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Jun Jiuling – Chu Jiuli is good or bad

君九龄 – In the drama “Jun Jiuling”, Chu Jiuli is the sister of the heroine and married Lu Yunqi after the heroine disappeared. It seems that he doesn’t know whether it is a good person or a bad person, and there are not many scenes. In fact, the audience also want to know, is Jiuli in “Jun Jiuling” a bad guy? Let’s take a look with the Fun History Editor!

In the original novel, Chu Jiuli is not a bad person, but her character is relatively weak, and because of the death of her father and sister, she has lost hope in life, because this is a relatively weak woman.

At the beginning of the novel, the princess Chu Jiuling’s father was the prince of the dynasty. He has been in poor health and is frail and sickly. Chu Jiuling has an older sister named Chu Jiuli and a younger brother named Chu Jiurong. However, King Qi, who had always been kind and innocent, came to the capital and killed the prince.

Chu Jiuling knew that his father’s death was caused by his uncle, so she wanted revenge and was hacked to death by King Qi. Before he died, I saw the last side of Lu Yunqi.

In the TV series, Chu Jiuling was finally rescued and became Jun Jiuling. Jun Jiuling was not reconciled to the bleak death of her last life, not reconciled to the tragic death of her parents, she wanted to seek justice and expose the conspiracy planned by the human face and animal heart.

People who have lived two lives will always be different. She has seen through the warmth and coldness of many worlds, and also saw through the worldly disturbances of the world. Since she woke up as Jun Zhenzhen, she concentrated on her career. How did the young lady from Xiaomenxiaohu approach the murderer who was in the palace?

After Chu Jiuling was reborn on her, first she had to stand still at Fang’s house, so she saved Fang Chengyu, married him fakely, and finally saved his life. The husband of the previous life, Lu Yunqi, later married her sister Chu Jiuli. Zhu Zan is a character who doesn’t show up, but he loves Jiuling deeply, as always.

For Jun Jiuling, the man Lu Yunqi gave her a lot of pain. Judging from the original novel, he liked Jun Jiuling, but they were destined to be unable to be together.

“Jun Jiuling” is adapted from Xixing’s romantic novel of the same name, which is essentially a female-frequency novel. But the whole novel still has a lot of highlights. In my opinion, as a story of revenge, it is a bit like the structure of “Langya Bang”.

Jiuling played by Peng Xiaoran is a “female version of Mei Changsu”. The second half of the story enters the real climax, which is equivalent to Lin Shu named Mei Changsu (Su Zhe) in “Langya Bang” Entering Beijing, Chu Jiuling was born again with hatred in Jun Zhenzhen’s body, and began a journey of revenge step by step.

In the end, her revenge plan succeeded, and she also found a lover who can be trusted for life.

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