear his sovereignty, Lu Li formally explained everything to Li Man. I hope Li Man will not be the third party between the two, but Li Man But he thinks that the real third party is Lu Li in front of him. In order to prove that Lu Li is the one who intervenes, and he occupies a more important position in Jiang Yicheng’s heart, Li Man deliberately called Jiang Yicheng in front of Lu Li and said that he was going to face him at night. Father Li, I hope to be accompanied by Jiang Yicheng. After Li Man’s phone call, a message popped up on Lu Li’s phone. Lu Li clung to the coffee in his hand, and supported his self-esteem. Lu Li did not look down until Li Man. Leaving proudly, Lu Li hurriedly grabbed the phone. It was indeed Jiang Yicheng’s message from the appointment. Lu Li collapsed on the seat, and his courage was shattered by a blow.

Li Man brought Jiang Yicheng to Father Li. Seeing that Father Li was about to violently attack Li Man again, Jiang Yicheng took out all the evidence on hand and forced his father away. Everything now should be compensated by Jiang Yicheng. Jiang Yicheng no longer listened to Li Man’s words of thanks, and was anxious to get up to find Lu Li. After Jiang Yicheng left, Li’s father walked back with a look of excitement. This time Li Man and Li’s father completely deceived Jiang Yicheng in their performance. Li Man changed his warm expression and took out a brand new bank card blankly. , Handed it to Father Li…

The guilty Jiang Yicheng bought Lu Li’s favorite meal. Lu Li couldn’t help but began to ask his guilt. The witty Jiang Yicheng explained that he was only going to help tonight. In order to defend the territory, Lu Li proposed that there must be occasions where there is Li Man in the future. For himself, Jiang Yicheng nodded quickly and agreed.

As soon as he came to work, Li Man called and invited Jiang Yicheng to participate in the afternoon summit. Jiang Yicheng had planned to attend, but he ignored Li Man’s invitation and turned and went downstairs to ask Lu Li to join him. Jiang Yicheng hoped that Lu Li would join him. Putting on his favorite blue, Lu Li didn’t want to disappoint Jiang Yicheng on such a formal occasion, so he found his best friend Gu Xiaoqi for help, but Gu Xiaoqi’s own clothes were too exaggerated. Looking at the helpless Lu Li, Jiang Yicheng showed helplessness. And a petting smile.

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