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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 13 Recap

After Zhou Shengchen arrived in Bremen, he took time every day to call Shiyi to talk about the pain he missed. Shiyi gave him a detailed report on the renovation progress of the new house. He also told him that Hong Xiaoyu bought a new house and moved out next week. Later, Zhou Shengchen could live in her house first. The house is not suitable for living because the new house has just been renovated. After Zhou Shengchen attended the International Space Conference to be held next week, he could return to China. He invited Shi Yi to go to Bremen. When the meeting was over, the two of them returned home. Shi Yi naturally couldn’t ask for it. She was able to take a four-day vacation.

When Zhou Shengchen hung up the phone, his colleague Frank suddenly sent the drunk Jiaren Tong, and Zhou Shengchen asked Frank to stay with him so as not to arouse criticism from others. In the middle of the night, Zhou Shengchen was working overtime to design. After Jiaren Tong was awake, she took the initiative to confess her mistake to Zhou Shengchen. Because of her, Zhou Shengchen’s engagement banquet was cancelled. Zhou Shengchen was indifferent to her. Tong Jiaren revealed that she would divorce Zhou Wenchuan. I suspect that Zhou Shengchen got married in a hurry in order to get back the family property in Zhou Shengxing’s hands. Zhou Shengchen has repeatedly emphasized that time is the most suitable person for him. Jiaren Tong went back to the house and continued to sleep.

Early the next morning, Zhou Shengchen and Frank were having breakfast, Jiaren Tong came to say goodbye to them, Zhou Wenchuan suddenly came to pick up Jiaren Tong, Zhou Shengchen asked him to have breakfast together, Jiaren Tong lied that she had made an appointment with her instructor and left before meeting. Shiyi quickly completed the procedures for going abroad. Hong Xiaoyu drove her to the airport and kept advising Shiyi not to be too proactive along the way, otherwise she would lose the initiative of feelings. Shiyi didn’t care about it. She cherished Zhou Shengchen very much. Every day together.

Zhou Shengchen asked the nanny to prepare Shiyi with new pillows, slippers and other daily necessities. He asked Shang Meixing to go to the airport to pick Shiyi together. Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi walked out of the waiting hall, talking and laughing hand in hand. Mei Xing was immediately dumbfounded. Unexpectedly, Zhou Shengchen’s wife turned out to be his love at first sight on the city wall of Xi’an. Mei Xing went to dinner with Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi, and his heart was sour when they saw the two of them kissing each other warmly.

Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi back to his residence. Mei Xing asked Shi Yi to sign a supplementary agreement on pre-marital property. Shi Yi learned that Zhou Shengchen had inherited all his father’s property. He promised to sign the documents after reading the documents. Mei Xing almost blurted out and saw him in Xi’an. It’s time, but I still hold back the words. Mei Xing casually said that Zhou Shengchen’s word was Changfeng, Shiyi read the poem written by Changfeng, and Mei Xing came up with the next sentence. The two people talked more and more speculatively. Before leaving, Mei Xing asked Shi Yi to look for things at any time. He, Shi Yi was very happy to meet Mei Xing’s friend, and Mei Xing felt even more sad.

Zhou Shengchen confessed to Shiyi truthfully. He put the engagement ring in the bathroom, but it disappeared. He had to customize a one that was exactly the same. Shiyi did not ask much, so he took Zhou Shengchen with him according to the guide that he had done in advance. Play. Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen were strolling on the street. When the two passed by a flower shop, Shi Yi wanted to give Zhou Shengchen a bunch of flowers. Only when he remembered that he was allergic to pollen, they bought a bunch of dried roses for him.

Shi Yi is looking forward to staying with Zhou Shengchen for the first time tonight. She wants to give Zhou Shengchen a gift. Zhou Shengchen suddenly received an emergency call from the Institute and asked him to have a long conference call. When he came back, Shi Yi reluctantly sent him away. Zhou Shengchen didn’t come back from the meeting until dawn. Frank came afterwards and wanted to have a talk with Zhou Shengchen. Because someone complained that Zhou Shengchen had misappropriated the project funds without authorization, Zhou Shengchen believed that he could find out soon. , A few words persuaded Frank away.

When Zhou Shengchen saw that Shi Yi was still asleep, he sat next to him silently, woke up in a daze, and put Zhou Shengchen to bed together. Shi Yi was thinking of Zhou Shengchen in his heart, and was drowsy all night, letting Zhou Shengchen read a poem to coax her to sleep. As soon as Zhou Shengchen read a poem, Shi Yi fell asleep, and Zhou Shengchen went to bed with her.

Shi Yi woke up again and saw herself lying in Zhou Shengchen’s arms, gently stroking Zhou Shengchen’s handsome face like the heroine in the movie, with boundless compassion in her heart. Shi Yi can’t wait to take out the gift. It’s five different shirt buttons. Zhou Shengchen chose his favorite one. He has to go back to the institute to continue the meeting. Shi Yi is going to live broadcast German football at Hong Xiaoyu’s request. The live situation of the league.

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