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Cry Me A River of Stars 春来枕星河 Episode 3 Recap

Afterwards Tao Junran took Li Yu back to Taohuawu, but everything on Taohuawu disappeared out of thin air. Tao Junran’s secret stake, San Yuemei, continued to track, and accidentally found the figure of Hongyu, which made Tao Junran doubt the death of his kinsmen. Due to the recent upsets, Ah Fan decided to burn paper to drive away evil spirits in the suburbs, unexpectedly hitting a tomb robber, digging a grave and stealing a corpse. A Fan covers the foolish father to leave, but he is found and taken away by the tomb thief. Tao Junran received Li Yu’s request for help and rescued Ah Fan.

He accidentally learned that Lian Qi had purchased two corpses from the corpse thieves before he died. Tao Junran finally confirmed the fact of suspended animation. Although Afan’s appearance was destroyed, she did not abandon herself. She introduced new ideas in the management of Chun Lai Huafang, but was ridiculed by competitors for her ugly appearance. Seeing everything, Tao Junran rarely moved his compassionate heart, seeking advice from the foreign monks for A Fan to find a way to heal A Fan’s appearance. However, Afan was ridiculed by his appearance, and found the Goryeo barefoot doctor, who was almost deceived by Tao Junran and rescued him.

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