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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 16 Recap

Dad Cheng asked Jiang Yuda to deliver the meal. He didn’t expect to meet Cheng Yi. This was called Cheng Yi. He didn’t expect that Jiang Yuda would chase their home, so he drove him to the field to talk, fearing being caught by the paparazzi. Candid photos are making gossips. Afterwards Jiang Yuda told Cheng Yi that he had approached Cheng just to be able to approve of his teacher Sheng Jingchu, but it would be better to see Cheng Yi often, but Cheng Yi told Jiang Yuda not to be delusional, they were all misunderstood.

Cheng Lei told Sheng Jingchu that she decided to give him a reply after careful consideration. That was also a consideration for them. Sheng Jingchu told Cheng that she would wait for her reply no matter how long it took.

On the Qixi Festival, Xu Chi went to find Cheng Yi who wanted to spend time with him. Knowing that Cheng Yi didn’t want to spend time with him, he used work as a shield. He hoped that Cheng Yi would go to their company to develop. It was also their boss who wanted Cheng Yi to pass. The reporter worked so hard, Cheng Yi didn’t agree to Xu Chi’s request, but he didn’t refuse either. After that, the two went to find Cheng and wanted to eat together, but Cheng told them to do it by themselves, because Sheng Jingchu would definitely ask her. Cheng Lei sent a message to Sheng Jingchu to pick him up, so he hurried to pick up the ride on his bicycle.

Xu Chi took Cheng Yi to see Mr. Wang, but Cheng Yi felt that he could not leave the previous TV station like that because he was irresponsible for his work. Mr. Wang felt that Cheng Yi’s idea was correct, and they welcomed Cheng Yi anytime. join in.

Zhao Yanxun and Xiaolan play chess. They think that Zhao Yanxun is the most perfect person and the nemesis of Cao Xihe. This is called Cao Xihe. I heard that they have to compete with Zhao Yanxun. The two have to play blind chess for comparison, but they are halfway down. Lan made trouble with Cao Xihe, causing Cao Xihe to lose in chaos, Cao Xihe turned around a little angry and left, so Xiaolan was about to take Zhao Yanxun out to play. Cao Xihe was very unwilling to hear it. . Xiao Lan took Zhao Yanxun to her room. I didn’t expect that there were all his photos in it.

Zhao Yanxun was very touched. Xiaolan would like to express his heart to Zhao Yanxun for making Korean food, but Xiaolan felt that Zhao Yanxun also liked her but she But I will not fall in love, because it is not yet time. Zhao Yanxun hurriedly told Xiaolan that he had misunderstood. He was not interested in Xiaolan. Just then Zhao Yanxun hurried back after receiving the video of his girlfriend. Xiaolan learned that Zhao Yanxun’s previous statement about not having a girlfriend is a lie, deceiving the feelings of their fans. When Cao Xihe found out, he went to comfort Xiaolan and told her not to be too sad, but she felt very wronged when she was ruthlessly abandoned by Xiaolan and sat on the ground and started crying.

Sheng Jingchu and Cheng Lei rode their bikes and got caught in the rain, so they ran home quickly. Cheng Lei wanted to cook some food for Sheng Jingchu. Sheng Jingchu took Cheng to buy ingredients under an umbrella. The two seemed very peaceful in the rain. Cozy.

When Xu Chi took Cheng Yi to the restaurant for dinner, Jiang Yuda also went there, and they ate together by the window where they were sitting. Although there was a window, Jiang Yuda had a strong heart and was not affected by the two of them. On the contrary, he was very satisfied. Because he also had a meal with Cheng Yi.

Cheng Lei and Sheng Jingchu were cooking together, and the two of them looked at each other’s palms, and both affirmed each other’s palms. They will grow old with their loved ones.

Cheng Yi and Xu Chi went to visit Jiang Yuda after dinner, and Jiang Yuda paid back part of the money that Cheng Yi lent him in installments. That was the result of his hard work, making Cheng Yi have confidence in him, and he will definitely become a Go god in the future. of.

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