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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 11 Recap

Rhubarb finally couldn’t help asking Lu Li about Gu Xiaoqi’s situation, and went to Gu Xiaoqi’s WeChat. After a few people joked, the representative of the investment company was also coming. This time, Jiang Yicheng was also fully prepared. Several people watched the elevator go up continuously. As soon as the door opened, Li Man walked out and the light in Jiang Yicheng’s eyes suddenly went out. He hadn’t waited for Li. Mandu said that Jiang Yicheng directly refused to cooperate.

Li Man believed that Jiang Yicheng’s refusal was only because he could not regard Li Man as a normal partner of cooperation. There must be sparks between the two, and Li Man was also trying to fight for peace again. Jiang Yicheng’s old feelings are resurrected. Jiang Yicheng dismissed Li Man’s self-confidence and said nothing more. In order to prove himself, Jiang Yicheng simply pulled Lu Li and kissed Lu Li in front of everyone in the company…

This time the love affair was exposed, Lu Li was besieged by several people from the program team, and then asked about the source of Li Man. Several people found out that Li Man was also Jiang Yicheng’s school girl. Several people guessed that Li Man is likely to be Jiang Yicheng. His ex-girlfriend…Jiang Zitong knew about this shocking scandal as soon as he came back. It was not until he found Li Man in the photo that Jiang Zitong came back to his senses.

At this moment, Li Man was walking downstairs, and Jiang Zitong went over to warn Li. Man, who would have accidentally leaked his mouth, when Li Man heard that Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng had only been together for dozens of days, the little abacus in his heart fought again. Sure enough, as soon as he turned his head, he met Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li and Chen Yiming for dinner. Jiang Yicheng was about to refuse, but he guessed that Li Man’s mind might be to verify the authenticity of the couple, and Jiang Yicheng agreed again.

From the moment the scandal exploded, everyone in the company changed their attitudes towards Lu Li. Although Lu Li told the company not to do private affairs, he still faintly felt joy. When he waited for dinner in the evening, Li Man watched Lu Li massage Jiang Yicheng’s shoulders and neck, secretly jealous in his heart, couldn’t help expressing his concern for Jiang Yicheng in words, but was rejected by Jiang Yicheng. Li Man pretends to be close to Jiang Yicheng to pick up shrimp, Jiang Yicheng peels the shrimp to Lu Li, and Chen Yiming on the side asks Lu Li about his seafood allergy.

For Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li pretends to be relaxed, so he eats the shrimp in one bite. At this time, Li Man suddenly said that he was going to the toilet. Jiang Yicheng realized that Li Man had something to say, and went to the toilet together. Sure enough, Li Man was unwilling to die. Even if Jiang Yicheng sorted things out again, Li Man had to hug him hard. Looking at Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li was uncomfortable after eating shrimp. When he got up to go to the bathroom, he found that Jiang Yicheng and Li Man were hugging each other…

Lu Li walked out of the restaurant alone to breathe air. Chen Yiming came out to care about Lu Li’s situation. When he saw Jiang Yicheng and Li Man hugging each other, Lu Li was a little broken. If the two are not married, would Li Man and Jiang Yicheng be able to do so this time? Are you together? Lu Li told Chen Yiming about the agreement of the marriage contract, and said that he had liked Jiang Yicheng for many years. Only then did Chen Yiming know why Lu Li accepted the marriage. Chen Yiming touched Lu Li’s shoulder and persuaded Lu Li to treat Jiang Yicheng more.

Some trust, just like this scene was hit by Jiang Yicheng again, Chen Yiming simply spoke for Lu Li, and deliberately mentioned in front of Li Man that the two people were married. Li Man was so shocked that he stared at the two of them motionlessly, Jiang Yicheng. This was when he looked directly at Li Man and generously introduced Lu Li as his new wife, but at this moment, Lu Li had completely lost the joy of having the title of Mrs. Jiang during the day. He just looked at Jiang Yicheng deeply and buried his disappointment in his heart.

When the two returned home, Lu Li simply pointed out the relationship between Li Man and Jiang Yicheng. Jiang Yicheng rebelled and asked Lu Li and Chen Yiming. The four corners of the misunderstanding made the relationship between the two people foggy, and Lu Li turned his head and wanted to leave. Jiang Yicheng found that Lu Li had a red rash, and then he remembered what happened at the dinner table. It seems that Lu Li is really allergic to seafood, but he can only bear it for himself. Late at night, Jiang Yicheng deliberately went out to buy a seafood allergy ointment, silently walked to Lu Li’s bed, and carefully applied the ointment to Li Man.

When he got up the next day, Jiang Yicheng rarely got up early to buy breakfast, but Lu Li didn’t respond to Jiang Yicheng’s cold and warm question. Such cold violence caused Jiang Yicheng to fall into infinite entanglement. He wanted to apologize but was reluctant to speak because of face. Jiang Yicheng could only call Lu Li to the office before making the next decision.

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