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GO Into Your Heart 舍我其谁 Episode 13 Recap

Cheng Lei felt that Sheng Jingchu was acting like a plot in a movie, and Sheng Jingchu felt that he could not win unless Kato made a mistake. Cheng Lei asked Sheng Jingchu whether the book was really important, but Sheng Jingchu did not answer her directly. Just then the leader of Cheng asked her to answer the phone, and Cheng ran back quickly, but asked Sheng Jingchu to wait for her to eat cake.

Cao Xi and Zhao Yanxun faced each other. They were rivals on the court and rivals off the court. Xiaolan had always regarded Cao Xihe as an idol, but in the end Haihui Temple lost to Zhao Yanxun.

After Yao Ke returned home, he blamed his younger brother for stealing Sheng Jingchu’s Tao Te Ching and throwing it away. Although his younger brother wanted to worship Sheng Jingchu, Yao Ke wanted to use normal means to win Sheng Jingchu. Back then, his younger brother’s parents didn’t give him to Yao Ke. Unscrupulously won, Yao Ke told his brother to get out. But the younger brother begged Yao Ke not to drive him away. He just watched Sheng Jingchu keep his brother unhappy before doing that. He knew he was wrong, and Yao Ke was no longer arguing with his younger brother.

When Sheng Jingchu returned home, he remembered what his master said. When he was a child, he couldn’t understand the Tao Te Ching. The master told him to read it when he grew up. Only then could Sheng Jingchu be of great help.

In the finals, Sheng Jingchu was going to play against Zhao Yanxun. Everyone saw that Sheng Jingchu was not in good shape. Cheng Yue blamed himself for not going to accompany him, but everyone felt that Sheng Jingchu still had a good chance to win Zhao Yanxun. This time, Yao Ke and Cao Xihe will give you an explanation. Cao Xihe wants to say something good to Sheng Jingchu, but Yao Ke feels that Sheng Jingchu’s current chess game is not very good, and there are some steps that should not be taken. Made a mistake. The result was that Sheng Jingchu lost to Zhao Yanxun, which made everyone very disappointed. Cheng Le hurried to see Sheng Jingchu, but there was no figure on the scene, and Cheng looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. Zui Zhou saw Sheng Jingchu standing alone by the sea, and Cheng Lie shed tears looking at his back with great distress.

Cheng Lei is going to take Sheng Jingchu to eat the cake. No matter what the result is, she supports Sheng Jingchu. If Sheng Jingchu’s moral scriptures are not lost, or if she accompanies Sheng Jingchu to eat the cake earlier, she may not lose. When Sheng Jingchu called Cheng, don’t think about it, winning or losing is a normal thing. The book that the master gave him was hoping that Sheng Jingchu could understand the content and don’t care about temporary success or failure.

Xie Lao knew that Sheng Jingchu should visit him when he lost chess. He blamed Sheng Jingchu that he should not have affected his mood because of a book. He had known that it would have been that way and he shouldn’t have given it to him. But Sheng Jingchu also concluded that he should not be in a mess, and he will change it later. . So Lao Xie took out a copy of the Tao Te Ching and said that Cheng Lei went to buy it. Xie Lao told Sheng Jingchu that she must seize the opportunity to make a dozen good girls. The two had a few drinks together, and the master told Sheng Jingchu not to stay up too late, and to meet the game tomorrow.

Cheng Lei was very worried about Sheng Jingchu and sent him a message to encourage him, asking Sheng Jingchu to be sure to cheer, and she would support Sheng Jingchu in winning the game.

Sheng Jingchu appeared on the court, but Zhao Yanxun’s greetings did not get a response. Instead, he looked around for Cheng Lei’s figure. When she saw Cheng Lei, his face showed a smile. Soon after entering the state, Sheng Jingchu pressed on Zhao Yanxun step by step, which made Zhao Yanxun almost nowhere to go. Zhao Yanxun fell into contemplation under Sheng Jingchu’s pursuit, and had to find a way to get out of the siege. In the end, he lost to Sheng Jingchu. It’s a draw, but the final game will decide the outcome. Later, Zhao Yanxun asked Sheng Jingchu to live in his house, so that he could rest better and surely win Sheng Jingchu. Sheng Jingchu agreed to Zhao Yanxun’s request, and he had nothing to say to lose.

Zhao Yanxun wanted to cook instant noodles when he went to Sheng Jingchu’s house, but he prevented him from having to eat and buy it himself. Everything there is not for sale, and nothing can be moved, because those things were bought by Cheng for Sheng Jingchu. , He himself was reluctant to move, let alone an uninvited guest. Sheng Jingchu’s hospitality called Zhao Yanxun was very speechless, thinking he was too mean. Cheng Liao played a video for Sheng Jingchu, fearing that Zhao Yanxun would affect Sheng Jingchu’s sleep well, so he told him a story to coax him to sleep, so that Sheng Jingchu could soon fall asleep.

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