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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 17 Recap

Zhou Shengchen was about to go out early in the morning, Shi Yi hurriedly chased him out, forcibly pulled him onto the bed, and pulled the curtains tightly. Zhou Shengchen was confused. Whenever you turn on the projector, the bright night sky is immediately shown on the ceiling, and the sky is full of stars, illuminating every corner of the room.

Shiyi welcomes Zhou Shengchen to stay in their home. Because she often works overtime at night, she specially prepared this to make Zhou Shengchen lonely. Zhou Shengchen was very touched. After a few minutes intoxicated in bed, he got up and went out to buy a patch panel. Shi Yi was caught by him. I was so angry that I couldn’t laugh or cry. Zhou Shengchen went to a nearby supermarket to buy a patch panel, and the waiter pulled him to sell it. Zhou Shengchen couldn’t stand her entanglement, so he bought a large pack of snacks.

Today is the first night that Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi live together. Zhou Shengchen is going to have a video conference. Shi Yi is too late to buy vegetables, so he has to dig out all the ingredients at home and make scallion noodles and a few small cold dishes. Zhou Wenxing and the housekeeper were sitting by the lake and chatting, and they couldn’t help but talk about Meixing.

Zhou Wenxing remembered all kinds of interesting things about Meixing’s house when he was a child, and couldn’t wait to see Meixing. Suisui and the housekeeper accompanied Zhou Wenxing to Meixing’s residence. Sui Sui curiously asked Mei Xing’s criteria for choosing a girlfriend. Mei Xing tried his best to avoid it. Sui Sui entangled in every possible way. Mei Xing wrote a pair of words and brand names on the LianLian. He wanted to find someone who could link up and down. Give Zhou Shengchen.

Zhou Shengchen worked late in the study, and Shi Yi sent him a cup of hot milk. When Zhou Shengchen received Mei Xing’s email, he asked Shi Yi to try to pair up with him. Shi Yi came up quickly, and Zhou Shengchen sent it to Mei Xing as soon as possible. Mei Xing guessed that it was right at the time and regarded her as a friend. Zhou Shengchen slept on the sofa after finishing his work. Shi Yi prepared pajamas for him and asked him to go back to bed and sleep together.

In the middle of the night, it was time to take all the quilts away, Zhou Shengchen was willing to catch the cold and did not want to wake her up. The next day, Zhou Shengchen specially chartered a awning boat and took Shiyi to swim the lake while eating. A couple of college students also wanted to eat on the boat, but there were no extra boats, so the boss wanted Zhou Shengchen and his wife to travel with them. Shi Yi fully agreed.

Although there were people traveling together, it didn’t affect Shi Yi’s mood in the slightest. She and Zhou Shengchen talked about the past and the present, and they had a lively chat. It suddenly rained heavily. The couple got off the boat and left. Zhou Shengchen took off the cover and protected Shiyi and hurried back to the parking place. Zhou Shengchen prepared clean clothes in advance. He was drenched in the rain to let Shiyi go in. Change clothes.

Shi Yi changed his clothes and called Zhou Shengchen into the car to take off his wet clothes. Shi Yi stared at him, making Zhou Shengchen very embarrassed. On the way home, Zhou Shengchen casually asked Shiyi whether he liked children, and Shiyi answered truthfully. After arriving home, Shiyi changed into sexy pajamas and wanted to have a baby with Zhou Shengchen as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, Zhou Shengchen wanted a Western-style wedding with a flower girl. Shi Yi was embarrassed and had to go back to bed alone.

As soon as Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen got up, Shi Yuanyuan brought his grandfather and grandma to Shi IKEA. Shi Yi used Zhou Shengchen to go to the research institute and hurriedly sent him out in slippers. Zhou Shengchen worried that his grandfather and grandma were angry about their cohabitation, and Shi Yi promised to handle it properly.

Grandpa didn’t ask Qinghong Shibai to scold him, Shi Yuanyuan desperately said something good for Zhou Shengchen, and took his grandpa to see the crab raised by Zhou Shengchen, so that it was time to resolve the embarrassment. Zhou Wenxing wanted to customize several suits for Mei Xing as a birthday gift. Xiaoman’s second brother was good at making suits, but he insisted on tailoring clothes for the guests himself. Zhou Wenxing wanted to give Mei Xing a surprise, and now he had to give up.

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