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One Life – Zhou Wenchuan’s previous life

Forever And Ever (一生一世) – Who is the reincarnation of Zhou Wenchuan in the lifetime of the TV series, and who is the previous life in the original? It can be seen that Zhou Wenchuan values ​​family property very much. Is that a bad person? Why was it appropriate to kidnap him when he was in Wuzhen? What was the purpose?

The reason why Zhou Wenchuan is the biggest villain in “One Life” is not because Zhou Wenchuan wants to snatch the property that should belong to Zhou Shengchen, but because Zhou Wenchuan has repeatedly hurt the time. In the original book, Zhou Wenchuan tied it out of fashion. In the original work, Zhou Wenchuan pointed his gun at Zhou’s birthday. In the original work, Zhou Wenchuan made Shiyi jump down again. In the original book, Zhou Wenchuan is a veritable villain. Zhou Wenchuan and Zhou Wenxing passed away one after another.

Zhou Wenchuan died because he deserved it, and Zhou Wenxing died because she had a heart attack. As for the ending of Zhou Shengren’s other child, Zhou Shengren, it was not bad. Because Zhou Shengchen finally gave Zhou Shengren everything in the Zhou Sheng family. Zhou Shengren eventually became the head of the family and inherited all the family property.

Zhou Wenchuan liked Wang Man for the rest of his life, but in order to facilitate the seizure of the family property, he and Tong Jiaren made a marriage contract. In order to save himself, he gave Wang Man, who was pregnant with his child, abortion medicine.

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