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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 12 Recap

Jiang Yicheng’s message made Lu Li hesitate. Several members of the program team brought in the takeaway and diverted Lu Li’s attention. Thinking of Li Man’s affairs, several big men reminded Lu Li to take good care of Jiang Yicheng, saying that it was too late and that time, Jiang Yicheng angrily walked out of the office, seeing that Lu Li was chatting with a few people and didn’t want to take care of him. Jiang Yicheng was even more angry. Realizing that Jiang Yicheng is extremely irritable today, Huang Xun carefully asked about the current situation of Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng, but Lu Li was reluctant to say it, just mumbling that there was a loophole in the relationship between the two.

Lu Li was still worried about Li Man’s affairs. The excellent and beautiful Li Man brought a huge sense of insecurity to Lu Li. Gu Mo appeared at the right time and found Lu Li’s silent expression. It is rare to say a few words with Lu Li. . If the paranoid and determined Gu Mo encounters Lu Li’s situation, he must insist on persisting and let his rivals strike out. Perhaps what Lu Li lacks is this kind of self-confidence, believing that he is Jiang Yicheng’s best belonging.

Li Man temporarily withdrew from this cooperation negotiation, and Mr. Liu, who was with the company, would continue the negotiation. Mr. Liu bluntly said that Jiang Yicheng’s existing products had lost competitiveness due to severe homogenization. This time, the negotiation was not selected. It is recommended. Jiang Yicheng accepts the development of the latest game. Jiang Yicheng simply accepted the result and accepted the challenge proposed by Mr. Liu.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yicheng accepted it so readily. Mr. Liu was a little surprised. After he walked out of the office, he called Li Man. It turned out that everything was Li Man’s meaning. Judging from Li Man’s understanding of Jiang Yicheng, Jiang Yicheng’s potential is far more than the existing ones. Games. When the call was over, Li Man stared coldly at the father on the side. Father Li enjoys his daughter’s current success, but Li Man just opened the door, saying that he wanted to catch the guests. Father Li finally took out three years ago. I have to settle accounts with Li Man…

Huang Xun met Gu Mo downstairs in the company. Huang Xun wanted to make another appointment with Gu Xiaoqi. When he heard Huang Xun was pursuing Gu Xiaoqi, Gu Mo’s tone became sharp, and the project in his hand was stuck. In the art group, as the director of the art group, Gu Mo ignored Huang Xun’s request, but simply and concisely rejected Huang Xun’s pursuit for Gu Xiaoqi, arguing that Huang Xun at this time was not worthy of Gu Xiaoqi, and said She was not Gu Xiaoqi’s blood sister. When he heard that there was a thorn in Gu Mo’s words, Huang Xun seemed to understand something, and silently refused Gu Xiaoqi’s reply to the movie invitation.

This time the task was stuck again. Everyone saw that Huang Xun was just silent and worried, but only Huang Xun knew why the art team deliberately stuck the task. Fortunately, Gu Mo passed the task on time, but just sent the finished product to it. After Lu Li, Huang Xun had thoroughly understood it now, but his face turned dark again. The movie tickets prepared in his hand were wasted. Huang Xun simply asked Lu Li and Lei Ge to go to the movies together. Don’t waste it.

Huang Xun felt uncomfortable all day long. Lu Li saw in his eyes, but never dared to speak. When he came to the cinema, Lei Ge was out of breath. After Lu Li asked, he found out that Lei Ge was breathing continuously. Looks like, so he hurriedly sent Lei Ge to the hospital. Fortunately, all the examinations were okay, Lei Ge wanted to send Lu Li back guiltily. On the other hand, because Lu Li didn’t pay attention to him all day, Jiang Yicheng was so angry that he shut Lu Li into the blacklist. It was only at night that he realized that Lu Li had disappeared for a whole day. He didn’t even come to him after get off work.

Jiang Yicheng tentatively Lu Li released the small black house, only to realize that Lu Li hadn’t come to him all night. As the night got deeper, Jiang Yicheng’s heart slowly filled with worry, and he was about to go downstairs to search, only to find that Lu Licong When the other men got out of the car, Jiang Yicheng’s face turned red and black. When he saw Lu Li turning his head to walk towards him, Jiang Yicheng felt like running away home and pretending to watch a movie on the sofa. Poor Lu Li was stabbed and scolded by Jiang Yicheng for no reason as soon as he got home, completely confused.

After experiencing the sudden incident last night, Lu Li specially offered Jiang Yicheng a glass of milk to make amends, but Jiang Yicheng only blamed Lu Li for making mistakes. He was so kind to be a dog barking, so angry that Lu Li directly drank a whole glass of milk, milk. Zhuo was standing next to his mouth, and Jiang Yicheng was annoyed at the sight of him, but he felt that Lu Li in front of him was extremely cute. At this time, the phone rang, and Cheng Yueru invited Lu Li to the sisters’ party. Jiang Yicheng promised to pick up the two after the end.

When Lu Li arrived, Cheng Yueru excitedly introduced Lu Li to the sisters in the flower arrangement class. A young woman stood up. This was Jiang Yicheng’s blind date. She looked at Lu Li in front of her. He launched a physical attack. Before Lu Li could answer his lips, Jiang Yicheng walked in, retorting the sharp language, and suddenly lost confidence, the girl sat down again and let Jiang Yicheng take her away. After Lu Li, everyone present sighed for the emotion of the young couple.

After the weekend, when Lu Li came to work at the company, he found that Lei Ge started to feel palpitations again, and his face turned pale. After hearing Lei Ge’s narration, Lu Li felt that Lei Ge should have a psychological problem, and the huge psychological pressure made Lei Ge unable to breathe. Angrily, the two of them went to the hospital to check again, and Lei Ge’s cause was finally resolved. Life pressure, loneliness, anxiety, these keywords suddenly lighted Lu Li’s thoughts. Recently, the company is soliciting new game ideas, so Lu Li summarized his thoughts to Chen Yiming and Jiang Yicheng.

Now loneliness has become a young man’s Normally, helping people in the game become offline friends. This is the core point of Lu Li’s plan. Then, after the game plan is not implemented, Lu Li agreed to write a plan under the radical law of Chen Yiming and Jiang Yicheng, but also Put forward his own requirements to Jiang Yicheng, if the plan is implemented, Lu Li will be the main game player.

When Jiang Yicheng got off work, he found that the familiar vehicle that sent Lu Li home that night was by his side. Jiang Yicheng deliberately hid in the car to see what was sacred. Lei Ge and Lu Li came out at the same time, in order to thank Lu Li for his help. Well, Lei Ge was planning to invite Lu Li to dinner, but Jiang Yicheng suddenly appeared and interrupted the conversation between the two. Lei Ge retired when he saw the boss’s words and quickly changed the appointment. Jiang Yicheng’s mouth turned and he inquired about what happened to the two of them last night. Only then did he understand the ins and outs. It turned out that he was eating nonsense vinegar. Lu Li couldn’t help laughing in his heart when he looked at Jiang Yicheng’s deflated appearance.

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