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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 1 Recap

Lu Li picked up the scissors, resolutely and decisively attacked his hair. In order to pass the test of Yicheng Technology, to break the curse that female programmers cannot successfully pass the interview. Good friend Gu Xiaoqi proposed to use a wig to disguise, and finally found an easier way. The president of Yicheng Technology, Jiang Yicheng, is a scientific man with strong rational thinking, and he is extremely afraid of sharp-mouthed animals. Now being threatened to go on a blind date, it is also measured by the so-called rational thinking. Two blind dates are called at a time, and they simply ask for two tricky goals. All this was seen by Gu Xiaoqi and Lu Li, who happened to be sitting in the same restaurant. Unexpectedly, Lu Li fell in love at the first sight of Jiang Yicheng, and Gu Xiaoqi regarded Jiang Yicheng as a scum man who was rare in a century. , Took out the phone and took everything.

The teacher, Professor Li, called Lu Li. First, he wanted to persuade Lu Li to continue his academic research. Second, he wanted to introduce outstanding seniors. When Lu Li heard Professor Li’s name Jiang Yicheng spit out, he was shocked and afraid. He revealed his disguise in advance, so he left half-disguised and half-fleeing. When he returned home, Lu Li took out a long-cherished photo album. There were bits and pieces of Lu Li’s experience with Jiang Yicheng in school. Lu Li was deeply impressed by Jiang Yicheng, an excellent senior, and he had been admiring him for a long time. The close contact of Lu Lichun made Lu Lichun’s heart sprouting even more, and he began to look forward to the scene where he walked into Yicheng Technology and worked with Jiang Yicheng.

The next day, when Lu Li walked into Yicheng Technology, because the disguise of the men’s clothing was too real, he was mistaken for walking to the wrong toilet, and he was almost beaten as a voyeur. Fortunately, the company’s vice president Chen Yiming opened his mouth to relieve him. Last night, Gu Xiaoqi’s video of Jiang Yicheng’s indifference and rejection of the two women became popular on the Internet. Jiang Yicheng became a begging mouse on the street.

Thinking of the tissues Lu Li handed over when he was in the restaurant, Jiang Yicheng naturally pushed all his faults. On Lu Li. Seeing Lu Li’s resume at the interview site, Jiang Yicheng felt that he had caught the opportunity for revenge, so he directly eliminated Lu Li and asked Lu Li to delete the video as soon as possible. Sure enough, until the evening, Jiang Yicheng received Gu Xiaoqi’s online apology, and took all the faults on himself, asking Jiang Yicheng to give Lu Li a chance. But this sentence was ruthlessly rejected by Jiang Yicheng.

Lu Li’s mother, Huang Caixia, asked Lu Li to meet. She happened to meet her school rival in the dining room. The quick-spoken Huang mother and her rival hit you to death. Lu Li sat in place and didn’t dare to speak out. Who Knowing that Jiang Yicheng came over, her mother’s rival son turned out to be Jiang Yicheng. Lu Li began to run away again, even jumping into the swimming pool to escape. Jiang Yicheng noticed the blisters that were constantly coming out of the pool and mistakenly thought that Lu Li was drowning and jumped immediately. Going to the pool to rescue, Lu Li kicked him in panic again…

In the past few days, Lu Li has been stalking Jiang Yicheng, and only asked Jiang Yicheng to give him a chance, Jiang Yicheng could be regarded as saying all the words of refusal. When Jiang Yicheng turned and walked into the company, he found that his father Jiang was waiting for him. As a major shareholder, boss, and owner, Jiang Yicheng’s father was trembling and afraid to disobey. Only when Jiang Yicheng forced Jiang Yicheng to go on a blind date was the most effective. , After receiving the message of the next blind date, Jiang Yicheng was having a headache, and Lu Li happened to walk in front of him again. Hearing that Lu Li was willing to make all the sacrifices for this opportunity, Jiang Yicheng’s mind began to think of calculations again and again…

Jiang Yicheng specially brought Lu Li to the climbing gym to meet his blind date. The three decided to have a rock climbing competition. The winner can make a request to the loser. For this condition, Lu Li must work hard anyway…

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