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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 36 End Recap

Seeing that Qiao Zuwang is not so good, Meiqin wants to call Qiao Simei and the others, but Qu Aying tells her not to make her own way and ruin her. Qu Aying and Wen Bin were thinking about the house, and they had already asked about the marriage procedures. They asked Qiao Zuwang for a name on the same day. Qiao Zuwang was already on the verge of dying, so he directly agreed, and even drank wine when he became interested. Qiao Zuwang called Xiaoying in a daze, saying that she was the hero of the Qiao family, and the first child was a boy, so he called him 10%. Qiao Zuwang muttered to himself, repeating the names of Qiao Yicheng, Qiao Erqiang, Qiao Sanli, Qiao Simei, and Qiao Qiqi.

That night, Qu Aying heard the noise outside and fell asleep quietly. She opened the door the next morning but was startled. Qiao Zuwang fell to the ground at some point and had already left. Qu Aying hurriedly asked Wen Bin to call the children back, and then began to cry. Looking at the photos of Qiao Zuwang when he was young, several people found that the one who looked the most like him was Qiao Yicheng. Qiao Sanli was just thinking that Qiao Zuwang accidentally fell off the bed as if she wanted to die and wanted a relief.

Qiao Yicheng ate steamed buns by himself. When he was admitted to university, Qiao Zuwang said that he would take him to eat, but unfortunately, he didn’t eat it for so many years. Qiao Zuwang also gave Qiao Yicheng a watch. He never said that, in fact, he liked it very much. After the sadness, Qiao Yicheng went to solve Qu Aying’s family. He took out a sum of money to thank Qu Aying for taking care of Qiao Zuwang, and Qiao Simei would also move back to live.

Qu Aying already looked like a master, and kept saying that part of the house was reluctant to leave. Qiao Yi took out the real estate certificate calmly, and the brothers decided to give up the right of inheritance and give the house to Qiao Simei and Qi Qiaoqiao. Qu Aying refused to agree, calling them a de facto marriage, and even denying Qiao Zuwang’s money. Qiao Yicheng took out a list and read it to Qu Aying.

This was what Qiao Zuwang gave to Qiao Qiqi before he was alive. It remembered every sum of money given to Qu Aying, which added up to 50,000 yuan. Qu Aying was furious, and Qiao Yicheng said that if she does not leave, the government and the Public Security Bureau will resolve the matter in accordance with the law. It will soon be demolished here, and they will be driven away when the time comes. Neither the demolition money nor the new house will reach Qu Aying and the others. Upon seeing this, Wen Bin was furious and wanted to beat Qiao Yicheng, but Mei Qin stopped him.

Before leaving Qiao’s old house, Qiao Yicheng fainted. Qiao Yicheng woke up again and was already in the hospital. Qiao Sanli cried so sad that Song Qingyuan hurriedly took Xiang Nanfang back. Qi Weimin scolded Qiao Yicheng for being confused and self-righteous. He had to carry it himself when he was ill. He was inferior and conceited, but his words were full of worry. Qu Aying’s family knew they would never plan to make a house anymore, and planned to move out. Qu Aying wanted to live in the city all his life, and did not give up on finding a job as a nanny. Qiao Simei gave Meiqin some clothes, told her to go back and live a good life, and then asked Wenbin to treat them mother and son well.

Qiao Yicheng’s condition is developing too fast. The doctor said that the only way is to have a kidney transplant. Qi Weimin hurriedly called everyone to the hospital and planned to go to the hospital for matching. Qiao Qiqi also came. Xiang Nanfang comforted Qiao Yicheng, who was in pain, and said that he would go on a trip when he got better. Qiao Yicheng seemed to have noticed something. There will always be such a day when he said that he was content to meet Xiang Nanfang. The matching result came out, only Qiao Qiqi matched, but Qiao Yicheng refused to agree. He could accept any of the other younger brothers and sisters who gave him kidneys, but Qiao Qiqi had only four words, and he didn’t give it.

Do not take. Qiao Qiqi helped Wei Shufang to come. She was already gray-haired, and she tried to persuade Qiao Yicheng not to give up easily. Qi Weimin took Wei Shufang for a walk, leaving Qiao Qiqi and Qiao Yicheng to talk. Qiao Qiqi didn’t understand what those four words meant. Qiao Yicheng was his brother. Of course he didn’t want him to die. Just like Qiao Qiqi said, Qi Weimin is smart, not as many twists and turns in Qiao Yicheng’s heart, so he lives easily. Hearing this, Qiao Yicheng’s stubborn face has two tears.

Qiao Qiqi decided to change his kidney to Qiao 10%, but Qi Weimin did not stop him. Qi Weimin grew up holding him when he was a child, and Qiao Qiqi was very grateful. He said that he should practice well in this life and be his own brother in the next life. Outside the operating room, the Qiao family was waiting anxiously. In the operating room, Qiao Yicheng closed his eyes and returned to his childhood memories. Their brothers and sisters gathered around the old tree to wash clothes, dreaming about the days after they grew up.

In 2005, with the rapid development of the times, the old houses were about to be demolished. The families of Qiao Erqiang, Qiao Sanli, Qiao Simei, and Qiao Qiqi gathered in the old house, and when they talked about Qiao Yicheng, they remembered their childhood. After the sentimentality, Qiao Yicheng and Xiang Nanfang also returned. It seems like a shopping mall is going to be built here, and the brothers and sisters who grew up here are also very sad, feeling that there is no place to gather when the old house is demolished. But the feelings of brothers and sisters cannot be separated, and they will still gather frequently in the future. Wherever the family is, it is home.

After coming back from Xinjiang some time ago, Qiao Simei became obsessed with photography. She took out the camera to take the scene of Qiao’s family reunion in the old house for the last time. The eggplants were heard every time, warm and beautiful. Everyone experienced wind and rain. Looking back, Joe The children in the family have grown up and will accompany each other in the days to come.

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