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Our Times 启航:当风起时 Episode 5 Recap

Pei Qinghua is very grateful to Xiao Chuang, it is indeed he who helped himself this time. To be honest, Xiao Chuang felt that Pei Qinghua was too arrogant. He could do gold medal sales, but he had to go back to do research, but Pei Qinghua was very determined in his heart. Returning to the research institute was what he had to do. After Xiao Chuang reminded it, Pei Qinghua remembered that Tan Yuan asked him to buy the “Babylon River” and quickly sent her the tape, so Tan Yuan and the others temporarily replaced it with the show they were thinking of, and asked Pei Qinghua to stay and watch it together.

But who would have thought that Pei Qinghua had taken the wrong tape, causing Tan Yuan and the others to make a big joke on the stage, and the voice of “Ten Yuan and Three Reels” resounded throughout the hall. Tan Yuan and the others were very sad. Pei Qinghua hurried to the backstage to apologize. Tan Yuan was swearing in anger that he was incompatible with him. Pei Qinghua couldn’t figure out why she took the wrong tape when she wanted to break her head.

Kang Pu was about to sign a contract next month, but at this time the police came to the door and told them that they had to file a case for investigation when they received reports of their illegal business activities. The person who reported them was Octopus. Tan Qizhang alone took the responsibility and was taken away by the police for investigation, but Wang Chong of Batong licked his face and issued a business card, saying that each was the owner, and asked Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua to join him. Xiao Chuang gritted his teeth angrily, if it weren’t for Pei Qinghua to stop him, he would do it. Late at night, Pei Qinghua received a call to inform Tan Qizhang’s family to prepare to change clothes and daily necessities, but the others refused to say more.

Pei Qinghua had to go to Tan Yuan to pack up some things, and again apologized for what happened last time, but Tan Yuan just didn’t want to pay attention. Tan Qizhang was brought back by the police to fetch things, comforting Tan Yuan that he was only going to hold a meeting for a few days, and asked Pei Qinghua to tell everyone not to panic. They did nothing wrong and this matter would definitely be resolved. Tan Qizhang hoped that Pei Qinghua would think about his own affairs again, and entrusted Tan Yuan to take care of him.

Tan Qizhang was taken away for investigation. There was no leader in the third research laboratory. The director wanted to transfer Lin Yimin to the third research institute, but he was unwilling to drip into this muddy water, let alone Tan Qizhang. But the director promised that as long as he was transferred, he would be the director, even if Tan Qizhang came back. Lin Yimin was temporarily transferred to the third research room and had to conduct self-examination and correction as soon as he came up. Xiao Chuang was more or less unconvinced.

After the director left, Lin Yimin brought up the establishment of Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua again, and be careful when beating them. Lin Yimin thinks that the work style in the institute is very lax, and Xu Yang is allowed to supervise them. Because Tan Qizhang couldn’t write anything down, and they talked about the possibility that he might be sentenced. Tan Yuan overhears this in a very anxious manner. Pei Qinghua hurriedly chased her out and told her that she should be stronger now. Add trouble to Tan Qizhang!

Pei Qinghua followed Tan Yuan all the way back home and was relieved when she saw her upstairs. Tan Yuan had clearly returned home, but suddenly ran down to ask him for help. The gas tank was out of gas and the gas station was off work. Pei Qinghua solved the problem under Tan Yuan’s distrustful eyes. There was nothing to eat at home, so Pei Qinghua made Tan Yuan a bowl of steamed buns and promised to help her change the gas tank tomorrow. Tan Yuan was so upset about what happened last time and waited proudly for Pei Qinghua to leave before willing to eat.

Wang Chong went to the video store to find Xiao Chuang to persuade him to come to work in Octopus. No matter how good the conditions, Xiao Chuang was not tempted. Pei Qinghua helped Tan Yuan change the gas tank, and Tan Yuan said that they were even out for the sake of the steamed bun and the gas tank. I heard that Lin Yimin and Tan Qizhang worked together before. They were in charge of a project together. Tan Qizhang was the forehand and Lin Yimin was the deputy.

Because Tan Qizhang’s decision was a problem, the two of them took the punishment together. Tan Qizhang returned to the office and became the acting director. Lin Yimin sat cold. The bench so far. So Lin Yimin targeted Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua as soon as they came. Lin Yimin asked Xiao Chuang to read the report. Xiao Chuang took over and read his own self-correction report, which made people laugh and did not look like a report. Lin Yimin called an angry.

Before there was time to criticize, investigators from the Public Security Bureau came to ask people involved in selling computers. Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua, Xu Yang, Xu Yiwan, and Qi Rongbin were questioned one by one, and they asked too many questions, but Xiao Chuang was relieved, because this just proved that they had insufficient evidence. At this time, Kang Pu sent the contract from the U.S. and had to sign it and send it back within a week.

Xiao Chuang and Pei Qinghua could only go to Lin Yimin to sign, but Lin Yimin was deliberately making things difficult and not willing to sign. In order to dispel their thoughts, they went on holiday. After all, this was an opportunity that everyone had finally won. Xiao Chuang was unwilling to give up, so he asked Xu Yiwan to call Kang Pu’s China office to sign the contract again in the next year. The other party agreed to talk to the above and wait for the news.

The last reimbursement has not yet come down, and Pei Qinghua has no money to buy a sleeper and can only buy a hard seat to go home for the New Year. Xiao Chuang felt very uncomfortable. Qi Rongbin mysteriously held the Shanghai stock subscription card and said that he had all the money for the New Year, and Xiao Chuang immediately remembered the ones Xie Hang had given him. Pei Qinghua’s mother heard that New Year’s tickets were not easy to buy, so she decided to take this opportunity to visit him in Beijing.

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