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Huo Zun’s large-scale chat records are exposed! Talk about a one-night stand and arrange a first-line actress

On the 12th, Chen Lu sent a long article to hammer Huo Zun for cheating on him. The main points are summarized as follows:

  1. Huo Zun dated other girls many times during his relationship with Chen Lu, and called these girls little pipa essence, little guzheng essence, possibly little flute essence, little erhu essence and so on. Huo Zun shared more details of the “gun appointment” in the group chat, including one-night stands in the cinema, multiple times a night, etc.
  2. Tucao disgusted with the variety show “Brother Overcoming Toughness” that he is broadcasting, and said that he can sing well, “Everyone here is rubbish”. It was revealed that the ranking of the show was pre-determined: “Because I am a musician and an artist, I made myself a trainee, and the whole idol group was like a stir-fry”, thinking that participating in the show is very low.
  3. Huo Zun believes that Chen Lu’s parents are not on the same level as him and cannot communicate, but he hopes that Chen Lu can listen to his mother’s “heartfelt words” and rebuke.
  1. PUA Chen Lu’s words: Remember, be a smart woman. “I am an extremist man, a woman should have the appearance of a woman, and I will take care of her as gentle as water. If she looks like this, I will beat her to death.”
  2. Huo Zun choreographed many stars in private, including first-line actresses, to show off in the group.

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